Re: devel/boost -- where is tools/build/v2?

2007-12-16 Thread Simon Barner
. Their right place should be something like, say, /usr/local/lib/boost/tools/... -- Best regards / Viele Grüße, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Simon Barner[EMAIL PROTECTED] pgpqI7AX52gTl.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: enable fetchmail system-wide mode

2007-06-02 Thread Simon Barner
regards / Viele Grüße, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Simon Barner[EMAIL PROTECTED] pgpwxDUtaN1mw.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: enable fetchmail system-wide mode

2007-05-31 Thread Simon Barner
regards / Viele Grüße, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Simon Barner[EMAIL PROTECTED] pgp0XTI0x7lJo.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: Firefox 1.5

2006-01-28 Thread Simon Barner
, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Simon Barner[EMAIL PROTECTED] pgpM3gugzeH5T.pgp Description: PGP signature

Cannot build kernel (Re: Need help ..)

2005-10-10 Thread Simon Barner
to a -STABLE branch of FreeBSD. I have Cc'ed freebsd-questions, so further discussion should happen there. -- Best regards / Viele Grüße, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Simon Barner[EMAIL PROTECTED] pgpJIvrwde2tC.pgp Description: PGP

Re: filtering HTML tags from email

2005-02-23 Thread Simon Barner
Mike Hauber wrote: Mutt saves to a temp file then calls the following command: lynx -localhost -dump %s where '%s' is the temporary file you saved it to. You could also just pipe it to the following: lynx -localhost -dump -stdin the -localhost argument prevents lynx from simply

Re: Is there a file where I can specify the location of my header files??(like that of

2005-02-23 Thread Simon Barner
Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote: Hi, I think I did something horrible with my machine. I cannot complete a make anywhere in ports. For example, I'm compiling iperf and got this error. headers.h:82:19: errno.h: No such file or directory headers.h:139:24: syslog.h: No such file or directory I

Re: Error installing 5.3-release before sysinstall

2005-02-22 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, try disabling ACPI in your BIOS. Simon pgpEhttnkay56.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: mouse

2005-02-21 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, you need to supply more information: - Which kind of mouse are you using? USB, PS/2, ... - How did you configure your mouse? Using sysinstall? Manually? A copy of your /etc/rc.conf file will help us debug. - Where are you experiencing your problems? In the text mode console or in

Re: RE: mouse

2005-02-21 Thread Simon Barner
Euripides Ballis wrote: Is a PS2 mouse. I using Sysinstall I have problem in text mode and X. Okay, I bet once you have fixed your mouse in the console it will also work in X. How I can see my mouse configuration? It's in /etc/rc.conf. For more information please see the rc.conf man page

Re: What do you use to burn things ?

2005-02-20 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, have you tried lower speeds? It seems you are using -s max all the time... You also could try whether your drive works better with cdrecord + ATAPICAM. A benefit of using ATAPICAM is that this enables you

Re: IPFW config

2005-02-20 Thread Simon Barner
Set IPFW to allow traffic on ports 80, 1, and 23 (That's the default SSH port, right?) Nope, it's 22. Then start IPFW with the kernel module (I know how to do this) Have you already read It describes how to

Re: upgrading to a specified version?

2005-02-18 Thread Simon Barner
windlamf wrote: Thanks! If I specify the parameter of tag as RELENG_4, then does cvsup only fetch the latest source code of my current system version? Well, RELENG_4 a.k.a. FreeBSD 4-stable is FreeBSD 4.11 (the latest release) + security fixes + bug fixes or small backports from the -current

Re: upgrading to a specified version?

2005-02-17 Thread Simon Barner
windlamf wrote: Hi all ! The version of my current system is 4.7, and I want to upgrade the system to 4.11.From the description of UPDATING in /usr/src, I know that I have alternatives among severval stable versions. But how can I specify the right version which I want the system upgraded

Re: Which list for ULE issues?

