Re: Inode numbering

2008-10-18 Thread perryh
Polytropon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Let's assume we have a directory D with an inode number i(D). It contains a file F with its inode number i(F). May I state that i(D) i(F)? In general, no. It might work in the special case where nothing on the filesystem is ever moved or removed, and no

Re: Inode numbering

2008-10-19 Thread perryh
Polytropon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ... It will force me to do what I originally intended to do: Iterate from 2 up to the maximal number and then check the availability, and, if given, trace back the .. chain to an existing directory entry point - or re-create one, if it is missing, too.

Re: sudo multiple commands at once without shell script

2008-10-25 Thread perryh
How do I run multiple sudo commands at once? This fails because the semicolon ends the whole sudo command: sudo whoami; whoami root user This confuses tcsh: monica:~ sudo ( whoami ; whoami ) Badly placed ()'s. Supposing sudo spawns a shell, something like ~ sudo whoami \; whoami

Re: Problems with FreeBSD

2008-11-03 Thread perryh
I have some problem with my FreeBSD server. I have this: #### # # Linux1 # - ASA - Internet - # FreeBSD # - # Linux2 # #### # If I run a ssh for Linux1 to

Re: Hardware Raid + hot-replace failed disk

2008-11-06 Thread perryh
On Thursday 06 November 2008 22:01:39 Wojciech Puchar wrote: Suppose you have a system with multiple disks managed by a hardware RAID controller in a RAID5 of RAID6 configuration, what is RAID5 of RAID6??? 'of' is 'or' in dutch, common typo for dutch or flemish people. For Americans

Re: Port Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for FreeBSD?

2008-11-08 Thread perryh
Is there a port like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for FreeBSD? I would like to move to FreeBSD as soon as possible. You could try the gimp for manipulating bitmap images. For creating vector images, try either inkscape or xaralx. They're all in ports. i have a friend that do offset

Re: Desktop image of Beastie

2008-11-15 Thread perryh
I picked up this jpg of Beastie over 10 years ago. Tried using it for a gdm logon screen background, but it's really light. Does any one know where i can get a darker version of this image? You're right, that's extremely faint, more like a

Re: root /etc/csh

2008-11-16 Thread perryh
... Why doesn't FreeBSD ship bash and other shells besides the `sh' linked statically is beyond me. It wouldn't break ports, would it? It does break ports. Very, very badly. I know because I've personally attempted replacing /bin/sh with bash as a I have a weekend to

Re: [OT] printing question

2008-11-19 Thread perryh
So the bottom line is: Get a postscript printer. They're rather expensive ... I got a Samsung ML-2571N for well under $100 at Fry's something like a year ago; granted that was a sale price, dunno regular. It speaks PostScript and lpd, so no need to bother with drivers or CUPS; all it needs

Re: shell scripting problems

2008-11-29 Thread perryh
In the shell script, i have a pkg_info -qLx ^$PKG-[0-9,._]+$ also tried (-X)tended regex instead of the standard rege(-x). sh keeps erroring out saying various $ isn't a valid variable name ... Both sh and csh will try to treat $ inside of as a variable reference. Does it work any

Re: [freebsd-questions] Looking @ upgrades mechanisms...

2008-12-02 Thread perryh
... I'm trying to remember why I did not like pkg_add -r. IIRC, one issue with pkg_add -r is that it insists on doing everything from the remote repository, and will not bother looking for any packages (incl. dependencies) locally first. This makes sense for a brand-new installation where you

Re: UFS partitioning

2008-12-05 Thread perryh
Dangerous is probably overstating the issue a bit ... AFAIK the danger is that someone boots the machine with an installer for some other OS, and that installer treats the disk as unformatted -- hence obviously containing nothing important -- because it doesn't have a recognizable MBR.

Re: QT4.5 packages

2008-12-05 Thread perryh
Warren Liddell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone have or know of where to download the pkg files for the various Qt4.5 ports as using pkg_add is the only way im able to add them atm. You can find many packages for several releases under

Re: Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

2008-12-13 Thread perryh
after reading all these posts, i've still come up with this answer after looking .. freebsd - the power to serve Might one reasonably surmise that the power to serve implies doing a good job of running server software? Like mail servers, FTP servers, web servers, file servers, database

Re: Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

2008-12-15 Thread perryh
Unfortunately, anything covered by a patent, as I hinted above, is verboten. Er, doesn't it depend on what is patented? If the h/w itself is patented, but its software-visible interface is not, there should be no problem writing a driver for that h/w. OTOH if the algorithms used in the

Re: Unable to delete directory even after change of ownership.

