Re: SU+J Lost files after a power failure

2013-10-14 Thread Michael Powell
David Demelier wrote: Hello there, I'm writing because after a power failure I was unable to log in on my FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE. The SU+J journal were executed correctly but some files disappeared, including /etc/pwd.db. Thus I was unable to log in. I've been able to regenerate the

Re: SU+J Lost files after a power failure

2013-10-14 Thread Michael Powell
Michael Powell wrote: [snip] The other box is my first foray into the land of GPT, along with SU+J. It was sitting at the 'couldn't mount... Press return for /bin/sh' line. There was an error indicating that replaying one or more journals had failed. I was able to successfully fsck all

Re: SU+J Lost files after a power failure

2013-10-14 Thread Michael Powell
Charles Swiger wrote: [snip] Yes. Without journalling, you'd normally perform the full timeconsuming fsck in the foreground. With journalling, it should be able to do a journal replay to restore the filesystem to an OK state, but sometimes that doesn't restore consistency, in which case

Re: NAT: Handbook vs mailing list

2013-10-08 Thread Michael Powell
Olivier Nicole wrote: [snip] The mailing list message linked above suggests that the handbook information is the old way and that the correct way is to set ipfw_enable and natd_enable in rc.conf. Then /etc/rc.d/ipfw will load ipfw.ko, and if natd_enable is set, will invoke /etc/rc.d/natd,

Re: failed to create gmirror with the handbook instructions

2013-10-08 Thread Michael Powell
Andy Zammy wrote: # gpart show ada0s1 gpart: No such geom: ada0s1 By the way, this is after a restart of the machine. There's nothing to back up, I'm installing a fresh os, so I just install on one drive, plug the other in, and start following the handbook instructions for this method.

Re: cause of reboot

2013-09-30 Thread Michael Powell
Patrick Lamaiziere wrote: [snip] I looked last command, reboot ~ ~ AM 03.15 ~ The last time It happened (one month ago) to me it was the hard disk (periodic scripts read a large part of the disk). If the disk is smart capable try a full test with smartctl (sysutils/smartmontools)

Re: cause of reboot

2013-09-30 Thread Michael Powell wrote: [snip] While we're throwing ideas onto the table let me mention power supplies. Power supplies and hard drives are in a race to see which one will fail first. It may be that the power supply is marginal and added load from the drives being hit hard may send it over the

Re: [FreeBSD-Announce] vBSDcon Registrations Only Open For 30 More Days!

2013-09-23 Thread Michael Powell
Brett Glass wrote: All: It's good to see corporate support of BSD, but at the same time I have mixed feelings about certain corporations -- Verisign among them -- hosting BSD-related conferences or becoming involved in the development of BSD-based operating systems. Why? Because Verisign,

Re: Re[3]: vBSDcon Website Update

2013-07-22 Thread Michael Powell
Fish Kungfu wrote: Weird, now it's up. ...Fish DNS takes time to propagate -Mike ___ mailing list To unsubscribe, send any mail to

Re: Max top end computer for Freebsd to run on

2013-06-03 Thread Michael Powell
Al Plant wrote: James wrote: Several modest servers applied well will take you further than one big iron—and for less cost. James I agree. I have witnessed the benefit of what you say. Putting your faith in one big server can be a problem if the box fails, especially hardware failure.

Re: Disable build new pkg format in poudriere

2013-06-03 Thread Michael Powell
C. L. Martinez wrote: HI all, I need to build some packages without using new pkg format. I would like to accomplish this using poudriere, but is this possible?? Or do I need to use another package builder?? I have tried to build rsync, but when I try to install, this error is

Re: problems with port upgrade consistency using portsnap

2013-05-19 Thread Michael Powell
fddi wrote: [snip] so ther is something wrong in my crontab 0 3 * * * /usr/sbin/portsnap -I cron update pkg_version -vIL= See man portsnap, section TIPS - it shows example of correct way: 0 3 * * * root /usr/sbin/portsnap cron The TIPS section contains more details. [snip] -Mike

Re: How to get kernel source code of free-BSD release 9.1

2013-05-19 Thread Michael Powell
Chou, David J wrote: Hi, I have created a virtual machine of PC-BSD release 9.1 64 bit in VMware Player Version 5.0.0 build-812388 based on PCBSD9.1-x64-DVD.iso downloaded from , and setup network configuration and installed

