Re: firefox crashes after upgrade to R5.4

2005-05-10 Thread mark wolgemuth
Check to make sure you don't have a /etc/libmap.conf setup with mappings for firefox-- let it use the default. --mark On May 10, 2005, at 10:26 AM, Hou Ian wrote: --- Kent Stewart [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Tuesday 10 May 2005 06:59 am, Hou Ian wrote: Hi, After successful upgrade to R5.4 via

Re: support platform

2004-05-05 Thread Mark Wolgemuth
On May 5, 2004, at 7:07 AM, Kris Kennaway wrote: On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 06:31:49PM +0800, JAMES WANG wrote: Dear All I am James wang at IBMTaiwan and responsible for IBM xSeries. My question is : Can FreeBSD support IBM high end PC server ( x445, Xeon CPU ) ? We run a farm of x335s at my