2005-02-16 Thread Simon Barner
Doug Poland wrote: Hello, I've been playing with ULE on 5.3-STABLE and have come up with some repeatable issues. To which list should I post these? -STABLE, -CURRENT, -QUESTIONS? Since it's on -stable, I'd suggest freebsd-stable@, like last time :-) Simon pgphMIxxw9MVR.pgp Description:

Re: sendmail

2005-02-15 Thread Simon Barner
Kim johansen wrote: i got a problem with sendmail, when i send a mail it takes 20-60secound before the mail is queued and another 20-60 secound before the mail is sendt. Hi, that sounds like a DNS issue. Make sure that forward an reverse lookups are working correctly, and that your hostname

Re: Porting Kolab

2005-01-19 Thread Simon Barner
Aaron, thanks for your efforts! I am redirecting this to the right mailing list ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), thus the full-quote. Simon P.S.: I follow that list quite closely, and I cannot recall a thread about porting Kolab/kgroupware. Aaron Siegel wrote: Hello After years of watching the

Re: netstat odd behavior

2005-01-07 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On all installations of FreeBSD I?ve ever done in the past, netstat -an displays LISTENing servers and any tcp connection in any state. On the 5.3 I have installed here ( updated to RELENG_5_3 + build/installworld ), this command only shows only this; [ no

Re: sftp and shell access

2004-12-16 Thread Simon Barner
Josh Paetzel wrote: I am looking for a way to give a user an sftp account without giving them a shell. So far I've tried setting their shell to /sbin/nologin, but when they try to log in via sftp it gives them a message to long error. Any pointers would be appreciated...I've tried the

Re: Kernel Compile slow on 5.x series?

2004-10-02 Thread Simon Barner
Markie wrote: Has anyone else noticed that the 5.x series kernel compile times take much longer than that of the 4.x series? My friends 233MHz machine running 4.x finished a kernel compile before my 500MHz machine running 5.x a while back. It seems to take forever? Is there a reason for this,

Re: ask for information

2004-10-02 Thread Simon Barner
Elwaleed Khafagy wrote: dear sir; i can not tell you how happy we am to use free BSD but i need some information . I am from egypt and our language is arabic , so our company really need to know how to make free BSD support for arabic . we have informix database on our server and sometimes

Re: Last Question On Which Release Is Best For Production

2004-10-01 Thread Simon Barner
Michael G. Goodell wrote: My question is this: I currently run 5.1 (uname -a yields: 5.1-RELEASE-p17) and I read at the page it states that 5.1 is Frozen and also states (not officially supported) - Does this mean that I am using a release that is not

Re: Gnome very very very slow ...

2004-10-01 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, I guess you have to fix your hostname: Simon pgpFb78V3Nqqd.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: I'm a 'tard - I don't know what a Subject line is (Was well, no subject)

2004-10-01 Thread Simon Barner
Bill Moran wrote: Chris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [...] Then something has changed. So often flames start by a user simply asking a question that had he/she simply searched the list - would have found the answer covered many times over. No. Nothing has changed. The official list

Re: fetchyahoo Failed: Couldn't get challenge to log in

2004-09-30 Thread Simon Barner
Huajian Luo wrote: hi,guys I installed fetchyahoo and when I run fetchyahoo It told me Logging in securely via SSL as Failed: Couldn't get challenge to log in, Try again later, any comments on this? Thanks in advance!!! I remember to have read that they changed their login

Re: Question

2004-09-26 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Regards, I have one question. When will come FreeBSD 5.3 release ? If you can tell me approximately date.. When it's ready. The schedule is here: pgpi7tLJBMEds.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: dns-more than I ever wanted to know...