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-24 Thread Michael Powell
Alejandro Imass wrote: [snip] Most consider the answer to use WPA2, which I do use too. Many think it is 'virtually' unbreakable, but this really is not true; it just takes longer. I've done WPA2 keys in as little as 2-3 hours before. Are you saying that any WPA2 key can be cracked or or you

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-24 Thread Michael Powell
Arthur Chance wrote: [snip] What I was pondering is some form of L2TP tunnel, or some other form of IPSEC tunnel to form some kind of VPN like communication between the client and the wifi. Just never have begun to find the time to get anywhere with the idea. But basically it would resemble a

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-24 Thread Michael Powell
Michael Powell wrote: [snip] Are you saying that any WPA2 key can be cracked or or you simply referring to weak keys? I would also like to specifically if it's for weak keys or are all WPA2 personal keys crackable by brute force. Also is WPA2 Enterprise as weak also. Could anyone expand

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-22 Thread Michael Powell
Alejandro Imass wrote: On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 9:52 AM, Michael Powell wrote: Alejandro Imass wrote: Hi, I'm looking to replace the piece of crap 2wire WiFi router that gets crakced every other day for something with pfSense or m0n0wall Not sure what you mean

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-22 Thread Michael Powell
Alejandro Imass wrote: [...] Really these WEP/WPA2 protocols are not providing the level of protection that is truly necessary in this modern day. You can keep out script kiddies and people who don't have skill, but people who know what they are doing are only slowed down. Thanks for

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-22 Thread Michael Powell
Alejandro Imass wrote: On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Michael Powell wrote: Alejandro Imass wrote: [...] Really these WEP/WPA2 protocols are not providing the level of protection that is truly necessary in this modern day. You can keep out script kiddies

Re: Home WiFi Router with pfSense or m0n0wall?

2013-04-21 Thread Michael Powell
Alejandro Imass wrote: Hi, I'm looking to replace the piece of crap 2wire WiFi router that gets crakced every other day for something with pfSense or m0n0wall Not sure what you mean by 'cracked' here. If you are meaning that someone is using aircrack-ng to break your Wifi authentication

Re: pwd.db/spwd.db file corupption when having unsafe system poweroff

2013-04-16 Thread Michael Powell
Tak Tak wrote: hi everyone, i wanna know what exactly happens for freebsd files and processes, when we shutdown system via pressing hardware power key for 3 seconds? here's what has happened to me, recently: i've faced a strange problem.. on one of my bsd servers, one of my coworkers

Re: When will binary packages be back?

2013-04-10 Thread Michael Powell
Mike. wrote: [snip] Additionally, for me, building from ports for me has tended to pull in many, many X-windows support files when they are not needed. Specifically, I run a non-windowing system using command line tools. When I tried to compile Samba from ports, I finally killed the

Re: Recipie for CPU souffle'

2013-04-01 Thread Michael Powell
Ronald F. Guilmette wrote: [[ Mostly, this posting is just a story. But it does include one question, towards the end. See below. ]] Well, I accidentally found what I believe is most likely the reason for the system halts I have been having recently, so I just thought that I would

Re: databases/mysql55 to databases/mariadb

2013-03-31 Thread Michael Powell
Andrei Brezan wrote: [snip] Also what i've noticed is that 'p' as a suffix is for percona. Oops! And I was thinking Percona but for some reason PostgreSQL came out my fingers! DOH! -Mike ___ mailing list

Re: smartd

2013-03-31 Thread Michael Powell
Polytropon wrote: On Sun, 31 Mar 2013 17:25:32 -0500, ajtiM wrote: I installed smartmontools, start_smartd=yes I have in rc.conf Without further investigation - shouldn't that be smartd_enable=YES conforming to the syntax of other service start commands? At least that might be the

Re: Problems with IPFW causing failed DNS and FTP sessions

2013-03-31 Thread Michael Powell
Don O'Neil wrote: Hi everyone. recently my server started having issues with DNS and FTP sessions either not resolving or timing out. I've tracked the issue down to IPFW. if I issue a 'sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.enable=0' then my issues go away. [snip] I'm probably not smart enough to be able

