FreeBSD File System Comparison

2002-10-08 Thread David Lloyd
Is there any comparison that is easy for a non-kernel (Linux/Kernel) hacker to understand between other file systems? I've discovered that: * it's derived from something called the Fast File System * that I need to add a -o ufstype=44bsd when mounting it under linux * that it's not a

Re: Linking applications to /usr/local/bin/

2002-10-13 Thread David Lloyd
Matthew, Why does linking an application such as java/javac to the /usr/local/bin/ directory make the java and javac commands global? Whereas 'kmail' is not in there, but if I type it Kmail will launch anyways. Do a which kmail. You probably need to read about how FreeBSD (and Linux and

Re: running postifx and qpopper in jail

2002-10-16 Thread David Lloyd
Acel, 1 message for USERNAME at (9014 octets). reading message [EMAIL PROTECTED]:1 of 1 (9014 octets) fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost failed fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from fetchmail: Query status=10 (SMTP) You need to have an SMTP

Re: Your remove request has been successfully processed!

2002-10-16 Thread David Lloyd
Hello, We have processed your remove request successfully. To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with unsubscribe freebsd-questions in the body of the message Why am I seeing this? -- The Linux C Programming Lists: * The

Re: User name length

2002-10-20 Thread David Lloyd
I wouldn't like to remember a user name of: DavidSompianLloyd1 ...and type it in. Remember humans are using this DSL To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with unsubscribe freebsd-questions in the body of the message


2002-10-21 Thread David Lloyd
Jack, Can anyone explain how the DUMP levels work? I understand that 0 is a full FS dumo, but what does 1, 2, 3, 4 etc etc etc stand for? Level 0 - full dump Level 1 - dumps only the files that have changed since the last level 0 dump Level 2 - dumps only the files that have changed

Re: Re[2]: ppp: Chat script failed

2002-10-22 Thread David Lloyd
Anton, GK Any relevant messages in the system logs? As far as I understand, system log is the messages which I see at the console while I logged as root. What's in /var/log/ppp.log ? DSL -- The Linux C Programming Lists: * The Linux

Re: Whats the deal?

2002-10-25 Thread David Lloyd
Bryan, option IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT or option IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT=?? to the kernel? I tend to add a rule that is the equivalent of accept everything at 65534 or thereabouts _if_ and _only if_ I really want a firewall of this type. The reason why firewalls tend to

Re: SAP DB on FreeBSD

2002-10-25 Thread David Lloyd
Mike, I would assume that SAP DB would work as well under Linux emulation, but it would be cool if a native FreeBSD port effort was underway. However, with 6000+ source files it sounds like a monster to port. The Handbook from 4.6 says that it runs under Linux; I've never tried it but it's

Mirror Command

2003-02-22 Thread David Lloyd
The mirror command is saying: % ps axw | grep mirror 9704 p0- S 0:43.26 mirror \ Failed to get file 550 linux/6.2/en/os/i386/misc/src/trees/tmp/glibc-\ 2.1.3-9. (The \ are to indicate it's really on one line but it won't wrap nicely to 72 characters)

FreeBSD Slices on a PC Compatible Logical Device

2006-09-09 Thread David Lloyd
Hi There, I partitioned my PC Compatible machine like this: /dev/hda1 - Normal partition /dev/hda2 - Normal partition /dev/hda3 - ~100 gigabyte logical partition There's no sectors left to make another normal partition. From what I can gather in the documentation, a FreeBSD slice (in this

Re: FreeBSD Slices on a PC Compatible Logical Device

2006-09-09 Thread David Lloyd
Jerry, Generally, FreeBSD needs a primary slice to boot and run. I assume what you are calling 'normal partition' is what is called a primary slice. Thanks - I had a mental blank as to what to call primary slices :) My suggestion is to shrink that 'logical partition' and make a 4th slice


2006-09-19 Thread David Lloyd
Hmmm... How exactly does this spam-scam work? Does the spammer require a proof-o-faith `donation' to initiate further communication or something? Nigeria 4-1-9 They send you a counterfeit money order/ cheque, you deposit it, your bank makes the funds available, you send the bad guy the