2008-12-19 Thread perryh
As svn, when I try to delete the folder (/home/my_repos), I get the error Permission denied. Why do I get this error when I (svn) am the owner of that directory? To remove anything that is located in /home, including a directory such as /home/my_repos, user svn would need write permission in

Re: [6.3] Assigning shutdown to eg. Syst?

2008-12-23 Thread perryh
The only other thing being in group operator lets you run, apart from what you've added into /etc/devfs.{conf,rules} is /sbin/mksnap_ffs .. In a default devfs config, it grants read permission to the disk devices (presumably to enable running dump(8)).

vpnc connects, but does not work

2008-12-29 Thread perryh
I have installed vpnc to connect to an employer's Cisco VPN system, and it seems to make the connection, but after connecting I can't ping the tun0 interface nor anything beyond it. The symptom seems to resemble what is described in the Routing section of

Re: running asfiles on windowmaker...

2008-12-29 Thread perryh
Does anyone know how to run asfiles on windowmaker? Whereis its executable? (path) I have no idea what asfiles is, but I would assume `which asfiles' would tell you where it is located. ... unless it's not in PATH, and the OP is asking which directory needs to be added. asfiles is a

Re: OT: how many rankmount units is a tower-case

2009-01-04 Thread perryh
Wojciech Puchar wrote: 1U=4.5cm Approximately :) At least in the US, 1U = 1.75 inches = 4.445 cm, so an 18cm case will not quite fit into 4U. Perhaps metric racks are different. ___

Re: OT: how many rankmount units is a tower-case

2009-01-04 Thread perryh
If a hard disk formatted and used in a position , in that position it may be used if manufacturer is NOT advised a specific position. After loading of files into hard disk , change of position may cause difficulty in reading of already recorded data . This point should be considered . Sun,

FIXED: vpnc connects, but does not work

2009-01-04 Thread perryh
I have installed vpnc to connect to an employer's Cisco VPN system, and it seems to make the connection, but after connecting I can't ping the gateway nor anything beyond it ... It turned out the only problem was the absence of NAT Traversal Mode cisco-udp in vpnc.conf. (Presumably

Re: FIXED: vpnc connects, but does not work

2009-01-11 Thread perryh
I also have this problem, the difference being that mine **USED to** work, but now it suddenly stoped working. I tried adding the line to my conf file as you did, but for me, the problem remains: Appears to connect and authenticate successfully to my office's VPN concentrator Once

Re: Mounting a partition from freebsd 6.2?

2009-01-11 Thread perryh
mojo fms wrote: I was working on an upgrade to 6.3 from 6.2 and I lost power during the install which hosed most of my system. Instead of trying to really recover it I decided to just rebuild. I have a backup of my /etc and /usr/local/etc on a different drive that

Re: FIXED: vpnc connects, but does not work

2009-01-12 Thread perryh
... I do have a Linux OS that I have access to that strangely does use vpnc successfully. That may help quite a bit. You can use something like tcpdump or wireshark on the FreeBSD system to monitor the traffic between the Linux system and the Cisco while connecting and doing something simple

Re: Mounting a partition from freebsd 6.2?

2009-01-13 Thread perryh
is there anything specific I should look at for switches or just dump /dev/ad2s1 | restore? Use:dump 0af - | restore -rf - It would be advisable to read the dump and restore manpages first. In 6.1, and I suspect still in 6.2, restore -r should be used only when restoring onto an

Re: NFS fstab style

2009-01-13 Thread perryh
Can someone confirm that these two lines are the same -or- if one is preferred over the other ? Code: nfs rw,-b,-i 0 0 nfs rw,bg,intr 0 0 I've never seen the style of line 1 before, no idea whether it would work or not.

Re: Recommendations on reliable home fileserver hardware?

2009-01-20 Thread perryh
there is also the droboshare. great little fileserver. Last I knew Drobo supported only Samba, not NFS -- but that was some time ago. Have they come out with an upgrade? ___ mailing list

Re: how to create a DVD backup filesystem?

2009-01-23 Thread perryh
You can always try to tar it up directly tar -czf /dev/acd0 ~kline/ ~devel/ Does it actually work to write to a burner without intervention by the likes of cdrecord or burncd? If so, should it also be possible to burn an existing .iso by something like dd if=cd1.iso of=/dev/acd0 bs=64b

Re: Registry corrupt?