Re: Portsnap gets ports that claim to be out of date

2013-03-30 Thread Michael Powell
John Levine wrote: When I do portsnap update and try building stuff, I get errors like this: ^^ Mk/, line 5: warning: You are using a ports file that originated from CVS!! Mk/, line 6: warning: The FreeBSD project has switched from

Re: databases/mysql55 to databases/mariadb

2013-03-28 Thread Michael Powell
Andrei Brezan wrote: Hello list, Is there a make.conf option that I can use to replace mysql55-[server,client] with mariadb55-[server,client] or i need to use for example pkg set -o databases/mysql55-client:databases/mariadb55-client? What happens if I want to use one port with mysql

Re: gettext problem in FreeBSD 8.3 system hosed

2013-03-25 Thread Michael Powell
Antonio Olivares wrote: [snip] As following /usr/port/UPDATING, I ran into a bit of trouble. System is hosed and I cannot update any ports. I tried to follow advice here: 20130316: AFFECTS: users of converters/libiconv and devel/gettext AUTHOR: libiconv now

Re: Can anyone direct me to some information about what WITHOUT_PROFILE=YES actually means.

2013-02-04 Thread Michael Powell
dweimer wrote: I have ran into a recent issue, after a lot of trouble shooting I have narrowed it down to something in my /etc/src.conf the full file just has: WITHOUT_BIND=YES WITHOUT_NTP=YES WITHOUT_FLOPPY=YES WITHOUT_FREEBSD_UPDATE=YES WITHOUT_PROFILE=YES Of course bind and ntp

Re: Software raid VS hardware raid

2013-01-29 Thread Michael Powell
Artem Kuchin wrote: [snip] The server is going to be a web server with many sites and with mysql running on it. Nothing really really heavy. Currently with run all this on our own server with 8 cores and 16GB ram and 3ware raid1 and cpu load is about 5% :) Everything is quick and responsive.

Re: Software raid VS hardware raid

2013-01-28 Thread Michael Powell
Artem Kuchin wrote: Hello! I have to made a decision on choosing a dedicated server. The problem i see is that while i can find very affordable and good options they do not provide hardware raid or even if they do it is not the best hardware for freebsd. The server base conf is 8core

Re: Gamin/IMAP issue

2013-01-10 Thread Michael Powell
Daniel Staal wrote: Since upgrading to 9.1 I've been getting errors retrieving my email via IMAP. They don't appear to actually prevent anything, but they are annoying at least. (And while I haven't noticed anything else that is having the same errors that doesn't mean it's not

Re: Gamin/IMAP issue

2013-01-10 Thread Michael Powell
Peter Vereshagin wrote: Hello. 2013/01/10 10:48:41 -0500 Michael Powell = To : MP The only thing I can think of why courier-imap might have use for gamin/fam MP is for shared folders and shared folder indexing. This I do not use. YMMV

Re: installing a new device driver

2013-01-09 Thread Michael Powell
Jack Mc Lauren wrote: Hi all Sorry I ask so much cause I'm a new user to freeBSD :) Hear's the deal. How can I install a new device driver on my OS ? Please explain in details because of the reason I mentioned earlier :) First, please understand that FreeBSD is a mostly, self-contained

Re: FB 9.1 boot loader problem in VirtualBox

2013-01-06 Thread Michael Powell
jb wrote: [snip] But I also could not ping: $ ping -c 1 I have VM-Settings-Network Attached to NAT What is the correct setting here ? Vbox will not allow ping and/or traceroute type traffic through NAT. It states this somewhere in the docs. This normal to NAT. I've used both

Re: FB 9.1 boot loader problem in VirtualBox

2013-01-06 Thread Michael Powell
Matthew Seaman wrote: On 06/01/2013 12:09, jb wrote: A general question: to what extent is FB Install aware of installation env (VB here) ? If so, would it make sense to sanitize it to avoid offering install options that are irrelevant/inappropriate ? This is FreeBSD. It doesn't hold

Re: FB 9.1 boot loader problem in VirtualBox

2013-01-06 Thread Michael Powell
Michael Powell wrote: [snip] The converse may be applicable as well, that Vbox has configurability to know a little something about the environment for the proposed guest. When creating a new VM, you can choose BSD in the Operating System drop-down and then choose FreeBSD or FreebSD-64

