re: Wierd time changes

2004-03-08 Thread Denis R.
Hi Mark and list members, I am experiencing the same problem on my dual PII-450 SP700 Compaq Pro workstation. After poking around on Google, it is pointing to the FreeBSD and a i8254 programmable interupt timer. In my case the time is lagging behind 10 times! What does your: #time sleep 10 show?

Re: Wierd time changes

2004-03-09 Thread Denis R.
Hi Mark, Ok, I have recompiled my kernel and excluded the support for SMP and ACPI. All my weird problems with slow time have disappeared. The kernel time stays dead on along with the ntpd. The uptime shows the correct amount of days. It was funny to see after 3 days that the machine had been up

re: SOLVED :-) Re: Wierd time changes

2004-03-10 Thread Denis R.
Hi Mark! Gee, who would have thought that it was the keyboard. Thanks for your ideas. I recompiled the kernel (Compaq SP700 dual PII-450) following the NOTES guidelines and your email, with these enabled: # To make an SMP kernel, the next two are needed options SMP #

Re: SOLVED :-) Re: Wierd time changes

2004-03-10 Thread Denis R.
Mark, No clue from sysctl -a. Yes, I've looked through archives and google. Since I don't see a lot of performance improvement from using the second CPU, I will leave this issue alone for now. Hopefully, someone will post a sweet solution to this bugging issue. Thanks for your help, Denis

re: squid and it's config, a question

2004-03-24 Thread Denis R.
Bob, Since it is a gateway/proxy/firewall, you will be running some firewall rules. Use 'netstat -a' command, and check which ports are in Listen stage. Or use 'lsof | grep Listen' command. After that you will need to add a firewall rule to _not_ allow incoming connections to the Squid's

Re: Problems with djbdns

2004-03-24 Thread Denis R.
What does /etc/hosts show? /etc/resolv.conf? /etc/dnscache/env/IP (or whatever directory you're using) /etc/tinydns/env/IP ( -- -- ) /etc/dnscache/env/ROOT ( -- -- ) /etc/tinydns/env/ROOT ( -- -- ) ls -la /etc/dnscache/root/ip/ and finally: ifconfig -A Do you use 2 assigned IP's to one NIC?

re: Hardware problems or Software problems

2004-03-24 Thread Denis R.
Luke, I know that would be coincidental, but you know what your running CPU temp is (check your BIOS)? OS freeze-ups sometimes occur due to inadequate cooling of the CPU. Also maybe your computer is close to a heat source? Are you using the same computer case? What is your power supply rated at?

Re: Hardware problems or Software problems

2004-03-25 Thread Denis R.
Luke, Your temps are fine. Go to the hard drive manufacturer's web site and download a drive check utility. Once you run it, it will either say okay or spit out an error code that you can use to RMA your hard drive. If a hard drive locks up, you should still see errors on stdout, however nothing

re: FreeBSD Firewall as a Transparent Proxy?

2004-03-29 Thread Denis R.
Try this: It is in Russian, but you will figure it out by looking at config files. I installed it on 5.2.1 and it is stable. Great way of keeping your users off the bad sites. Regards, Denis I have seen lots of pages on google on how

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2003-06-28 Thread Denis R.
Joe, Check the blackbox out - compiles fast and loads within 5-7 seconds :-) /usr/ports/x11-wm/blackbox. You will like how easy it is to configure menus there. KDE is indeed an overbloated application. From binaries, it takes 10-15 minutes to install KDE. Regards, Denis Message: 10 Date: Sat,

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2003-07-09 Thread Denis R.
Chris, It is one of the most common problems with initial setup of the SM. Check this out and find your error there: Regards, Denis Hello, Has anyone had any trouble with the ports version of SquirrelMail. I updated my mail ports

re: SQUID + antivirus content filter

2005-11-18 Thread Denis R.
My prerequisities are: SQUID, CLAMAV What software would you recommend for such things ? ( I unsuccesfully tried Viralator in combination with SquidGuard. ) Vladimir, I'll make an assumption that you speak Russian, so here is a nice write-up:

re: caching nameserver

2006-04-25 Thread Denis R.
Check the DJBDNS author's site: The instructions are simple. If there is a lot of name resolutions happening on the web server itself, install dnscache on the localhost. My advice to you is to avoid BIND. It is too complicated for your needs. Regards! At 05:50 PM

Re: Bind as a chaching nameserver

2006-04-26 Thread Denis R. Richard, besides simple you want a _secure_ caching name server. Yes, you can type named_enable in rc.conf and be done with it, just don't forget to periodically check the security updates web page for BIND exploits. Regards! Richard Collyer wrote: Hello,

re: Substitute command on vi

2006-05-05 Thread Denis R.
Try #dos2unix file_name Hi list, I need to substitute a lot of characters ^M (ctrl+M) at the end of each line in my file. The command :%s/^M//g insn't have success. How can i do it ? Thanks, Aguiar ___ mailing list

re: FreeBSD is Very slow to load some sites

2005-07-25 Thread Denis R.
Hey Andrew, If you suspect it is your DNS, just put the IP address of your site in the browser: or and see if the same thing happens. But like someone else noticed, it might be page related (java etc) that the Linux browser is having problems with. Regards! Denis

Re: Daemon Process

2005-05-17 Thread Denis R.
Here is a good example: Download the source and examine it. Hi All, Thank you very much for the feedback. Now, suppose I want to write a daemon for Unix in C whose job is to monitor other daemons and restart dead daemons. The daemon may take the list of such

re: parental control with squid and dansguardian

2007-07-06 Thread Denis R.
Now, if someone just changes the port in their browser to 3128 (squid proxy port), then all content filtering will be bypassed. I have the same setup at home for my kids. Check the /etc/ipnat.conf file to redirect all web traffic to your FreeBSD_gateway_IP_address:8080 (assuming your FreeBSD box

6.1RC2 regression and a BIG question.

2006-05-15 Thread Denis R Michailov
Hello. This is first time I write to you, so I beg you pardon if something goes wrong. We bought HP Proliant DL 320 G4. I tried to install FreeBSD and all the attempts failed. 5.4 cannot see my SATA Raid controller and says that I have no hard disks. 6.1RC2 told me the same. But 6.0i386 6.0amd64