Re: ftp access but no log

2007-10-01 Thread Hakan K
How does the log look,,Did they just attempt or got access to it...? Thanks Hakan On 10/1/07, Walter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi again, I just by chance noticed today that someone was accessing my ftp server. No big deal, except that I did not see any log of it via

Re: freeTTS anybody??

2007-10-01 Thread Hakan K
I used the following one.. Thanks Hakan On 10/1/07, Gary Kline [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Well, wrong again. I figured that by now, firefox would have some kind of text to speech app just working out-of-box?

Re: any body has a tutorial of installing the openvpn on current versions of freebsd ?

2007-10-02 Thread Hakan K I hope this is not an old one. Thanks Hakan On 10/2/07, Yong [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, does any body has a guide for bridging install of openvpn on freebsd 6.2 ? found some and but

Re: webconference softwares ?

2007-10-25 Thread Hakan K
shantanoo, Thanks for the site.. I have been looking for something like this for online classes.. Do you have any experience on dimdim..? Do you know something better for online learning..? Thanks Hakan On 10/24/07, Shantanoo Mahajan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On

Re: Problem with VNC on AMD64

2007-10-29 Thread Hakan K
What version of VNC are you running.. ? Anyone here tried Ultra VNC ? Thanks Hakan On 10/28/07, Josh Carroll [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So VNC server will run, and I can connect to it from a VNC-client, but the window manager fails to start correctly. I am having

Re: Help Failing Disk Problem

2007-11-05 Thread Hakan K
Try to connect the bad one as a secondary HD to get the data if u can not clone it.. Thanks Hakan On Nov 5, 2007 3:50 PM, Derek Ragona [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 01:53 PM 11/5/2007, Sean Murphy wrote: I have a FreeBSD 6.2 Release box with a single ide that has user data

Re: firefox 3.0

2007-07-23 Thread Hakan K
I got Firefox 3.0 Alpha 7 / / No problem so far ... Thanks Troy * *On 7/23/07, Tsu-Fan Cheng [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, just browser the port directory and discovered that firefox 3.0 is in the system, before i upgrade to that, would like to know if

Re: firefox 3.0

2007-07-23 Thread Hakan K Troy On 7/23/07, Anton Galitch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 7/23/07, Tsu-Fan Cheng [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, just browser the port directory and discovered that firefox 3.0 is in the system,

Re: firefox 3.0

2007-07-23 Thread Hakan K
I better try avant, k-meleon ,, I am not very happy with FF/IE.. They are slow.. They use a lot of resources.. Thanks On 7/23/07, Tsu-Fan Cheng [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: sorry, i didnt notice that its the devel version. I just saw it in the page.

Re: looking for a good mailing list manager

2007-07-24 Thread Hakan K
Try Petidomo Mailing List Manager Thanks Troy On 7/24/07, Steven [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I am looking for a good Open source mailing list manager. It should be web based, preferable be

Re: OT: what brand of TFT monitor?

2007-07-24 Thread Hakan K
I think you better check some reviews.. nextag, amazon, etc btw I do use one big CRT too :) Troy On 7/24/07, Gabor Kovesdan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, it's a bit off here, but I'm sure you can tell me some tips, what brand of TFT monitor to buy? Finally I decided to

Re: connecting user root with ssh

2007-07-24 Thread Hakan K
How can I change the ssh port? Thanks Troy On 7/24/07, Pollywog [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Tuesday 24 July 2007 11:33:26 Norberto Meijome wrote: On Wed, 30 May 2007 02:06:38 -0700 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: * If root cannot log in remotely, a cracker has to guess

Re: updating mysql database

2007-07-27 Thread Hakan K
Although MySQL has worked very hard to ensure a high level of quality, protect your data by making a backup as you would for any other software beta release. MySQL generally recommends that you dump and reload your tables from any previous version to upgrade to 5.2. Troy On

Re: Problems with ftp client

2007-07-28 Thread Hakan K
Did you check your ports..? What FTP server do you use ? Thanks Troy On 7/28/07, Alvaro Rosales [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello guys, I have a Freebsd 5.4 box, it is working perfectly as a file server, but I have noticed that I can not ftp to any computer other than

Re: SSA_ENEWS: Cancellation

2007-07-28 Thread Hakan K
Why? SIGNOFF SSA_ENEWS You have been removed from the SSA_ENEWS list. Summary of resource utilization --- CPU time:0.000 secDevice I/O: 21 Overhead CPU:0.000 secPaging I/O:8 CPU model: 4-CPU 2.8GHz

Re: Downgrading from current

2007-07-29 Thread Hakan K
How about creating a new partition and using new partition for installation.? I do not think you will be able to keep the files, if u install on same partition... Thanks Troy On 7/29/07, Ross Penner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I recently upgraded my system from stable to

Re: Cannot post because of spamassassin blocking my mail

2007-07-31 Thread Hakan K
I do not think Gmail, or Yahoo is the issue. Your local IP may be black listed.. I had the issue with one of my client. Find out your local IP, and check spam blasklists to see if your IP is listed Troy On 7/31/07, Adam J Richardson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ytriffy

Re: Resizing VMware Virtual Drive

2007-07-31 Thread Hakan K
Check this out.. I hope it helps Troy On 7/31/07, Tech Valley Internet - Tony Kivits [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I am running a couple of instances of FreeBSD as guests on a VMware Server.