Re: 9.1 won't install - GEOM/GRAID issues

2013-01-02 Thread Michael Powell
Mike. wrote: [snip] Thanks for the reply. The disk in question has never been used for RAID, so if there is RAID metadata on the disk, I do not know how it got there. The disk is (I believe --- it's been a while since I have been inside that box) on a Promise SATA RAID controller, but

Re: route issue

2012-12-25 Thread Michael Powell
Yavuz Ma?lak wrote: Hello On freebsd8.2 when i run netstat -rn i see below; # netstat -rn | grep -r UHS 0 1462933lo0 As flag i think that it should be UH but on my server as above; How can i fix it ? Please show

Re: aclocal-1.12: error: ''

2012-12-16 Thread Michael Powell
Polytropon wrote: [snip] Stop in /opt/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade. ^^ Don't know if this matters, never tried it that way - this is FreeBSD, not Linux. FreeBSD is not some kind of Linux. With setting $PORTSDIR it should be possible to have a valid (!)

Re: aclocal-1.12: error: ''

2012-12-15 Thread Michael Powell
Oleg simonoff wrote: Hi to all! Want to to ask the unix community about my problem. Don`t know what to do. racking my brain over ... The system freeBSD 8.2 Got some trouble with compilation portupgrade-,2 /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade sudo make install

Re: KDE trouble, perhaps related to display wizard usage

2012-12-13 Thread Michael Powell
Ralf Mardorf wrote: Hi :) the KDE 4 desktop does cause issues, since I set up the panel and then booted with display wizard enabled, on PC-BSD 8.2 64-bit. The last panel I add often isn't visible and accessible, but the first panel did work before I restarted with display wizard enabled.

Re: KDE trouble, perhaps related to display wizard usage

2012-12-13 Thread Michael Powell
Ralf Mardorf wrote: On Thu, 2012-12-13 at 13:08 -0500, Michael Powell wrote about drivers. I tested vesa, ati and radeonhd before I posted my request. There where tons of resolutions available and there aren't performance issues. Just the frequencies are to low. However, at the moment I

Re: When Is The Ports Tree Going To Be Updated?

2012-11-26 Thread Michael Powell
Matthew Seaman wrote: [snip] And now I need to find an alternative to handle the src updates using svn or something... SVN works, but isn't amazingly quick. If you're on a release branch you can get the src (and just the src) using freebsd-update(8), which should be pretty speedy and

Re: HELP: some process eat my /var

2012-11-02 Thread Michael Powell
Eugen Konkov wrote: how to find which process take space? You might want to look at fstat and lsof. fstat is in system while lsof is an add-on third party port. Keep in mind that when you do find the space you are looking for it will be held 'open' as an open file in the file system as

Re: Famp Server

2012-10-31 Thread Michael Powell
Hamisi Jabe wrote: i started installing apache22 and it worked, then i installed mysql it worked fine, also when i installed php5 it worked fine too but when i browse php file it displays the codes not the information like i created a php file to display the current settings ?php echo

Re: Famp Server

2012-10-30 Thread Michael Powell
Peter Vereshagin wrote: Hello. 2012/10/29 16:28:11 -0400 Michael Powell = To : MP Perhaps by way of example I can illustrate: I run Apache as FastCGI with the MP event-mpm, mysql, memcached, and PHP in the FPM configuration. It is a MP

Re: How does freebsd supports ipx?

2012-10-12 Thread Michael Powell
YC Wang wrote: [snip] syscall returns successfully. But I don't find any ipx module in /boot/kernel/ on freebsd. So I wonder how does freebsd supports ipx? Is there any other work I should do for this purpose? I believe what you read in Wikipedia may be out of date. Someone correct me

Re: FreeBSD 8.3 with LSI MegaRAID 9265-8i

2012-10-05 Thread Michael Powell
Joe Mays wrote: Well, this is a real problem. I have nothing where I am to build and burn an ISO, and I am trying to work with someone several states away through an IKVM switch. The server-to-be is on a port on the switch and I need them to download the ISO via FTP and burn it to a disc and

Re: 8.1 - 8.3

2012-09-15 Thread Michael Powell
Laszlo Danielisz wrote: Hey Guys, If I want to upgrade from 8.1-RELEASE-p11 to 8.3 do I need to also update installed packages? One more thing: by when has 8.3 release maintenance? Maybe I'm blind but I haven't found the date on When updating within a major release version

