Re: FreeBSD RELENG_7 scsi and usb, usb disks take precedence

2008-10-16 Thread Eric Masson
Svein Skogen (List Mail Account) [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, Is there any way to tell FreeBSD permanently I want my adaptec controller's scsi chain to be the first, no matter what USB devices you find? You can circumvent this behaviour by using GEOM labels :

Re: FreeBSD RELENG_7 scsi and usb, usb disks take precedence

2008-10-16 Thread Eric Masson
Svein Skogen (List Mail Account) [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, With all due respect, if sysinstall isn't able to write those labels, this is hardly the solution to the problem... ;) Sysinstall, even if it has proven to be useful, is outdated in many respects, it doesn't cope really well with

Re: FreeBSD RELENG_7 scsi and usb, usb disks take precedence

2008-10-17 Thread Eric Masson
Dan Nelson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, No patching needed. You can wire down the unit number of your scsi bus and drive with boot hints as described in the scsi(4) manpage. Wire the adaptec card down as scbus0, and wire the device at scbus0.0 down as da0. Nice. I've never used scsi

Re: Using HDD's for ZFS: 'desktop' vs 'raid / enterprise' -edition drives?

2009-01-02 Thread Eric Masson
Wojciech Puchar writes: Hi, think twice before doing. Could you elaborate please ? Regards Éric Masson -- [Linux] c'est une philosophie un art de vivre, un état intérieur, une sorte de fluide qui nous entoure et nous pénètre. Fais tourner stp ! -+-

Re: Virtual RS232 port link on IP or on network card

2010-03-04 Thread Eric Masson
Mike Tancsa writes: Hello, Not sure if this is what you want to do or not, but if you want to connect a device to a serial port on FreeBSD and then access that serial device over the network from a remote machine, try /usr/ports/comms/ser2net Nope, seems to be the

Re: Limitting SSH access

2011-05-04 Thread Eric Masson
Jack Raats writes: Hello, I have a question concerning SSH op a FreeBSD 7.4-STABLE server. Don't know sshd version in 7.4-STABLE, but if higher or equal to 4.8, the following link could help : Regards Éric Masson -- C'est

Re: Tools to find unlegal files ( videos , music etc )

2011-07-19 Thread Eric Masson
Frank Bonnet writes: Hi, We'll see who will win ;-) Check this :'informatique_en_France The fact you can do something doesn't mean you're allowed to... -- Moi je trouve qu'il est debile de vouloir detruir kekel ke chose MG Ta

Re: Configuring an IPv6 router to assign addresses

2009-05-06 Thread Eric Masson
Odhiambo ワシントン writes: Hi, Nice question. I wonder if isc-dhcp-server can already handle IPv6 addresses. Seems it can since 4.x branch. But, is there any reason to use dhcp on ipv6 nets as the protocol has been designed with autoconfiguration in mind ? Regards --

Re: postfix INST_BASE option

2011-11-03 Thread Eric Masson
Christer Solskogen writes: Hi, You can do this a lot easier with just: sendmail_enable=NONE From rc.sendmail(8) : RC.CONF VARIABLES The following variables affect the behavior of rc.sendmail. They are defined in /etc/defaults/rc.conf and can be changed in

Re: ports vs packages

2012-01-10 Thread Eric Masson
Dick Hoogendijk writes: Hi, As I write in another reply: that's true and totally stupid imo. *You* think it's stupid. There's not one true way to serve php pages, more and more platforms use a lightweight httpd daemon like nginx and php-fpm for example. If you manage many

Re: ports vs packages

2012-01-10 Thread Eric Masson
Alejandro Imass writes: Hi, IMO it's stupid as well and I second Dick's opinion. You're at least two, great. The module doesn't hurt anyone, and reduces confusion. I think that PHP is still more heavily deployed on mod_php than on anything else. The Apache module should be

Re: Extract photo from digital camera that is not USB mass storage device

2012-01-19 Thread Eric Masson
David Demelier writes: Hi, What can I do to copy photo without extracting the SD card each time, does gphoto (or something similar) support this kind of generic device? Iirc, my old Canon A75, ptp device, was supported by gphoto. Éric Masson -- personne n'a un

Re: Clang - what is the story?

2012-01-22 Thread Eric Masson writes: Hi, Lattice C - targeted MS-DOS, AmigaOS, probably others. Had a 32-bit int on the Amiga, where Manx had a 16-bit int. When Commodore ported BSD sockets to the Amiga they had to change all the ints to longs because of this. Was renamed SAS/C towards the end of the

Re: RIP routing protocol implementation is FreeBSD?

2012-01-30 Thread Eric Masson
Kaya Saman writes: Hi, does anyone know if there's an implementation of the RIP version 2 routing protocol in FreeBSD??? man 8 routed I did check out the handbook for the enable_routerd=YES I'd try routed_enable = YES instead. Regards Éric Masson -- je crosspost

Re: RIP routing protocol implementation is FreeBSD?

