RE: Ralink wireless driver help

2006-11-06 Thread Simon Gray
FREEBSD 6.1 RELEASE I just bought a wireless pci card, CNet CWP-854, and according to the ral man page this card is supported. I compiled a new kernel with 'device wlan' and 'device ral' as per the ral man page, it compile without any errors, but I can't get it to work. If I run: 'ifconfig

stunnel hanging/not responding to kill -9

2006-10-27 Thread Simon Gray
Hi Guys, I've got a really odd one here, running stunnel 4.18 and after about a week it just hangs. From top I get: PID USERNAME PRI NICE SIZERES STATE C TIME WCPUCPU COMMAND 809 stunnel960 4536K 1900K STOP 0 0:21 0.00% 0.00% stunnel #

memory slot info

2006-04-04 Thread Simon Gray
Hi guys, I have a freebsd server co-located (twin p3 1ghz) running fbsd 5.3, it runs fine. I'm looking to add an extra gig of ram to it taking it to 2gig. The motherboard is a Tyan LE (S2510) My question is - Without opening up the box, does

RE: Rockwell Modem

2004-02-02 Thread Simon Gray
Can anyone please help me with instruction or point me to doc's on how to install a pnp external Rockwell 56K modem in FreeBSD 5.1 HTH Simon ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing

Re: CD Not Recognized after initial screen at install

2004-01-15 Thread Simon Gray
I'm installing FreeBSD and, although the installation can boot from the CD, when I select a CD/DVD as the installation source, it says it can't find the CD. Obviously, the BIOS can read the CD because it booted from it, but apparently FreeBSD seems to be unable to see it. Any thoughts on how

Re: Loading balancing with more than one ISP.

2004-01-14 Thread Simon Gray
I've been looking for answers on this for a while but I found nothing nor no-one who could tell me if and how it is possible. Let the list know if you find anything interesting. Easiest way I would of thought would be to use BGP or OSPF under Zebra (/usr/ports/net/zebra)( I'm no

Re: /usr/libexec/ wget: UndefinedsymbolOpenSSL_add_all_algorithms

2004-01-14 Thread Simon Gray
Everytime i do a wget, i get this error.. how do i fix it? # wget --21:29:39-- = `ircii-pana-1.0c19.tar.gz' /usr/libexec/ wget: Undefined symbol

Re: /usr/libexec/ wget: UndefinedsymbolOpenSSL_add_all_algorithms

2004-01-14 Thread Simon Gray
Everytime i do a wget, i get this error.. how do i fix it? # wget --21:29:39-- = `ircii-pana-1.0c19.tar.gz' /usr/libexec/ wget: Undefined symbol

Re: How safe is 5.2 to use?

2004-01-13 Thread Simon Gray
I understand my question officially can only be answered to still use 4.9. I just wonder if anyone has used the 5.x for similar services as I plan to do, successfully or not. Dave I run a similar set-up on a 4.8 box (with latest patchlevel) that's stable. I also run another box running 5.0


2003-12-01 Thread Simon Gray
Hello there! i am trying to install FreeBSD, but as i tried to create the boot floppy using the fdimage command i got the message that the file is to big. and the boot.flp is actually 2.88MB! What should I do? Thank you for your support. you'll need to use kern.flp and mfsroot.flp instead

Re: Remove ^M characters from xhtml file

2003-12-01 Thread Simon Gray
I've downloaded a couple of .xhtml files and they have ^M characters all through it. I tried the col -b name newname command on these files but when I do that it erases the whole document. Any ideas? handy little shell script i found a while ago which does exactly what you're after

Re: Using freebsd to analyse ip usage?