Re: 8.1 - 8.3

2012-09-15 Thread Michael Powell
Laszlo Danielisz wrote: Great Mike, May I ask what is ABI? ABI is short for Application Binary Interface, and is a low-level interface between programs and the operating system [kernel] they run on. You may have seen API as well - short for Application Programming Interface. This

Re: Error after upgrading to php 5.4.6

2012-09-04 Thread Michael Powell
Bas Smeelen wrote: [snip] My previous response was sent too early :( I still get errors in apache [Tue Sep 04 08:14:42 2012] [error] [client] PHP Warning: Unknown: Unable to allocate memory for pool. in Unknown on line 0, referer:

Re: Error after upgrading to php 5.4.6

2012-09-03 Thread Michael Powell
Paul Macdonald wrote: On 03/09/2012 12:26, Darrell Betts wrote: My php pages will no longer render in a web browser after upgrading to php 5.4.6. Used port upgrade to do this. Running apache 2.2.22_6. Checked the error log and this is what I receive [notice] child pid 38232 exit signal

Re: Apache 2.2 and php 5.4.5 failing on freebsd 8.3

2012-08-21 Thread Michael Powell
bsd wrote: Le 21 août 2012 à 04:10, John Levine a écrit : Are you running pecl-APC? If so, what version? There's a major issue with the latest. Hmmn, that might have been it. I backed down to 5.3, but when I have a chance I'll try 5.4 again without APC. Tried it without APC,

Re: Warning - FreeBSD (*BSD) entanglement in Linux ecosystem

2012-08-20 Thread Michael Powell
Mark Felder wrote: Those in on the core teams here are very well aware. Did you notice we've survived this long without ALSA? :-) However, this is very good reading for anyone who hasn't looked at Linux lately, and it's worth mentioning that this is snowballing quickly. I used to really like

Re: Apache 2.2 and php 5.4.5 failing on freebsd 8.3

2012-08-20 Thread Michael Powell
John R. Levine wrote: Then perhaps you should downgrade to lang/php53 and lang/php53-extensions and compare the results! Good thought, I just did that. Results: php5.3: works fine as far as I can tell php5.4: fails in random ways This suggests there is a bug in 5.4 which only is

Re: Issue with kernel building

2012-08-19 Thread Michael Powell
antonin tessier wrote: Hi, I have a problem when I try to build my own kernel. I had never got such a one; here is my kernel configuration file and the building errors that it makes. [snip] # make kernel KERNCONF=GOLLUM MAKE=make sh /usr/src/sys/conf/ GOLLUM Stop in

Re: Problem with pkgconf and glib.

2012-07-30 Thread Michael Powell
Jeff Tipton wrote: On 07/30/2012 17:19, Christopher Hilton wrote: I'm trying to build emacs with gtk2 on my build box and I'm running into trouble with pkgconf from /usr/ports/devel/pkgconf. The build process dies in devel/gobject-introspection and complains that it cannot find header files

Re: Disk Errors

2012-07-24 Thread Michael Powell
dweimer wrote: [snip] SMART Attributes Data Structure revision number: 10 Vendor Specific SMART Attributes with Thresholds: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAGSVALUE WORST THRESH FAIL RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate POSR-- 117 099 006-145191418 [...] 7

Re: Question about missing posix shared mutex

2012-06-25 Thread Michael Powell
Daniel Ylitalo wrote: Hi guys! According to the sphinxsearch dev-team freebsd does not support posix pthread shared mutex but later on i found this post that gave some pointers that it might been implemented into freebsd 9:

Re: Is ZFS production ready?

2012-06-23 Thread Michael Powell
Hooman Fazaeli wrote: I meant, is it now possible to have 2TB FS with UFS? Yes. The 2TB limitation so many are used to applies more to the tools than the UFS2 file system itself. UFS2 has a max volume size of 2^73, or 8 Zeta-Bytes. If you utilize the old Dos MBR scheme with old fdisk and

Re: apache PHP suhosin load

2012-06-21 Thread Michael Powell
n dhert wrote: On FreeBSD 8.3 I have apache22 web server with PHP. PHP is PHP52 for compatibility with existing applications, but the most recent version in the php52 branch $ php --version PHP 5.2.17 with Suhosin-Patch 0.9.7 (cli) (built: May 7 2012 08:45:58) From time to time, I notice

