Need recomendation on Laptop compatible with FreeBSD / PCBSD ?

2010-04-20 Thread Rom Albuquerque
Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a laptop compatible with FreeBSD that doesn't require too much gymnastic to install the base system, KDE and OpenOffice.. ? Has anyone successfully installed the system on this one. ?

Acer Aspire Laptop AS5732Z-4867 and FreeBSD ??

2010-02-25 Thread Rom Albuquerque
Hi folks. Has anyone been successful at installing FreeBSD on this Acer Laptop.. ? Your response is greatly appreciated. Many thanks. --Rom

Problem installing FreeBSD 7.1 RELEASE.

2009-09-10 Thread Rom Albuquerque
Hi. I'm having trouble installing 7.1 release. The details of my system : Motherboard : EliteGroup (A740GM-M) RAM : 3G DDR2 800Mhz CPU : AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core processor Disk :WD 500GB SATA DVD : Samsung DVD/Writer Super Write Master Primary OS :