2009-01-24 Thread perryh
Wojciech Puchar wrote: describe something more. and what you mean rehash? Rehashing forces the shell to reinitialise (for want of a better term) so that it rechecks the path and can sometimes discover new programs installed if they don't seem to work ...

Re: Comfortable dd bs= parameters for different media

2009-01-24 Thread perryh
I'd like to ask which sizes are comfortable to use for reading from different media using the dd utility ... In case anyone still cares, I have long used bs=120b for floppy disks. ___ mailing list

Re: remove kerberos 5 from FreeBSD

2009-01-25 Thread perryh
... can be ahead of the man page. Perhaps the OP would consider writing a sed script to generate /usr/share/examples/etc/src.conf from /usr/share/mk/ ___ mailing list

Re: Sharing ports hierarchy via NFS to different arch/versions.

2009-01-25 Thread perryh
I've got a network running different versions of FreeBSD (6.3, 7.0) on different architectures (i386, SPARC64). What I'd like to do is export the ports hierarchy to all machines, but preserving ports/packages for each version/architecture. I also want to make rebuilding indexes run as

Re: Tool to uncat file

2009-02-01 Thread perryh
before starting to code on my own, I'd like to ask if there's already a tool to uncat files, defining the file separation position as a string of bytes, usually given in hexadecimal form. An example could be this: % uncat -p 0x12,0x52,0xf1,0x09 file_orig It creates file_1

Re: no cats at home, but system (7.0-STABLE) reboots

2009-02-03 Thread perryh
I'm searching for monkeys or intruders ... Brief power outage, perhaps? Some BIOS have a selection of what to do when power is restored from an outage, typical choices being to start up, remain off, or return to the state before power was lost. Others may offer only the first two, or be

Re: NFSv2 Wrong FS Size

2009-02-04 Thread perryh
1755708928*1024/512 = 3511417856 blocks. This number is larger than 2^31, which techinically isn't a problem because the NFSv2 spec says that the filesystem size is unsigned. FreeBSD treats it as signed, though, so it can display negative free space when root starts using its 8% reserve, so

Re: no cats at home, but system (7.0-STABLE) reboots

2009-02-04 Thread perryh
Brief power outage, perhaps? ... note: the box is a laptop; I hit the power-off button and pulled out the 220V power cable of the power-supply from the outlet (that's why later the laptop after 2h uptime failed with battery empty) ... So much for the power-bounce theory. Perhaps you have

Re: NFSv2 Wrong FS Size

2009-02-05 Thread perryh
you could rebuild df to print its numbers as unsigned instead of signed. Just watch out if your local filesystems start eating into their 8% reserve, since they'll start reporting huge values. Or patch df to print local filesystem sizes as signed -- so that the reserve

Re: OT: SVN checkout checksumming

2009-02-05 Thread perryh
I want to use SVN to automate the update process of a custom application. So, I'm planning to indicate to every PC to update periodically to a specific branch of the repository. The problem is that I need to be sure the files where not corrupted during the transfer. So, I'm planning to

Re: disk recovery problem II

2009-02-07 Thread perryh
huff@ newfs /dev/da3a /dev/da3a: 78167.2MB (160086512 sectors) block size 16384, fragment size 2048 using 426 cylinder groups of 183.77MB, 11761 blks, 23552 inodes. super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at: 160, 376512, 752864, 1129216, 1505568, 1881920, 2258272, 2634624, 3010976, ...

Re: NanoBSD :: smallest image size

2009-02-19 Thread perryh
I did consider running it off a straight cd, but I alter my routes enough through various tunnels I have established that this would be a pain. (i.e. updating vtund configs) ... System on CD, reading config from floppy? ___

Re: NanoBSD :: smallest image size

2009-02-21 Thread perryh
Tim Judd! wrote: On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 23:48 -0800, wrote: I did consider running it off a straight cd, but I alter my routes enough through various tunnels I have established that this would be a pain. (i.e. updating vtund configs)

Re: hi

2009-02-22 Thread perryh
You can always check out ... from a date before its removal from the ports/ tree ... If you need help with maintaining a local copy of the relevant ports ... let me know and I'll write a short mini-guide for checking out the ports before their removal and building them as local ports. This

Re: new hardware platform?? :-)