Re: USB device activity when not mounted

2012-06-14 Thread Michael Powell
Polytropon wrote: On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:26:16 -0600, Gary Aitken wrote: I can understand why I would see activity on a USB device when it's first plugged in. But why do I see continued activity (i.e. the light blinks on a usb disk or memory stick)? When I umount one of these, they keep

Re: FreeBSD 8.3 + MySQL 5.0.95

2012-06-13 Thread Michael Powell
Simon wrote: Hint: Please learn to not top post. It makes it more difficult to arrange answers coherently. Possible but extremely unlikely, I always had issues whenever I tried to build MySQL server myself. The hardware where this is running has been very stable. I don't have any issues

Re: mysqld startup issue

2012-06-11 Thread Michael Powell
Gary Aitken wrote: I've done the following after having a running system with a running mysql on it: moved user accounts, although no logical move: /usr/home/foo was = /hd1/foo now /usr/home = /hd1/home and /hd1/foo is now /hd1/home/foo repartitioned the SSD and restored the system

Re: Proper Port Forwarding

2012-06-07 Thread Michael Powell
Michael Sierchio wrote: On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 11:31 AM, Simon wrote: This easily causes DoS for when too many FIN_WAIT_2 are created and IPFW stops forwarding using the rule above because of too many dynamic rules Change the defaults for the fw.dyn sysctl MIB nodes

Re: Dependencies for dns/unbound

2012-06-04 Thread Michael Powell
Rada alive wrote: I was hoping to test dns/unbound as a lighter-weight DNS cache service to replace BIND. A few hours into make install i decided to abort and have a look at the dependencies. Can someone tell me why a DNS server needs packages like graphics/jpeg and x11/randrproto? This I

Re: why I am upset

2012-05-26 Thread Michael Powell
Fernando Apesteguía wrote: [snip] Just serious now. I see you are frustrated, but it woul help if you gave the list a hint of what the actual problem is. You complained a lot, but you didn't specify the problem! He didn't because it is so extremely obvious a case of pure PEBKAC.

Re: foo

2012-05-23 Thread Michael Powell
Robert Bonomi wrote: From bonomi Wed May 23 03:14:43 2012 Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 03:14:43 -0500 (CDT) From: Mail Delivery Subsystem To: Subject: Postmaster notify: see transcript for details This is a MIME-encapsulated message

Re: ipfw subnetting

2012-05-21 Thread Michael Powell
Paul Macdonald wrote: [snip] It has been many years since I used IPFW as I moved on to IPFILTER, and then on to PF which is what I use now. I don't even recall exactly why I chose to utilize both setting directionality of flow per specific interface. I suspect that somehow there is some rule

Re: Please help me diagnose this crazy VMWare/FreeBSD 8.x crash

2012-05-21 Thread Michael Powell
Mark Felder wrote: OK guys I've been talking with another user who can recreate this crash and the last bit of information we've learned seems to be leaning towards interrupts/IRQ issues like someone (bz@ perhaps?) suggested. I'm still trying to test this myself, but the other user was able

Re: FreeBSD vice OS X memory management

2012-04-26 Thread Michael Powell
Adam Vande More wrote: On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 12:04 AM, jb wrote: If so, should FreeBSD adopt NetBSD's MM subsys, or just improve itself surgically ? You ought first establish there is a problem. What you have cited is recently reinvigorated trend that has taken

Re: upgrade of portupgrade

2012-04-23 Thread Michael Powell
n dhert wrote: Today, my nightly run of portsnap informed me there is un update for: # pkg_version -vIL= portupgrade- needs updating (index has,2) Since there is no special entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING about the portupgrade update, I started my weekly # portupgrade

Re: Re[2]: newfs create to little inodes

2012-04-16 Thread Michael Powell
Rob Farmer wrote: On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 10:02 AM, Robert Bonomi wrote: Something about -your- installation is causing you to run out of inodes. This is a release engineering issue in 9.0, not just his installation. The defaults are screwed up. See bin/162659.