2004-09-24 Thread Simon Barner
mailing lists at MacTutor wrote: I've come across a ton of DNS tutorials on the web. Everything I've found so far is very lengthy. I need to setup a simple small office/home office network with DNS so that it resolves my inside network among the machines and hides it from the greater

Re: CD burning port recommendations wanted

2004-09-14 Thread Simon Barner
Peter Ryan wrote: I plan to burn my distfiles to a CD, but I am not sure which of the burn software options is preferable. I would like to be able to read the CD on both XP and FreeBSD. I would appreciate any recommendations or warnings from those who have been there before. If you like

Re: Problems with the ports collection

2004-09-12 Thread Simon Barner
Travis Troyer wrote: === Configuring for libltdl-1.5.8 cp: /usr/ports/devel/libltdl15/work/libtool-1.5.8 /usr/ports/devel/libltdl15/work/libtool-1.5.8 /usr/ports/devel/libltdl15/work/libtool-1.5.8/libltdl /usr/ports/devel/libltdl15/work/libtool-1.5.8/libltdl/config.guess: No such file or

Re: Mouse problems

2004-09-12 Thread Simon Barner
Thomas, [ PS/2 mouse woes ] which mouse device are you using? Section InputDevice in /etc/X11/XF86Config should look like this (at least it works for me...) Section InputDevice Identifier Mouse1 Driver mouse Option ProtocolSysMouse Option Device /dev/sysmouse

Re: strange kernel messages..

2004-08-04 Thread Simon Barner
Roberto Nunnari wrote: Hello. Please send replies also to my mailbox, as I'm not on this list. Can anybody tell me what are these messages about? Are them just informational or do I have to worry? Aug 2 18:23:59 web kernel: lock order reversal Aug 2 18:23:59 web kernel: 1st

Re: Freebsd Test Brower

2004-08-02 Thread Simon Barner
Dee Gaans wrote: Hi all, I am wondering if anyone knows of a text browser that I can use in FreeBSD 5.21 that supports https? I am currently using Lynx, and it does not support https.. ports/www/w3m signature.asc Description: Digital signature

Re: GNOME on FreeBSD

2004-08-01 Thread Simon Barner
Vlad Tudorache wrote: I'm using kdm as Display Manager with FreeBSD. If I select a GNOME session as root and then try to restart/shutdown from GNOME the system hangs (until I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, when reboot sequence continues normally). How can I avoid this? Can you switch to a text console

Re: Way OT programming question

2004-08-01 Thread Simon Barner
Josh Paetzel wrote: I've been muddling through some of the source files for FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE, and I've noticed that a large number of .c files in /usr/src have something similar to below in them: #ifndef lint #if 0 static char sccsid[] = @(#)cat.c 8.2 (Berkeley) 4/27/95;

Re: best way to update my system?

2004-07-27 Thread Simon Barner
Anthony Philipp wrote: [ please wrap your lines at 72 - 76 characters. Thanks ] if patching by source doesnt work this way is there a way to use binary patches? Yes, have a look at ports/security/freebsd-update I don't know, though, whether it works after you have used the source method to

Re: BandwidthD syntax error?

2004-07-27 Thread Simon Barner
Peter wrote: use ports install bandwidthd For FreeBSD 4.10 can't use bandwidthd (FreeBSD 4.10)? you can try it ^^ ## about this error ?G Syntax Error parse error on line 40 Syntax Error parse error on line 40 Syntax Error parse error on line

Re: FreeBSD 4.10 pkg_add Shared object not found?

2004-07-27 Thread Simon Barner
EJINSIDE# pkg_add -r links /usr/libexec/ Shared object not found It sound like you did not install the crypto package. To install it now, do the following: /stand/sysinstall -Configure-Distributions-crypto then select your ftp mirror, and you should be done. HTH,

Re: how to upgrade Perl

2004-07-26 Thread Simon Barner
Perica Veljanovski wrote: Hi all, How do I upgrade perl version 5.005_03 to Perl 5.8 on my FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE from ports? Tryed: cd /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8 make install and nothing happend :P You have to use the use.perl script: # use.perl port For more information have a look at:

Re: [OT]Re: AMD64 support: FreeBSD v.s. Gentoo

2004-07-26 Thread Simon Barner
One interesting point for desktop users is that Gentoo automatically compiles as a dependency of KDE rather then XFree86. And I must say, my TFT is quite sharper then it was with XFree86. Since some days, -current defaults to Users of other FreeBSD version can update their ports