Re: Resizing VMware Virtual Drive

2007-07-31 Thread Hakan K
/msg01340.htmlthat I found on the bottom of that page will do the trick. Thanks for the tip. At 06:50 PM 7/31/2007, Hakan K wrote: Check this out.. I hope it helps Troy On 7/31/07, *Tech

Re: Cannot post because of spamassassin blocking my mail

2007-08-01 Thread Hakan K
ytriffy, I do not think it is a gmail issue...I post from,,, I think you need to start your trouble shooting from check your IPs to find out if they are on any black list. Thanks On 8/1/07, Eric Crist [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Jul

Re: We serve to improve your Business

2007-08-01 Thread Hakan K
Zbigniew, I agree with you..I do not think it is possible to keep it 100% spam-free. This list looks pretty clean to me. Thanks Troy HQPress News On 8/1/07, Zbigniew Szalbot [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 14:51:32 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: Setting up a domain

2007-08-03 Thread Hakan K
Is this for web site domain setting ? DNS, Web server etc etc ... Thanks Troy On 8/3/07, Ananias Uushona [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone know where I can find nice tutorial materials for setting up domains is just that I got this task setting up new domains on

Re: The best photo gallerie software?

2007-08-06 Thread Hakan K
Top ranking galleries on SF... Thanks Hakan On 8/6/07, Chris Maness [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What is the best ap for producing photo galleries in the ports.

Re: down?

2007-08-07 Thread Hakan K
Nop, Pretty fast also .. :) Hakan On 8/7/07, Heiko Wundram (Beenic) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is anybody else experiencing to be down? I just wanted to have a look at the online handbook, but couldn't get at it... -- Heiko Wundram Product

Re: down?

2007-08-07 Thread Hakan K
Locations.. ? I am located in Miami.. The site works ok ... Try to play with your DNS Hakan On 8/7/07, Arend P. van der Veen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Heiko Wundram (Beenic) wrote: Is anybody else experiencing to be down? I just

Re: Tool to automate web application installation

2007-08-08 Thread Hakan K PM: I used apache2triad 4-5 years ago once.. It worked fine.. Thanks Hakan On 8/8/07, simon butsana [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have just built an application that will be using Apache, PHP, MySQL. I

Re: How can i import Corel Draw vectorial files?

2007-08-09 Thread Hakan K
*XnView* I hope it helps... Thanks Hakan On 8/9/07, Damian Vicino [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am getting CDR files form another department (and they dont know how or

Re: Greeting and Excellent SEO services Offer from SEO Analyzer

2007-08-11 Thread Hakan K
The following msg is a spam! Who wants to do business with a company like yours. You will only able to get your clients banned from major search engines... Troy On 8/11/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: htmlspan style=font-family: Times New Roman;

Re: Network Monitor?

2007-08-12 Thread Hakan K
Bandwidth Monitor NG Thanks Hakan On 8/12/07, Jack Barnett [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way to monitor what traffic is coming in/out of my network? For example: so me how much bandwidth emails are taking, how much http

Re: logging system load

2007-08-14 Thread Hakan K
It is a very usuful tool .. Here is the website Thanks Hakan On 8/14/07, James [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Found another useful tool for logging system load. It's called Munin and it's in ports as sysutils/munin-node

Re: Skype, Ekiga, and OSS

2007-08-15 Thread Hakan K they offer free US calls including cell phone numbers Hakan On 8/15/07, Shantanoo Mahajan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 15-Aug-07, at 1:48 PM, Predrag Punosevac wrote: Beech Rintoul wrote: On Tuesday 14 August 2007, Predrag Punosevac said:

Re: Atheros mini pci

2007-08-15 Thread Hakan K
Some more = Hakan KIRKAN Director- Corporate Programs Jump2Top.Com Miami: 305-6540419 Ft Lauderdale: 954-6637171

Re: You've received a greeting from a family member!

2007-08-17 Thread Hakan K
I do not recommend someone to click on that exe file... Hakan On 8/16/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You have just received a virtual postcard from a family member! . You can pick up your postcard at the following web address: .

Re: CMS ideas and suggestions

2007-09-24 Thread Hakan K
Try Joomla Thanks Hakan On 9/24/07, Andrew Falanga [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello everyone, At the suggestion of someone who responded to my requests for help with WebGUI, I decided to ask this question here. What CMS programs would the community here suggest for use

Re: anyone have a favorite laptop?

2007-09-24 Thread Hakan K
IBM Thinkpad, Sony Vaio Hakan On 9/24/07, Steve Franks [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The freebsd laptop page is a nice resource, but it's a bit heavy on specifics (i.e. I have a laptop I want to install on), not so good generally (want to buy a laptop). So anyone have