Re: Questions about Jail

2012-04-03 Thread Michael Powell
James Y Chen wrote: Hi I think Jail on FreeBSD 8.2 can generate 2 jailed machine using the same version of FreeBSD, for example, on a 8.2 AMD64 Jailer, I can create 2 or more FreeBSD 8.2 amd64 Jailed machine. My question is: can I install other version of FreeBSD on the Jailed

Re: booting a CD-ROM

2012-04-03 Thread Michael Powell wrote: I have an old FreeBSD system that I haven't used for a long time and I have forgotten the passwords. This machine has FreeBSD-4.3 and FreeBSD-4.7 on it, and also MS' Windows98 . I tried getting onto that system by booting with a

Re: ps, clang and make variables

2012-03-31 Thread Michael Powell
R Skinner wrote: Stupid question, but I need to clarify and make sure I'm right here: what should I see as the running process if clang is compiling? ATM I see cc1plus. I'm trying to set CC and friends make variables to clang for a build, but it doesn't appear to be 'sticking'. It seems to

Re: Please help me diagnose this crazy VMWare/FreeBSD 8.x crash

2012-03-29 Thread Michael Powell
Mark Felder wrote: Alright guys, I'm at the end of my rope here. For those that haven't seen my previous emails here's the (not so) quick breakdown: Overview: FreeBSD ?? - 7.4 never crash FreeBSD 8.0 - 8.2 crashes FreeBSD 8-STABLE, 8.3, and 9.0 are untested (Sorry, not possible in our

Re: Email issues, relay failure

2012-02-25 Thread Michael Powell
Jon Radel wrote: On 2/25/12 10:26 AM, Bender, Chris wrote: On telnet w IP it says unable to connect. ... Its weird that the delivery on A says deferred connection timed out but on tcpdump I see the port 25 If you can't establish a TCP connection from A to your relay server on port

Re: 8.3-BETA1 installation problem

2012-02-24 Thread Michael Powell
Omer Faruk SEN wrote: [edited to relocate top post] [snip] If you need to clear the old MBR the old way, use a LiveFS or Fixit shell and do this (as root): sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16 and: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/adx oseek=1 bs=512 count=1 where x equals your drive number. This will

Re: 8.3-BETA1 installation problem

2012-02-24 Thread Michael Powell
Warren Block wrote: On Fri, 24 Feb 2012, Omer Faruk SEN wrote: Already done that but still habe the same issue. I can dd and sysctl but after installing without using W at disk label screen still no luck. I have also done sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16 on fixit and restarted installation

Re: 8.3-BETA1 installation problem

2012-02-22 Thread Michael Powell
Warren Block wrote: On Wed, 22 Feb 2012, Omer Faruk SEN wrote: I am trying to install FreeBSD 8.3-BETA1 to a system with ssd disk recognized as ad6. At fixit mode i can dd device but at installer (sysinstall) when I configured disk and using w installer is unable to format devices stating

Re: How much space do I need on / for a 7.4 to 8 stable upgrade?

2012-02-22 Thread Michael Powell
Adam Vande More wrote: On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Joe Moore I have 65MB of free space on /. Is that going to be enough? I've already moved tftpboot to /usr, cleaned out /root, /boot/kernel.old, and /tmp. What else could I clean out if I need

Re: apache22 + php5 (package not ports) ~ spawn-fcgi ?

2012-02-21 Thread Michael Powell
alexus wrote: I dont think you really grasping what I was asking.. I am aware that I can build from source, yet I'm trying to stay away from that route due to a lot of overhead going forward... I'm also aware that php5 or actually apache22 doesn't come with mod_php as well, and as

Re: gpart usage during install

2012-02-18 Thread Michael Powell
Robert Simmons wrote: I'm just installing a 9.0-RELEASE instance in Virtual Box to check things out. I ran into something odd. With 8.x I install certain things into a geli encrypted partition. To do this I have to use a fixit shell and a manual install. Now, I'm trying to do the same

Re: Can clang compile RELENG_9?

2012-02-11 Thread Michael Powell
Dennis Glatting wrote: I get errors when trying to compile RELENG_9 with clang. Is clag suppose to work when it comes to compiling the OS or am I missing something: [snip] I can't speak to RELENG_9, but I have successfully rebuilt the RELEASE with CLANG (make/install world kernel). My

Re: FreeBSD 9.0 ICH8M trouble, no HDD found, unable to install.