2012-01-30 Thread Eric Masson
Eric Masson writes: Sorry, Followup to myself. I'd try routed_enable = YES instead. router_enable = YES as Michael stated in another post. Regards Éric Masson -- et me dis quil y a eu une merde avec le serveur truc machin et que ca a fait un gros server crash. OU ets la

Re: Sharing COM ports to Windows hosts

2012-09-03 Thread Eric Masson
Victor Sudakov writes: Hi, There is a FreeBSD box with several RS232 ports. Can those ports be accessed by Windows hosts over the network? Actually, does anyone have a success story for such a scenario? Yes, sredird on the FreeBSD box NetDialout from PCMicro on the

Custom rc script using /usr/sbin/daemon

2010-10-05 Thread Eric Masson
Hello, I'm trying to create a script that would launch php-cgi in fastcgi mode. So far, I've the following script : #!/bin/sh # # PROVIDE: phpfastcgi # REQUIRE: DAEMON # KEYWORD: shutdown # # Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf to enable phpfastcgi : # # phpfastcgi_enable (bool):

Re: Custom rc script using /usr/sbin/daemon

2010-10-05 Thread Eric Masson
RW writes: Hello, I don't think you can do it like that. IIRC when you try to stop a daemon it doesn't just kill the process by pid, it also sanity checks the command in case the daemon has died and the pid was reused. Since daemon wont show-up in the ps output it

Re: Distributing directory over multiple discs ?

2007-12-15 Thread Eric Masson
Frank Staals [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, And off-course if this is possible how can I acchieve something like that Take a look at the handbook, sections regarding GEOM (stripe) or VINUM. If you plan to use 7.0 or later, zfs can help too. -- B Le jour où un bidet comprendra un tabouret,

pam_ldap issues

2007-07-03 Thread Eric Masson
Hello, I'm trying to setup authentication via a ldap directory on a 6.2-p5 box. id queries regarding a ldap defined user using root or a local defined user work fine : [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ id testuser uid=2000(testuser) gid=2000(test) groups=2000(test) [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ id testuser

Re: pam_ldap issues

2007-07-04 Thread Eric Masson
Thierry Lacoste [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hello, I have a very similar setting on 6.1 Maybe you have an ACL problem (see below). What does the following command give? ldapsearch -x -D cn=testuser,ou=people,dc=interne,dc=example,dc=org -W The command asks for an ldap password that I type

Re: pam_ldap issues

2007-07-04 Thread Eric Masson
Eric Masson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Follow up to myself, sorry The command asks for an ldap password that I type but, the result is : ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49). I've double checked the password and reinitialized the ldap database, but no change atm. I've rebuilt all ports

Re: detection materielle probleme for new installation

2007-07-18 Thread Eric Masson
Marezki [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, When i launch the cd for installation, i am quested and choose installation whit out ACPI, and have disabled Acpi on the bios. You'd better enable acpi in the bios and try to boot with acpi module. i dont know what is error 6, what is

Re: ipsec with dynamic ip clients

2008-01-06 Thread Eric Masson
Norman Maurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, Now I want to setup some config which allow some people to connection via ipsec client to this ipsec router. They have a dynamic ip so I think a certificate is the way to go. But im not sure how i need to setup the gif interface because the ip

Re: Virtual machines hosted on FreeBSD 7

2008-09-09 Thread Eric Masson
Derek Ragona [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, I thought that the VMware ESX is just a trial version that quits running after a few weeks. But if I am wrong about that, let me know. From : ESXi seems to be free, but not the entreprise administration tools.

[6.3] watch(8) tty capture

2008-06-13 Thread Eric Masson
Hello, I'm trying to capture trafic beetween vgetty and an Olitec modem on a FreeBSD 6.3 box. I've loaded snp(4) via kldload and watch -co /dev/ttyd2 only captures traffic sent from vgetty to the modem, not its responses. Am I missing something trivial or is it a known behaviour ? TIA.

Re: diablo-jdk16

2009-08-20 Thread Eric Masson
Roy Stuivenberg writes: Hi, rs-unix# make install clean === Vulnerability check disabled, database not found === Found saved configuration for diablo-jdk- Because of licensing restrictions, you must fetch the distribution manually. Please open

Re: diablo-jdk16

2009-08-20 Thread Eric Masson
Roy Stuivenberg writes: Hi, My portstree is up to date, and when I follow the link on Sun website this is the version I get? Seems the port lags behind Sun's site. -- (Pour mesurer l'intelligence dans fufe) Facile: un test de Turing. Tu prends une personne dans un

Re: diablo-jdk16

2009-08-20 Thread Eric Masson
Josef Grosch writes: Hi, Trust me, it is a lot faster to download and install a binary package than go the long compile process. Diablo-j(re|dk) ports install binary packages... -- Je parlais au nom de tous les frjviens, ne joue pas au con... VOUS n'avez pas à

8.0-RELEASE, puc, ppbus lpt

2009-12-18 Thread Eric Masson
Hello, I'd like to know whether it is possible to force device numbering on a box which has a built in parallel port and another on a serial/parallel card ? Parallel port managing code is loaded as modules : 131 0x80917000 8cc0 ppc.ko 143 0x8092 99c8 ppbus.ko

Re: bash instead of csh (completely)

2010-06-04 Thread Eric Masson
Jerry B. Altzman writes: Hi, To get rid of csh? This link is about csh *programming*, as standard scripts in FreeBSD use sh, this is pointless. Regards -- Ol: ..un plan perdu au fond d'une armoire dont seul Steve Jobs a

Re: Add a SSL certificate authority

2010-08-30 Thread Eric Masson
Bastien Semene writes: Hi, I'm trying to add a certificate authority unsuccessfully. The Equifax certificates authority seems not to be registered in FreeBSD, so I tried to add it on my server. You can use the security/ca_root_nss port to retrieve the Mozilla Project root

Re: Info 2 Release

2012-10-10 Thread Eric Masson
René Mercier writes: Bonjour, Je suis sous Debian, mais travaillant dans les réseaux, je souhaiterai passer sur FreeBsd pour sa stabilité et pour sa sécurité,, je vois qu'actuellement il y une 9 rc1, pourriez vous s'il vous plait me dire quelle la prochaine release à