2009-02-25 Thread perryh
On Tue, 24 Feb 2009, Robert Huff wrote: Has any one seen more on this? They claim only Linux support for the brick, but the blurb on the 88F6281 system-on-chip processor claims BSD

Re: disk/drive-bay problem

2009-02-26 Thread perryh
g_vfs_done():da4s1d[READ(offset=261868847104, length=16384)]error = 5 ... 1. This only happens on drive-bay 4. If I swap the 300 Gig drives around, they are all happy in any drive-bay but number 4 ... 2. The old 145Gig drives work perfectly in any bay, including bay 4. ... Why would one

Re: Ports on Macbook

2009-02-28 Thread perryh
Chris Rees! wrote: That passage says that any agreement with the knowledge of the relationship in good faith is valid. Where does it mention the difference between a click-through licence and an oral agreement? With apologies to a certain former U.S.

Re: portmanager/portmaster like application for packages?

2009-03-01 Thread perryh
Mel wrote: On Saturday 28 February 2009 23:06:10 Fbsd1 wrote: I am looking for software like portmanager/portmaster but works on the package system instead of the port system. Is there such am application available? Not (yet). Without /usr/ports it's

Re: bsd.rd for FreeBSD install

2009-03-04 Thread perryh
If the machines have floppies, there are downloadable floppy images. Is anyone aware of a simple method to construct a bootable zip-drive image from the floppy images and/or bootonly.iso? ___ mailing list

Re: Is NFS Locking Reliable?

2009-03-11 Thread perryh
Our NFS servers for user home directories are on FreeBSD (6.4), MacOSX (10.5), Linux (still 2.4 kernel) and Tru64-UNIX boxes; NFS clients are mostly Linux (2.6 kernel) and FreeBSD (6.4, 7.0, but w/o kernel lockd) systems. I have seen problems with NFS locking even in completely homogeneous

Re: utility that scans lan for client?

2009-03-24 Thread perryh
Mel Flynn wrote: On Monday 23 March 2009 19:59:36 John Almberg wrote: What I'm looking for is a utility that can scan a LAN for attached clients... i.e., computers that are attached to the LAN. I have one box (an appliance that I have no

Re: how to configure xbiff

2009-03-26 Thread perryh
Polytropon! wrote: On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 08:39:38 +0100 (CET), Pieter Donche wrote: From a terminal window command line xbiff -geometry 50x50-5+5 puts it in my upper right corner, [...] Do you use -5 to get rid of a window border added

Re: installing freebsd on windows

2009-03-28 Thread perryh
Jerry wrote: If the connection is down, I am probably NOT using the PC. Hell, if the power is out for more than 30 minutes, my UPS is dead so I am most definitely not using the machine. So you never experience connectivity problems for any reason other than a local power

Heller-Johnson syndrome (Re: installing freebsd on windows)

2009-03-28 Thread perryh
Heller's Law: The first myth of management is that it exists. Johnson's Corollary: Nobody really knows what is going on anywhere within the organization. Author unknown: If someone *does* know what is going on in the organization, that person must be

Re: Fetching directories inclusive subdirectories on HTTP server via fetch or othe FreeBSD-own tools?

2009-04-02 Thread perryh
O. Hartmann wrote: I need to fetch a whole directory tree from a public remote site. The top level directory and its subdirectories are accessible via ftp:// and http:// so I tried fetch, but fetch does only retrieve data on file basis and does not copy a whole

Re: going from cvs to svnq

2009-04-02 Thread perryh
Chuck Robey wrote: But I do need to figure out how to get the subversion archive (not a particular branch of the archive, the whole kit and kaboodle). devel/svk? (From a mention last December; I have not tried it.) ___

Re: new package system proposal

2009-04-04 Thread perryh
Chris Whitehouse wrote: My suggestion is to start with a ports tree that is fixed in time. Make that ports tree available as part of this package system and compile a typical desktop set of ports ... Isn't this exactly what is currently done as part of a release? The ports

Re: going from cvs to svnq

2009-04-04 Thread perryh
Chuck Robey wrote: wrote: Chuck Robey wrote: But I do need to figure out how to get the subversion archive (not a particular branch of the archive, the whole kit and kaboodle). devel/svk? (From a mention last December; I have

USB SD-card reader recognized, but not working, on 6.1

2009-04-09 Thread perryh
Trying here, after no answer on usb@ When I plug in the reader, I get (on the console): umass0: SDMMC M121 USB 2.0 SD/MMC READER, rev 2.00/2.01, addr 2 da0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0 da0: USB 2.0 SD/MMC Reader \001\000\000? Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device da0: 1.000MB/s