Re: Question about cvs-all mail list

2004-07-12 Thread Simon Barner
BSDjunkie wrote: Hello all! Seems like there is a lot of activity on the cvs-all mailing list...however I was wondering what the information that passes through that list can do for me? I am not a developer and do not wish to track the 'bleeding edge'. Other than telling me what

Re: allowing users to mount cdrom

2004-07-03 Thread Simon Barner
jobse wrote: Dear List, When trying to mount the cdrom I get Operation not permitted. sysctl: vfs.usermount=0(what does that mean and how can I *permanently* change it to 1) It means, that users are not allowed to mount file systems. To change it, run (as root) # sysctl vfs.usermount=1 To

Re: Soundcard woes (help!)

2004-06-30 Thread Simon Barner
ORACLE . wrote: hey i am usinf freebsd 5.0 and i added the line pcm to my kernel and sound card is working but same problem only one speaker(i have two speakers) is working and the there is too much noise when i play any mp3 can you tell me how can i fix that and i dont know about BIOS

Re: Intel Ethernet card not being detected

2004-06-25 Thread Simon Barner
Richard P. Williamson wrote: [...] Here another thing you could try: I once had a problem with a 3Com NIC not being detected properly when the driver was compiled statically into the kernel. Removing it and using the module instead made it work... [...] 1) It says 'Ethernet manual'. Does

Re: Soundcard woes (was: help!)

2004-06-23 Thread Simon Barner
hey thanx man you was a big help.Can you help me with another thing.I am having problems with my sound card i have recompiled my kernel with pcm and the sound card is working ok but the sound quality is not good. Don't know, I'm affraid. Perhaps manually assigning its interupt (in the BIOS)

Re: atapi/cam driver

2004-06-22 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, your kernel configuration looks good: # ATA and ATAPI devices device ata device atadisk # ATA disk drives device atapicd # ATAPI CDROM drives options ATA_STATIC_ID #Static device numbering [...] # Yes they

Re: Cd burning and what app to use

2004-06-20 Thread Simon Barner
Bruce wrote: Hello all, Currently, I am running Gnome 2.6 and I am just wondering what cd burning software is really good from the ports collection? I want to burn cd's from iso files or copy music cd's to cd's. Or make data cd's. If you want something with gui, have a look at

Re: help!

2004-06-19 Thread Simon Barner
ORACLE . wrote: when i start the gnome i get this error Could not look up internet address This will prevent Gnome from operating correctly. It may be possible to correct the problem by adding the file /etc/host. Log on anyway? Cancell? i am getting this error when i start the gnome

Re: probably a silly question. probably requires a silly answer.

2004-06-17 Thread Simon Barner
Edd wrote: Is it a bad idea to use a 5.x kernel on a 4.x system? It won't work at all, because FreeBSD 5.x and 4.x have substantial differences. It isn't even recommented to upgrade the kernel only on a FreeBSD system, because kernel and userland have to be in sync. This is because programms

Re: Swap question

2004-06-02 Thread Simon Barner
Brent Wiese wrote: I recently added a new disk to a 4.9 machine. I was having problems running out of swap space, so I used a couple gigs of this drive as another swap partition. It is listed as a swap partition in /etc/fstab. I couldn't actually find something that would confirm this, so

Re: Upgrading to 4.10 using cvsup(Pleeeease! I'm halfway there!!!)

2004-06-02 Thread Simon Barner
Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote: I'm currently on freebsd 4.9 and wanted to upgrade to 4.10 using cvsup This is my supfile [...] Hi, do yourself a favor and use a copy of the example supfile /usr/share/examples/cvsup/stable-supfile The only thing you need to change is the `host' line. If you

Re: Intel Ethernet card not being detected

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
Wayne Pascoe wrote: Hi all, I just bought a server from DNUK . It claims to have the following Ethernet card combination: Intel PRO/1000 / 1000 Mbit / integrated Intel PRO/100 / 100 Mbit / integrated I've installed FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE onto the box, and all I see is em0, I don't see

