RSYNC Question; date/time restriction

2003-02-04 Thread Boris Kster
Hello, I have setup a little mirror of about 15 gig about linux/freebsd software and my problem is that I only want to get the files dated after january 2003 with rsync after getting the whole bunch of software. Is this possible? Any help welcome. I don´t need and don´t want older revisions

Re: ipsec, ESP IKE, freebsd as vpn `client' - openbsd, how?

2002-11-06 Thread Boris Kster
Hello Palle, Wednesday, October 23, 2002, 12:24:53 AM, you wrote: PG Hi! PG We just moved our company to a new `office hotel', and they have an openbsd PG firewall with an VPN setup that I should be able to use from home. A PG consultant set the openbsd machine up, and the guys in the new