Re: USB SD-card reader recognized, but not working, on 6.1

2009-04-09 Thread perryh
Roland Smith wrote: Are you sure that the drive isn't partitioned? In other words, if you plug in the drive, and you give the command 'ls /dev/da0*', do you only get /dev/da0 or perhaps also /dev/da0s1? If it is partitioned, try /dev/da0s? instead. It's an SD card, not a

Re: USB SD-card reader recognized, but not working, on 6.1

2009-04-09 Thread perryh
Roland Smith wrote: On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 12:47:23PM -0700, wrote: It's an SD card, not a drive, so I had not expected it to be partitioned; but yes, it is: $ ls -l /dev/da0* crw-r- 1 root operator0, 244 Feb 14 15:09 /dev/da0

Re: USB SD-card reader recognized, but not working, on 6.1

2009-04-09 Thread perryh
Polytropon wrote: On Thu, 09 Apr 2009 12:47:23 -0700, wrote: It's an SD card, not a drive, so I had not expected it to be partitioned; but yes, it is: $ ls -l /dev/da0* crw-r- 1 root operator0, 244 Feb 14 15:09 /dev/da0 crw-r- 1

Re: packages available (i386)

2009-04-11 Thread perryh
Manolis Kiagias wrote: I could also distribute the ports tree ... I wonder if it's necessary to distribute the entire ports tree. Perhaps it would suffice to distribute a timestamp for csup/cvsup to retrieve the appropriate version.

Re: Checksum mismatch -- will transfer entire file

2009-12-28 Thread perryh
Victor Sudakov wrote: ... [svn] needs python26, perl and tcl - all the three of them ... It seems you may have discovered the significance of the name: it subverts the sysadmin's sanity. Maybe it can find practical use as a meta-port for scripting languages, if someone cares

Re: PCIe audio cards: what is tob be preferred with FreeBSD 8.0/9-CURRENT?

2010-01-24 Thread perryh
O. Hartmann wrote: At this very moment I utilise a M-Audio 5.1 PCI-audio board with which I'm really satisfied. My next box doesn't have PCI slots at all ... I look for the Soundblaster X-Fi range of PCIe cards, It's possible to get an adapter that plugs into

Re: backup terminal title

2010-02-06 Thread perryh
I wish to use the \033]0;%s\007 sequence in a shell-script to set the title of a terminal. But only if I am able to undo it. My requirement is that this must be done without using anything outside the base system. There is an escape sequence which will cause the terminal to echo back its

Re: Howto run privileged commands on login/logout

2010-02-06 Thread perryh
Erik Norgaard wrote: I'm playing around with diskless operation. I'd like to be able to run privileged commands when a user logins or logs out: - on login, nfs mount the user's home directory (ok, not critical, I can mount /home) Or, better yet, use an automounter. -

Re: backup terminal title

2010-02-06 Thread perryh
Warren Block wrote: What's the sequence for reading the terminal title? If I remembered it I'd have included it :) The first 3 results from Googling xterm escape sequences are

Re: display and manipulate math symbols?

2010-02-09 Thread perryh
Gary Kline wrote: Is there any app or web site where you can select from a bunch of math symbols and arrange them on-screen ... pre-drawn symbols that could be moused around? If not for the WYSIWYG requirement I'd suggest some variant of TeX. Based entirely on reputation,

Re: setting default directory ACLs using xargs

2010-02-13 Thread perryh
Doug Sampson wrote: I need to do this at the command prompt for all directories: ... r...@aries:/data/Products# getfacl . | setfacl -d -b -n -M - . Now, I have thousands of subdirectories that I want to apply this to. When I attempt to use the xarg command with the above

Re: Flash viewer for FBSD

2010-03-06 Thread perryh
Pongthep Kulkrisada wrote: * Warren Block ( wrote: When you upgrade from 7.x to 8.x, it's necessary to rebuild *all* ports. ... Some people only use console, they should rebuild all ports relating to their work. They do not have to rebuild KDE or

Re: freebsd install from floppy

2010-03-06 Thread perryh
Piotr Lukawski wrote: ... I really cannot understand why nobody can change just one parameter and put the file in a proper place in I seem to remember something about the floppy images being dropped

Re: Non-maskable interrupt trap

2010-03-06 Thread perryh
Marco Beishuizen wrote: Fot the first time in years I had a kernel panic in FreeBSD (8.0-ST). While playing a flash movie in Firefox (3.6), everything just locked up and only resetting helped. After the reboot it wrote a corefile in /var/crash/ which is unfortunately too big

Re: [OT] ssh security

2010-03-09 Thread perryh
Angelin Lalev wrote: So, SSH uses algorithms like ssh-dss or ssh-rsa to do key exchange. These algorithms can defeat any attempts on eavesdropping, but cannot defeat man-in-the-middle attacks. To defeat them, some pre-shared information is needed - key fingerprint.

