Re: Cannot build jdk16

2011-03-04 Thread Ruslan Mahmatkhanov
04.03.2011 14:23, Redd Vinylene пишет: Hello! /usr/ports/java/jdk16 instructs me to manually fetch and put it in /usr/ports/distfiles - this file however is no longer available and has been replaced by tzupdater-1_3_35-2011b. So what's the best way of installing jdk16

Re: USGS ISIS 3.2.1: build failure on FBSD 8.1/9.0 due to oudated xerxec-c2 ?

2010-11-09 Thread Ruslan Mahmatkhanov
Good day! 09.11.2010 22:34, O. Hartmann пишет: Hello. Tried to build the newest ISIS 3.2.1 software package for planetary survey science, but fail. I always get the following error which seems to be triggered due to an ambiguous overload of a function, but I do not know how to fix the problem