2012-01-26 Thread Michael Powell
Jasper Valentijn wrote: L.S., I'm not able to install FreeBSD on a Sony Vaio vgn-cr31s. The problem seems to be related to PR kern/153440, The FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-i386-memstick.img was used to try the install and extraction of the

Re: UPDATING 20120116 -- x11/xcb-util -- instructions not working

2012-01-26 Thread Michael Powell
Conrad J. Sabatier wrote: On Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:53:39 -0600 Mark Felder wrote: For the life of me I can't work around this xcb-util issue. This is a pretty fresh install and I have not made any workaround symlinks. I ran: # portmaster -R -r xcb-util-0 And the problem

Re: php5 port seems broken

2012-01-23 Thread Michael Powell
Tim Kellers wrote: On 1/22/12 5:35 PM, Tim Dunphy wrote: Hello list, I'm attempting to install php5 from my ports tree. I've attempted the latest version ( 5.3.9 located in /usr/ports/lang/php5) and the 'latest stable' (5.2.17 located in /usr/ports/lang/php52). The result is pretty

Re: how to force 'device' sources to not compile?

2012-01-06 Thread Michael Powell
Коньков Евгений wrote: I have errors while compile kernel === et (all) cc -O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -Werror -D_KERNEL -DKLD_MODULE -nostdinc -DHAVE_KERNEL_OPTION_HEADERS -include /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KES_KERN_v9/opt_global.h -I. -I@ -I@/contrib/altq -finline-limit=8000 --param

Re: PF/ALTQ - Stable TSC?

2011-12-15 Thread Michael Powell
APseudoUtopia wrote: Hello, I'm setting up pf with altq support in my kernel on freebsd 9.0-Stable (soon to switch to the -RELEASE once it's available). The system is a quad-core Xeon E31220, running amd64. I've done a bit of googling and found various results. I know the freebsd handbook

Re: difference between cvsup and csup?

2011-12-11 Thread Michael Powell
Foo JH wrote: Hello guys, I notice FreeBSD is now using (and probably has been for a while) csup instead of cvsup. The parameters looking identical - at least from the no-gui perspective. Can anyone advise what the difference is, and perhaps educate me on how this came to be? I'm

Re: Quick build of stripped-down kernel

2011-11-24 Thread Michael Powell
Brett Glass wrote: Everyone: Happy Thanksgiving! This week, I've been building FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 kernels for various machines, and on some of the older and slower ones it's been taking quite a long time. One of the reasons for this is that even if you strip 98% of the drivers out of the

Re: Make buildworld don't run

2011-11-02 Thread Michael Powell
Zantgo wrote: I write make buildworld, this is the answer: #make buildworld make: don't know how to make buildworld. Stop Since this works just fine for all those who have learned how to use FreeBSD I can only assume this indicates you do not know what you are doing. PS: I use FreeBSD

Re: Make buildworld don't run

2011-11-02 Thread Michael Powell
Zantgo wrote: El 02-11-2011, a las 17:00, Michael Powell escribió: If your only exposure to date with computers has been with Windows and you are looking to expand your reach, you will first find that the *Nix world is heavy on reading documentation and trying

Re: The ports are really funcional?

2011-10-31 Thread Michael Powell
Polytropon wrote: On Mon, 31 Oct 2011 11:45:44 -0300, Zantgo wrote: then, as the system must be configured?, I thought as I was was perfect. I have a laptop with intel core i5. The ports should work without any further configuration change, no matter if you've installed via Internet or

Re: Breakin attempt

2011-10-22 Thread Michael Powell
Polytropon wrote: On Sat, 22 Oct 2011 15:08:50 +0100, Bruce Cran wrote: I suspect that these sorts of attacks are fairly normal if you're running ssh on the standard port. I used to have lots of 'break-in attempts' before I moved the ssh server to a different port. Is there _any_ reason


2011-10-19 Thread Michael Powell
Mike Jeays wrote: I find weird behaviour with this site. It works fine on Windows systems, but Firefox on FreeBSD (and also Firefox, Opera and Chrome on Ubuntu) fails to connect. It immediately tries to retrieve, but then the connection hangs. Does anyone have any

Re: updating 8.1 release

2011-10-03 Thread Michael Powell
wayne mitchell wrote: hey just tried to update a system using 'csup' current system is: 8.1 RELEASE on a amd machine (amd64 GENERIC kernel) tried downloading the CURRENT branch ( tag=. ) when running make buildworld get an exit with error at /usr/lib/libmagic system gives various warnings

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