Re: [OT] ssh security

2010-03-09 Thread perryh
Olivier Nicole wrote: What happened to Diffie-Hellman? Last I heard, its whole point was to enable secure communication, protected from both eavesdropping and MIM attacks, between systems having no prior trust relationship (e.g. any sort of pre-shared secret)

Re: Objective-C 2.0 on FreeBSD; garbage collection, anyone?

2010-03-12 Thread perryh
Scott Bennett wrote: If your program never frees any memory, then there is never any garbage to collect. Last I knew, garbage collection refers to tracking down and reclaiming allocated memory to which no valid references exist. The particular example given here is

Re: Very suspicious stack trace

2010-03-26 Thread perryh
Peter Steele wrote: what would lead malloc() into calling abort()? Everything seems to be in order. Something may have trashed its internal data structures. I'd suggest a close look for things like buffer overflows. ___

Re: Question about expr

2010-03-27 Thread perryh
Manish Jain wrote: When you execute a script ... the aliases are ignored. Is there some way to fix this ... Search for expand_aliases in the bash manpage. ___ mailing list

Re: Freebsd, postfix and push email

2010-03-28 Thread perryh
Tim Judd wrote: On 3/27/10, Ron (Lists) wrote: Is there a way to get my freebsd/postfix setup to send push notifications to an iPhone ... I know it can be done with Exchange and ActiveSync, but I don't want to run any kind of exchange server. Wouldn't

Re: Freebsd, postfix and push email

2010-03-28 Thread perryh
Dan Nelson wrote: For ActiveSync at least, the phone has to keep a TCP connection to the server open 24/7, and the server sends a notification when a new mail arrives. MobileMe probably works the same way. The IMAP protocol supports a similar notify on new mail

Re: Sendmail Five Second Greeting Delay

2010-04-03 Thread perryh
Lowell Gilbert wrote: Matthew Seaman writes: Ident queries like this will cause a delay if the other side doesn't respond respond to the ident query ... I consider it polite for firewalls to actively refuse to open the

Re: Intel D945GSE vs Zotac ION ITX (was: Support for Zotac MB with nVidia ION chipset)

2010-04-06 Thread perryh
Robert Bonomi wrote: One fairly well-known super computer class architecture from the mid 1960s ran without *any* error checking in the CPU *or* main memory. Dr. Seymour Cray analyzed things and concluded the significant extra component count for just doing 'parity'

Re: How customized can an mfsroot be?

2010-04-08 Thread perryh
Peter Steele wrote: In my read-only CD-ROM boot case, /var is created as a MFS device automatically and populated, but a basic directory layout only is used. Nothing from the CD-ROM /var is copied into the MFS /var that is created. I cannot figure out how BSD can do

Re: USB Powered Speakers

2010-04-09 Thread perryh
Programmer In Training wrote: ... they are only attached for power purposes ... Input power: DC 5V 500mA Any chance these speakers need a USB 2.0 port, and all the ports on your FreeBSD box are 1.x? I don't remember the USB power spec offhand, but 2.5W may exceed

Re: Kernel Config for NAT

2010-04-09 Thread perryh
Ian Smith wrote: rant This is absolutely the worst section of an otherwise great handbook ... Nothing short of a rewrite from scratch could fix it ... As always, I'm sure a patch -- to provide that rewrite --

Re: USB Powered Speakers

2010-04-09 Thread perryh
Programmer In Training wrote: I'm thinking I'm just going to wait until Tuesday and get a brand new pair of wall-powered speakers. This hassle is NOT worth it ... If speakers on USB 2.0 card, all else on 1.x builtins doesn't work, you might want to try a power adapter

Re: [SPURIOUS] Delivery Status Notification(Failure) (fwd)