Re: ifconfig documentation

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
Aldinson C. Esto wrote: Hello Everyone, Can anyone give me the ifconfig documentation? or refer me to a link wherein I can find one? If you're on a FreeBSD (or *nix) machine, you there's the ifconfig man page: % man ifconfig These man pages are also available on the FreeBSD web site (be

Re: Intel Ethernet card not being detected

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, I just had a look at that older post of yours, and I saw that you are still running FreeBSD 4.8. Could you consider upgrading to 4.10-RELEASE or -STABLE? Have a look at the CVS logs for the fxp driver, and at the driver source itself, and you will notice that quite a lot has changed:

Re: RE: ifconfig documentation

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
Does the handbook or man page you are referring to have the documentation for each function of the ifconfig.c's source code? I really need this for our DHCP server development. No, these are just user manuals. I hardly believe that there exists developer documentation for that. For specific

Re: Intel Ethernet card not being detected

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
I've tried installing 5.2.1 on the machine and it still doesn't work. Now though, it's even worse, as the em0 device doesn't work either. I get something along these lines: em0: Link is up 10Mbps Half Duplex em0: watchdog timeout -- resetting em0: Link is up 10Mbps Half Duplex em0:

Re: Networking w/ FreeBSD

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have two computers systems in my network. The first system is a headless FreeBSD 5.2.1 system. This system stores my mp3's, datafiles and runs mysql and apache. I recently, got rid of windows off my laptop and installed FreeBSD 5.2.1. When I had windows on the

Re: archivemail-0.6.1 not working as expected

2004-06-01 Thread Simon Barner
So to make it clear: If I want to run a cron job for a special user I use crontab and otherwise to run a system-wide cron-job that is not defined by FreeBSD itself I use /usr/local/etc/periodic? AFAICS /usr/local/etc/periodic is mainly used by ports, e.g. portaudit uses it to fetch its

Re: Making chmod changes static

2004-05-31 Thread Simon Barner
I need to make both the floppy drive (fd0), the internal zip dive (afd0) and the cdrom (acd0) usable by any user without having to use 'sudo' or go the 'su' route. Hi, you want /dev/devfs.conf (see devfs(8) for more details). E.g.: # Commonly used by many ports linkacd0cdrom perm

Re: mplayer + realaudio ... what to expect when installing ...

2004-05-27 Thread Simon Barner
Lars Eighner wrote: works fine without X - whether you can build it without X, I don't know and I rather doubt. Hi, out of curiosity, I renamed /usr/X11R6, removed the USE_XLIB line from the port. It configured fine (stating that all of the X11 video out options were disabled), so I guess it

Re: Getting source by anoncvs

2004-05-25 Thread Simon Barner
Raymond Lillard wrote: I just failed at an attempt to pull down the latest sources via anoncvs using the instructions found at the URL below. Hi, it seems that this server has been shut down due to security concerns. See this thread on -current for more information:

Re: GCC Query.

2004-05-25 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Which release of FreeBSD by standard has GCC 3.3.3 or higher? 5.2.1 has GCC 3.3.3 - don't know whether some lower versions of FreeBSD 5.x also had it (they're all GCC 3.x based), but you wouldn't want to install anything below 5.2.1 anyway (if you decide to go for

Re: bad gnome responsiveness with network load

2004-05-24 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, Summary: with /home NFS mounted at 10Mbit/s, network i/o makes my sytem noticeably slower (as in GNOME interactivity). I'm running RELENG_5_2, with SCHED_ULE and ADAPTIVE_MUTEXES. What NIC are you using? It sounds like your system is slowed down by vast interrupt stroms (use top an

How to install boot manager after installation

2004-05-24 Thread Simon Barner
Hello, I am new to this list, so hopefully I an writing to the right address. Yes, you are, so welcome aboard! Anyway, I just installed FreeBSD in conjunction with WindowsME, and when it asked for a boot manager to be installed, I selected None, since it said that's what people who use

Re: Special Keys in less

2004-05-19 Thread Simon Barner
I'm not sure what you mean by Pos1 key? Pos1 == Home on German keyboards. On my machine from both console and gnome-terminal I can use the Home and End key to get to the beginning and end of the file using versions 358 and 371 of less. It works on both FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x in my case. Also

Re: gnome won't start

2004-05-18 Thread Simon Barner
Khong SF wrote: Hi I've been using FreeBSD 4.7-stable on a PIII box for a while. I tried for weeks to get the gnome1.4 desktop running but to no prevails. The problems i encountered were: 1) when gnome starts, it pop up a diaglog box saying unable to find host adress for.