2003-11-20 Thread Simon Gray
Hello Everyone, At work there are some unused ip addresses but we dont know which ones they are (because there are alot of computers) is there a port which could be used to ping the subnet over a few days to work out which ip addresses are actually coming online? Thanks You could use nmap

Re: New parts for new PC (need help - little knowledge of hardware)

2003-11-20 Thread Simon Gray
Take a look a ABIT's motherboard, some of them are really good. I had a very bad experience with an ABIT motherboard. When FreeBSD started, it saw three NICs instead of one; when it tried to initialize one, it wiped the field-upgradeable BIOS. The machine wouldn't even POST. I destroyed

Re: New parts for new PC (need help - little knowledge of hardware)

2003-11-20 Thread Simon Gray
Here's the current setup that I have came up with. I think I would be pretty happy with it as long as I don't have any problems in FreeBSD. If I have problems I want them to beable to be fixed ya know? Looks good to me, quick look in google didn't find any major problems. S

Re: OK ! how to limit number of recipient on can send mail

2003-11-18 Thread Simon Gray
Hi, Ok I want my sendmail users to only sendmail to a limited recipient .. for example he can only send mail to max 15 recipient within one mail .. so that i can limit out spam attemps .. it this possible in sendmail ? I've not used sendmail in years, but I do recall within you

Re: ImageMagick not building

2003-11-11 Thread Simon Gray
=== Building for ImageMagick- /usr/libexec/ Shared object not found *** Error code 1 Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/ImageMagick. I had a similar problem quite a while ago, its easily fixed tho go in to 'cd /usr/local/lib' and do 'ls -la libintl*' you should

Re: ipfw question

2003-11-11 Thread Simon Gray
630000 0 deny log logamount 100 udp from any to any 119 via sis0 63000 24 1152 deny log logamount 100 tcp from any to any 135 via sis0 630000 0 deny log logamount 100 udp from any to any 135 via sis0 63000 is the rule number correct? IM wondering what the other 2

Re: Installation Hang

2003-11-11 Thread Simon Gray
I'm at my wits end and if I could figure out how to simply remove the boot loader I wouldn't be far from giving up and moving on to another OS. Specs: PIII 733 Mhz 384 MB Ram 120 GB HD, w/ a windows partition already on it Also, when I begin a CD install, after it hangs, it strangely won't

Re: Reading non-installed man pages, etc.

2003-11-11 Thread Simon Gray
I'd occassionally like to be able to read manpages from somewhere other than the MANPATH. Let me give you two concrete examples of things that I can do on linux, that I don't know how to do on FreeBSD $ man /mnt/falco3/usr/share/man/man1/ls.1.bz2 $ man /home/andi/foo/doc/foo.1 I'm not sure

Re: Hi list...

2003-10-29 Thread Simon Gray
I'm running TACACS+ on a FreeBSD server to aaa and I was wondering if I can restrict the entrance to peoples until a time, I mean, I don't want to be able the connection to some address pools from 6:00 pm until 6am, for example...any clue ??? Do I need a script before

Re: FreeBSD with Router

2003-10-20 Thread Simon Gray
hello, I would like to ask how can I setup my FreeBSD with a router. I am new to UNIX world and I hope you can help me. Should I set the PPPoE in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file? I am using an ADSL Broadband Connection. I am using Aztech ADSL 1100R Modem + Router with 4 ports. I have 2

freebsd tcp/ip stack

2003-10-17 Thread Simon Gray
Hi, Been reading an article around Sun's new Solaris tcp/ip stack: Sun Microsystems' new Software Express program is alive and kicking with the company delivering a rewritten TCP/IP stack for Solaris that is meant to prepare customers for faster networking technology code-named Fire Engine -

Re: Package Management

2003-10-17 Thread Simon Gray
Does FreeBSD have package management to view the packages installed and their names with versions, remove the packages installed, and track the packages installed to avoid conflicts and retain stability? You can view what packages are installed by doing ls /var/db/pkg | more There is also a

Re: ports security updates branch

2003-10-17 Thread Simon Gray
I'd recommend signing up to's daily advisory report doesn't solve the problem for you, but has most advisories in a single daily email, which you can eye ball or use mail filters to high light ones that apply to you. - Original Message - From: Antoine Jacoutot [EMAIL