2010-04-20 Thread perryh
Ian Smith wrote: Has anyone (everyone?) else been receiving these DSNs a week or so after having posted to freebsd-questions@ ? Since around early April? I've had four such in the last three days ... If it's 'just me' I can block their source, but if more widespread

Re: [SPURIOUS] Delivery Status Notification(Failure) (fwd)

2010-04-21 Thread perryh
Matthew Seaman wrote: One bounce is bad enough if it goes back to the whole list -- but that could be excused as a momentary aberration. Any more than that is grounds for reporting the message to and having the sender blacklisted: anyone

Re: Network laser printcap

2010-04-24 Thread perryh
Graham Bentley wrote: Could anyone using a network laser printer post their working /etc/printcap entry? Having mixed results getting a Kyocera FS-1010 working consistently on both ascii ps These entries work here on 6.1: lp|Samsung ML-2571N PostScript network printer:\

Re: Wpoison?????

2010-04-27 Thread perryh
John wrote: There are better systems that have a pure honeypot which actually accepts mail (and add the IPs that send mail to a blacklist) OK - where do we find one of THOSE? Unfortunately, THOSE may be a bit too simplistic :( Someone forges an email appearing to come

Re: Wpoison?????

2010-04-27 Thread perryh
John wrote: I wouldn't need to create a new e-mail account, I've already got lots of them that seem to be pure spam magnates, including man (the manual pages psuedo-user) which are getting stuff sent to them all the time. I'm pretty sure that anyone sending to

Re: ZFS-only booting on FreeBSD

2011-02-19 Thread perryh
Robert Bonomi wrote: A non-ZFS boot drive results in immediate, _guaranteed_, down-time for replacement if/when it fails. Not if it is gmirrored and hot-pluggable. ___ mailing list

Re: Backtick versus $()

2011-02-25 Thread perryh
Thorsten Glaser wrote: tcsh is not a shell ... If you are _that_ strongly opposed to (t)csh, sir, I submit that you are wasting your time reading and posting to a FreeBSD mailing list.

Re: Bit order == byte order??

2011-03-04 Thread perryh
Erik Trulsson wrote: On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 11:26:12AM -0500, Frank Solensky wrote: In sys/netinet/ip.h, the first octet of the ip header structure tests the byte ordering to determine the ordering of the header length (ip_hl) and version (ip_v) fields. My

Re: grep: write error: Broken pipe

2011-03-06 Thread perryh
?? wrote: ... how best can I repay you all? IMO, by paying it forward: as you become more familiar with/ knowledgeable of FreeBSD, continue to read freebsd-questions@ and assist when able. Everyone here was new to Unix and/or to FreeBSD at one time. Some of

Re: Firefox printing

2011-03-06 Thread perryh wrote: With FreeBSD 8.2R and Firefox 3.6.13: When printing postscript to file (or PDF, and actual printers too), the font and spacing of text is incorrect and does not look good. When I do the same on Firefox 3.6.13 on Ubuntu 10.04, I get clear output. ...

Re: Server not booting

2011-03-09 Thread perryh
Doug Hardie wrote: The motherboard doesn't recognize a USB stick for booting unfortunately. The motherboard manual is dated 2006 so I think its just too old for that. This can be loaded off just about any device the system _can_ boot from, and stands a

Re: Unable to umount

2011-03-12 Thread perryh
John Levine wrote: [robert@dell64] ~ umount Flash umount: unmount of /home/robert/Flash failed: Device busy ... The problem is likely that HAL or one of its friends helpfully has the device open just in case you might want to ask questions about it. I that case, shouldn't

Re: Unable to umount

2011-03-12 Thread perryh
Warren Block wrote: lsof reports nothing open on either the mountpoint or the device. fstat blames gam_server: % fstat /home/wblock/Desktop/removable-storage/ USER CMD PID FD MOUNT INUM MODE SZ|DV R/W NAME wblock gam_server 1409 776

logging to dmesg from userland

2011-03-13 Thread perryh
I am looking for a way to write into the kernel message buffer -- the one that dmesg prints out -- from a userland program, to help in relating kernel printf messages to the userland operations which provoked them. (Yes, I am aware of the potential DoS implications: the capability should be

Re: Shell script termination with exit function in backquotes

2011-03-19 Thread perryh
Maxim Khitrov wrote: ... these deviations should be noted in the man page to help eliminate such surprises. A single sentence would have sufficed in this case. As always, I'm sure patches would be welcome :) ___

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