Re: Newbie

2004-07-01 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
First off susbscribe to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Second, there are a number of books out there for complete newbies and even for seasond professionals. I personally recommand AbsoluteBSD by Michael Lucas. Cheers -chris Hi, I am new to this, just wandering if I could get some pointers in right

SpamAssasin Configuration

2004-03-08 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Hello, This email may be a little of the scope of fbdd-questions but I figure you guys would probably know much about this setup. I was wondering if people were having trouble with the latest spamass-milter port? I heard that the milter causes sendmail to crash on systems and I wanted to

out of file descriptors

2004-03-09 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Hello, I am trying to start big brother on FreeBSD 5.2.1 as the bb user. When I run I get the following message: Out of file descriptors sysctl reports: kern.maxfiles: 1 kern.maxusers: 256 I can change the kern.maxfiles attribute but not the maxusers. Maxusers tells me it is

Pop Mail Question

2004-03-31 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Hello, I need to install a relay for my mobile to be able to send through my mail servers. I was wondering what is the better solution to do this, pop-before-smtp or smtp-auth. I am open to installing any on my server, however, I don't know the limitations of both. Thanks -cs

Re: MySQL installation troubles ...

2004-04-07 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Try compiling instead of using pkg_add. I've noticed this will work more often as packages are not available sometimes. Make install all clean Should do you well. -cs Mazen S. Alzogbi wrote: Hi, I am trying to install MySQL server client from the packages collection with no success.

make buildworld sendmail problem

2004-04-10 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Hello, I am trying to upgrade my 4.8 box to 4.9. A while back I recompiled my sendmail so that I could run SpamAssasin. Now when I try to run a make build world I get the following: m4 -D_CF_DIR_=/usr/src/etc/sendmail/../../contrib/sendmail/cf/

Making Mozilla like java????

2002-09-18 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Hello everybody, I am just about to rip my hair out on this one. I have seem many submissions to mailing lists but zero replies about this. Whenever I start Mozilla I get this message: LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library

Re: make depend error when compiling 4.6 kernel

2002-09-22 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Copy the kernel to your home directory and rm -r /usr/src/*. Then recvsup the source. Try to build again. This has taken care of 90% of my buildkernel problems before. -cs Cory Banks wrote: Hi, I'm a little new at this, so please bear with me. I'm trying to compile a new kernel for

Re: Problem Upgrading XFree86

2002-09-23 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Perhaps you would send specs on you machine. We're not phsychic :) This way maybe we'll be able to help. Also try the Xfree86 mailing list they might be of more help. -cs [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I still get this error elp.o: In function `Help': help.o(.text+0x57): undefined reference to

Wireless troubles... Supported hardware???

2002-10-04 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Hello, I have looked for this in the FAQ, Handbook and mailing list but was not able to find anything significant. I have bought a smc wireless card (SMC2632W). This is listed as being fully supported in the hardware database but a dmesg -a gives me this: Oct 4 12:18:36

Re: SSH asks strange questions...

2002-10-07 Thread Chris Strzelczyk
Take a look at your sshd_config. ChallengeResponseAuthentication is most likely set to yes. -Chris -- Loose bits sink chips. To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with unsubscribe freebsd-questions in the body of the message