RE: FreeBSD Release Question

2004-10-11 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
While TM4525's points are valid even FreeBSD 5.2.1 is pretty stable (insert sual disclaimer about using non -stable version here) and I use it over 4 in many circumstances. FreeBSD 5 will rapidly become the standard and if you are targeting your application for introduction in late 2005 at a

RE: phpwiki

2004-10-06 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
mysql_pconnect is MySQL functionality, make sure your PHP installation has MySQL support. You can find out by making a page named putting ?php phpinfo(); ? and then visiting it in your web browser. Jason -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:owner-freebsd- [EMAIL

RE: phpwiki

2004-10-06 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
06, 2004 1:14 PM To: Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR) Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: phpwiki I installed php4-mysql. Is there more I have to do? ?php phpinfo(); ? does not indicate any mysql stuff and phpwiki still does not work. There is probably some option I have to set when compiling php

RE: Load increase after upgrading php4

2004-10-04 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
Building PHP modules makes it very easy to load optional functionality however it will decrease performance, sometimes drastically. I hand build PHP because of this reason and also because I want upgrades as soon as they are released and ports usually lags a few days. It is also possible

RE: Which Development Environment/Tools For FreeBSD + PostgreSQL Service?

2004-09-29 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
It sounds like you are wanting to research Unix development tools in general not just BSD as they are fairly standard and widely available for Linux/BSD. It seems like you've selected c or c++ by the exclusion of the other languages, if you are not happy with c or c++ perhaps you should

RE: Very very slow

2004-09-24 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
What type of SCSI controller are you using, was performance always very slow or has it just started recently, there isn't a lot of information in your message but it sounds a lot like a hardware issue to me though it could also be misconfiguration. Check /var/log and see if there are any error

RE: Ultimately Safe User Account

2004-09-23 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
I'd suggest sending him a live CD of FreeBSD (LiveBSD at or Linux (Knoppix at are very good. This will keep him on his own hardware and let him become familiar with BSD in a fairly safe environment. When he feels comfortable he can attempt a full

RE: IPFILTER - Understanding log entries

2004-09-13 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
If your log is too large I'd carefully evaluate which rules are logging. From the goole search: firewall log parsing I received the following interesting results: talks about parsing firewall logs is a

RE: CLI tool for motherboard/CPU temp monitoring.

2004-09-08 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
-Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:owner-freebsd- [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Stijn Hoop Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 2:40 PM To: Kenji M Cc: FreeBSD - Questions Subject: Re: CLI tool for motherboard/CPU temp monitoring. On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at

RE: Update Databases from Webserver

2004-09-07 Thread Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR)
-Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:owner-freebsd- [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Peter Risdon Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 1:14 PM To: FreeBSD Mail Lists Cc: Questions Subject: Re: Update Databases from Webserver FreeBSD Mail Lists wrote: Peter, Thanks