Re: Strange Mozilla crash

2004-05-16 Thread Simon Barner
Daniela wrote: Hi! My Mozilla hangs very often, and now I attached to the hanged process with gdb to see what's wrong. I have debug symbols in Mozilla, in every other program and in the entire OS. The backtrace is: #0 0x28458d60 in __sys_poll () from /usr/lib/ #1

Re: FreeBSD

2004-05-13 Thread Simon Barner
su su wrote: sir, my pc is using FreeBSD now. and now i would like to add a new hard disk which is RedHat. The new harddisk is plug with IDE 2. then , i have no idea how to view the data inside the redhatis it i need to mount the new hard disk.???thank 4 help Yes, you need to mount it.

Re: remove users from system

2004-05-13 Thread Simon Barner
OLAF STEIN wrote: [ pls wrap your lines at column 72-76 (for those reading mail in a text console - thanks ] i recently switched from linux to freebsd, so this question might sound a little stupid the problem i removed 2 users from my system by deleting their entries in /etc/passwd

Re: Out of curiousity: Who am I mailing to?

2004-05-12 Thread Simon Barner
Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote: I'm just wondrin' who exactly am I mailing to? Are you all employees from FreeBSD Mailing Center? As the others have already pointed out: this is a FreeBSD user mailing list. But speaking of employees: cheques are welcome anyway ;-) SCRN, Simon signature.asc

Re: FreeBSD ports

2004-05-11 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am running freeBSD 5.1. I read the handbook on updating the ports system. The updated ports were placed in the /home/ncvs/ports. I cd to the /home/ncvs/ports/3ddesktop. I typed the usual make install clean as root. I gotten this error message:

Re: Anyone else having trouble with Samsung 160G drives?

2004-05-10 Thread Simon Barner
Bill Moran wrote: Client bought a pair of 160G Samsung SP1604N ATA drives. I'm supposed to install them in an existing FreeBSD 4.9 system for additional storage space. [ drives don't work in various systems except for one ] I once had a similar problem with a 120 GB Maxtor drive. My

Re: trouble compiling gnome 2.6 from ports on fresh 5.2.1 release install

2004-05-09 Thread Simon Barner
Jeronimo Romero wrote: 1-Installed 5.2.1 release 2-installed Developer release (without X) 3-cvsuped ports tree 4-tried compiling gnome 2.6 meta port from ports it kept on failing at pango anybody have any ideas as to why??? Perhaps, if you shared the error messages with us ;-)

Re: help: Linux Drivers on FreeBSD

2004-05-09 Thread Simon Barner
Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote: Hi, I've installed an internal Smartlink HSP56 Micromodem pci modem on the first pci slot of my H30CF jetway motherboard with(if i'm not mistakem) only one com1 port and a com2 header which i think is just an extra or something. I'm really having a hard time

Re: realaudio to mp3/wav conversion utility in FreeBSD ?

2004-05-07 Thread Simon Barner
Joe Schmoe wrote: I already have a good method for saving realaudio streams to local files. No discussion of this is necessary. So now I have locally saved realaudio files, and I would like to convert them to mp3 (or at least to wav, and then to mp3). There is some lame GUI tool in

Re: realaudio to mp3/wav conversion utility in FreeBSD ?

