Re: help with SVN needed {slightly off-topic}

2013-01-21 Thread Greg Larkin
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 1/20/13 6:55 PM, Gary Kline wrote: [...] the part I need help with is Subversion. I used CVS about 15 years ago, and svn looks slightly familiar. the project on google.code are looking for me to use svn to install my base files. I

help with SVN needed {slightly off-topic}

2013-01-20 Thread Gary Kline
(hm, well, other than to say that im installing 9.1 on my uni-CPU laptop, this is =really= OT.) okay, here's what I need help with and some of the whys and wherefors, etc: much to my surprise, my little speech application for the impaired is gaining