Re: cabling problem?

2004-01-14 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
It does not work because you are not using the correct cable. In order to directly connect to NICs (or NIC-to-Router) you need a cross-over cable. The pin-through is different than a normal patch cable. Google cross-over cable or just ask the guy behind the counter of your local computer

Re: How do I get into GUI?

2004-01-23 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Hi Claude, FreBSD takes a minimalistic approach to installing applications in the default install. By default, XWindows is not installed. Read the handbook section on XWindows: It describes XWindows installation, config and

Re: remove boot problem

2004-01-28 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
If you have removed FreeBSD from your drive and would like to remove the FreeBSD bootloader, boot from a DOS floppy and run fdisk /mbr. The /mbr switch will re-MS the Master Boot Record, removing the BSD bootloader. Christopher Hollow Jerry McAllister wrote: Hello, I recently installed

Re: proxies and firewalls

2004-02-02 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Proxy doesn't necessarily solve the privateIP-to-publicIP problem. NAT does: Proxy is application level. NAT is address translation. HTH, Christopher Hollow JJB wrote: Thanks for your reply, But I must be thick headed this morning, because

Re: natd question

2004-02-05 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Multihome your FBSD box. Assign your outside nic the external ip, inside nic your local subnet dg. Configure natd. Does FreeBSD still ship with ipnat? Or is natd the only nat'ing service? Chris Markus Kovero wrote:

Re: backup question

2004-02-05 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Here's how I do it... - Open a writable Samba share on the FreeBSD box. - Map the drive from Windows and ensure the Win-user can write to it. - Schedule Robocopy (Res. Kit utility) to sync the Samba share from publications. Should do it. Robocoy script should be something like: robocopy.exe

Re: Free space wierdness

2004-02-05 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
UNIX file caching. The files were likely deleted but still open by some process and therefore still taking up space. The reboot killed the process, released the file and -viola- the free space was reported correctly. HTH, Christopher Hollow Herbert Wolverson wrote: I have a system running

Re: mount a smb filesystem

2004-02-06 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Try: //servername/sharename /mountdirectory smbfs username=windowsuserename,password=windowspassword 0 0 HTH, Christopher Hollow Darryl Hoar wrote: Greetings, If you put a line like: //[EMAIL PROTECTED]/misc /test smbfs ro,noauto 0 0 in /etc/fstab, is there a way to

Re: I'm really upset with my new computer

2004-02-09 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
The name of this list is FreeBSD-Questions. U, do you have a question? Chris Rob2 wrote: I can't even log in without permission errors, yet all the files in my home directory are rob.rob permissions. I end up at the root directory where all homeless users end up Nvidia video doesn't

Re: cdrom

2004-02-13 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Save yourself the $50 investment in the old hardware and do a network installation. You'll need a floppy drive and a network card. Create the boot floppies and choose FTP installation. Yank that old

Re: SPAM?: Re: Microsoft USB wireless mouse

2004-02-19 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Assuming you have: deviceuhci deviceohci deviceusb deviceums compiled into your kernel, can you test the mouse with any success through sysinstall - configure - mouse? Check this page for some more det's: HTH, Christopher Hollow Chungwei

Re: mail client question...

2004-02-19 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
mutt + fetchmail is a nice combo too. Felipe Neuwald wrote: You can use pine + fetchmail. On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 15:13, Xpression wrote: Hi list, anyone are using exim as a MUA ??? I can't configure it to send mails, or anyone know a very easy configurable mail client for FreeBSD ???

Re: 4.9-RELEASE + XP Pro problem

2004-02-20 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Just make sure your XP is fully installed first and boots OK Then install FreeBSD and select the MBR (not 'none' and not 'standard') [snip] Actually, you should choose to install a standard MBR and *not* to use the FreeBSD boot loader in order to accomplish what you describe Why not choose to

Re: Boot and MBR.

2004-02-27 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
You can also Grub it up: Grub is a popular and well-supported OSS boot loader HTH, Chris Jud wrote: On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:18:01 -0900, Mark Weisman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just out of curiosity what is the

Re: Boot and MBR.

2004-02-27 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
, February 27, 2004 8:46 AM To: HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER; Mark Weisman Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Boot and MBR. On Fri, 27 Feb 2004 10:50:03 -0500, HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Jud wrote: [snip] 3. Install GAG, a free, easy and automagical boot loader. URL: http

Re: SSH Problem

2004-03-01 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
This arrangement is only to facilitate Administor's job. He operates outside contact as 'user' from there if necessary he can login as root doing maintenance. Granting the person root access is one thing. Allowing root logins via SSH is something different. What Nathan (and security

Re: kernel compile Q - How to get the speaker to work?

2004-03-04 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
thanks for the answer, but when I had Windows installed, the speaker did work, I mean I was able to hear music, in addition to the beeps. I've never heard of the case speaker making anything but beeps. Either yours is quite unique or you guys are talking about different speakers. I

Re: SCSI Disk not found

2003-12-04 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
I've worked with ProLiant servers and with FreeBSD RAID, but not on the same box. Basically, as I understand it, you should use the Compaq SmartStart Array Configuration Utility to create the RAID1 (mirror) array. The array controller will then present the RAID set as one logical drive to

Re: Obtaining the unix o/s

2003-12-04 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
All I need to do is burn the iso images to my CD's and I've got the entgire freebsd unix o/s? Yes. The whole show. Including the current packages/ports collection. After that, is it going to be quite a process to install the software, or am I better off spending 60 bucks and get the CD's from

Re: how to uninstall a port...

2003-12-05 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
pkg_delete Payne wrote: Hi, I like to know how can uninstall a port that I installed with sysinstall. Thanks. Chuck ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list To unsubscribe, send any mail to

Re: apcupsd

2003-12-08 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Hi... I have the same UPS and cable running with apcupsd on FreeBSD 4.8. I have nothing but good things to say about the UPS and apcupsd. Detects and reports power failures and power restores. Properly halts the system upon reaching remaining-charge-percentage or time-until-failure

Re: Network card problems

2003-12-08 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Disable PnP in the BIOS. ...on another note, I might also suggest that you Google it before you post to the list. The string rl0: couldn't map ports/memory yeilded 200+ hits, including...

Re: mount_smbfs problems

2003-12-10 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Maybe your Google is broken. =) The string mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = RPC struct is bad returned ten or so relevant results including...[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg41941.html Looks as though the Windoze user that you are connecting with has a

Re: Question about ports... [postnuke]

2003-12-11 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Given PHPNuke's security track record, I would say that this is sound advice. I would suggest going from the latest source as well. Chris Matt Staroscik wrote: I am want to install postnuke but when-ever I go to do make under /usr/port/www/postnuke, it wants to install mod_php4 again, I don't

Re: Samba tutorial

2003-12-15 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
from an NT 4 server, it keeps prompting for username/password. Have you used the smbpasswd utility to create Samba user accounts on the BSD box? As per: Ruben was getting at that by suggesting... the windows domain, you must also


2004-01-05 Thread HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER
Hi Shawn, Depending on your needs, I would suggest checking out CVS ( The CVS system is built on top of RCS and designed to manage entire software projects. The CVS client comes base system in BSD and most *NIX systems. Take a look at cvsd