2004-05-07 Thread Simon Barner
Oops, the script was stripped off by the mailing list software. I'll post it inline now. - cut here - #!/bin/sh # extraido de # y modificado por mapelo [EMAIL PROTECTED] # necesita mplayer y lame #

Re: Patching ports

2004-05-05 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, How do I add a patch to a certain port? Usually I would use the patch program to add the patch to the source code. But when using ports the system begins compiling right after rewtrieving the source. Thus not giving me a change to apply the patch. I've seen a folder named files in which

Re: please give me some advice

2004-05-05 Thread Simon Barner
?? ?? wrote: I am a novice to unix,I am going to install it on my computer ,but I encounter a problem,so I report it to you,and I will be very thankful if you can give me some advice!!! I have installed windows2000 on my computer,I make two boot flopy disks,and copy the files needed

Re: Beginning C++ in FreeBSD

2004-04-14 Thread Simon Barner
Me wrote: Hi, I've learn shell scripting and java on my freebsd box since I migrated from winblows 98 a while back. now i'm ready to move to a more sophisticated language. I have decided to go with C++. Is there any bigginer guides online that you may have run a cross that would help me get

Re: Gnome 2.6 upgrade

2004-04-05 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am running 5.2.1 Release with Gnome 2.4. I have cvsuped my ports collection today to the latest update. What is the procedure to upgrade to Gnome2.6? Hi, it's been released today! See here for more information.

Re: gnome long startup

2004-04-05 Thread Simon Barner
Antoine Jacoutot wrote: I have problems when starting gnome if I enable the esd sound server, it takes forever for gnome to launch itself. In my logs, I can see a connexion attempt to Anyone knows how I could speed up gnome start ? Hi, do you have a firewall, and if so,

Re: Kernel panic when machine runs for a few hours

2004-04-05 Thread Simon Barner
Jorn Argelo wrote: [ kernel messages snipped ... ] I've always had the above mentioned problems (the smb_maperror and the pid warnings), but I never experienced any problems with it, so I figured it wasn't really a bad thing. Yes, these are only warnings. I'm playing my MP3's from my


2004-04-04 Thread Simon Barner
Robert Downes wrote: Where should I be looking for the definitive description of this configuration setting, or has it been removed from recent versions of FreeBSD? To some extend, ports(7) describes the available options for the ports collection. The ultimate reference, however, are the

Re: Samba Question

2004-04-04 Thread Simon Barner
Darryl Hoar wrote: I have Samba installed on a Freebsd 5.1 server. I am trying to map a share from a windows machine so that I can copy the data. I can not change the windows share name. It has a space in it. How do I specify the share name in fstab. share name: PSR COMPLETE

Re: NIC question...

2004-04-04 Thread Simon Barner
device pcn # AMD Am79C79x PCI 10/100 NICs In the new DNS server I'm building, is the following ifconfig line correct for the first AMD NIC: ifconfig_pcn0=inet netmask Yes, that looks good (if the ip address and the

Re: Gnome 2.6 upgrade

2004-04-04 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am running 5.2.1 Release with Gnome 2.4. I have cvsuped my ports collection today to the latest update. What is the procedure to upgrade to Gnome2.6? Hi, as far as I can see, Gnome 2.6 is not part of the ports collection yet. However, you can try Gnome 2.6-rc1 by

Re: Problems upgrading pango

2004-03-29 Thread Simon Barner
stan wrote: My portupgrade on one machine is failing in pango, with: configure: error: Xrender.h not found. === Script configure failed unexpectedly. And a sugested search for xrender.pc turns up nothing. What can I do to fix this problem? That file is part of the XFree libraries

Re: dircmp?

2004-03-29 Thread Simon Barner
Shaun T. Erickson wrote: Unfortunately, I don't, or I'd lift a copy. :) Why not ask Google? ;-) Simon signature.asc Description: Digital signature

Re: gaim error

2004-03-26 Thread Simon Barner
Fatal error 'Spinlock called when not threaded.' at line 83 in file /mnt/s10/BSD/usr_src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_spinlock.c (errno = 0) Hmm, as I thought, there's something wrong with your threads. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with FreeBSD 5 (yet ;-), but the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing

Re: gaim error

2004-03-25 Thread Simon Barner
- gaim version /usr/ports/net/gaim/distinfo says: gaim-0.75.tar.bz2 The output of something like pkg_info | grep gaim is usually more helpful, since it also shows the version of the FreeBSD port you are using. - output of ldd -a /usr/X11R6/bin/gaim Hmm, nothing suspicious, IMO.

