Kill a hanged disk i/o process...

2007-03-08 Thread Modulok
? The idea of you don't want to terminate a disk i/o process, it could corrupt the data isn't really a good argument, because if the process hangs and I have to punch the reset button anyway what's the difference? Ideas? -Modulok- ___ freebsd-questions

Mainboard buzzer -- How to disable?

2007-02-04 Thread Modulok
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nvida driver on amd64

2006-12-22 Thread Modulok
far, nvidia only supports FreeBSD on the x86. Aside from going to linux (which I really don't want to do) any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Can I use a driver compiled for x86 on an amd64 architecture perhaps? Thanks. -Modulok- ___ freebsd

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