Re: gaim error

2004-03-24 Thread Simon Barner
Hi Adam, I am trying to get the gaim port to work. If I build with: make WITHOUT_NSS=1 everything is fine, but I can't connect to msn. If I don't send any arguments to make, when I run gaim, I get: Fatal error 'Spinlock called when not threaded.' at line 83 in file

ATAPI cdrom not found during installation (was: Re: Please, can you

2004-03-22 Thread Simon Barner
help) Reply-To: In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Jason, the problem is that when it come to install the rest of the bsd i try to install from the cd/dvd and it tells me that no CDROM is found and i have a ATAPI CDROM set to master on my sec ide controller with no slave divice, please can you

Re: Update utility

2004-03-09 Thread Simon Barner
Chris wrote: However, once you use a source based update method, the port will not work any longer, since your installation will consist of custom binaries that do not match the recorded checksums. I like the idea of the bin-updates. Most of the end users of FBSD really don't have a need

Re: How do I add a local patch to a port?

2004-03-09 Thread Simon Barner
Hi, although your question has already been answered: I have attached a script that will create the patches for you (yes, it's very bad perl code, I know, but it creates nice patches of the from patch-dir1::dir2::filename ;-) Simply remember to copy the source files to filename.orig before

Re: How do I add a local patch to a port?

2004-03-09 Thread Simon Barner
Argh the mailing list software stripped the attachment, so here it is: #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my $origfile; my $file; my $patch; my @files = `find . -name *.orig`; foreach $origfile (@files) { chomp ($origfile); $origfile =~ s/^\.\///; $file = $origfile;

Re: Update utility

2004-03-08 Thread Simon Barner
Bart Silverstrim wrote: On Mar 8, 2004, at 12:15 PM, Ioannis Vranos wrote: Is there any utility in FreeBSD 4.9 to check for possible updates/bug fixes via internet? I *think* have have kind of a handle on this on the server I just installed... I usually do a cvsup to update the list

Re: phpnuke forbidden, how to install?

2004-03-03 Thread Simon Barner
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: i wanted to install phpnuke for content but after cvsuping i found out that === phpnuke-6.9 is forbidden: SQL injection vulnerability in Php-Nuke = 7.1.0. Hi, I have created a patch that contains the security fixes from the web site. It's available here:

Re: phpnuke forbidden, how to install?

2004-03-03 Thread Simon Barner I just noticed that the patches I used were for phpnuke 6.0, and it seems that there are no fixes for v. 6.9 available. The above patch is no longer online, so please consider the vulnerability _NOT_ to be fixed. Sorry for the noise!

Re: phpnuke forbidden, how to install?

2004-03-03 Thread Simon Barner
Oliver Eikemeier wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: i wanted to install phpnuke for content but after cvsuping i found out that === phpnuke-6.9 is forbidden: SQL injection vulnerability in Php-Nuke = 7.1.0. and i checked the phpnuke website, they have a patched version of phpnuke.

Re: Has anyone succeeded in compiling crm114 Mailfilter

2004-02-27 Thread Simon Barner
Gunnar Flygt wrote: I tried to compile the spam catcher CRM114. It bails out fairly quickly. Has anyone tweeked the src to work with FreeBSD? Please cc me, I'm not on the list. You should post the full error message, otherwise it's very difficult to help you. Simon pgp0.pgp

Re: sendmail to a smarthost?

2004-02-10 Thread Simon Barner
Zhang Weiwu wrote: Try reading Simon Barner's tutorial on setting up FreeBSD for workstations. Oh this article is really helpful, I'm reading it .. it is really long. But my situation is pertty typical; I believe many

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