Mounting DVD, Gnome 2.12 Browse CD and play content

2005-11-06 Thread Jeff Molofee
of its tracks), it fails. Sorry for the long winded post. It's my first post, and would love to get these problems ironed out. Jeff Molofee ___ mailing list

Acrobat 7.0

2005-12-03 Thread Jeff Molofee
Hello, I know there are many sites that discuss this issue, but they all seem to be outdated, incorrect, or simply do not work. I am running galeon with linux-pluginwrappers. I can open Realaudio, Flash6 and Java, but when I attempt to load a PDF I see nothing. The screen is blank. I do not

Re: freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 117, Issue 23

2005-12-17 Thread Jeff Molofee
Having some serious problems with gnome-theme-manager. Up until last week it was running great. I installed a few icon packs, themes, etc, no problems. 2 days ago I went to install a new theme and notice the the theme manager took a long time to come up, and when it did, none of the themes

Latest Nvidia Driver...

2005-12-30 Thread Jeff Molofee
Has anyone else noticed flickering along the edges of a video when playing high resolution video in mplayer using -vo xv? After upgrading to the latest driver, I have noticed that the edges of any video I play that is higher resolution than my monitor supports waves, flickers, etc. This

USB Keyboard Video Corruption w/ Cups (again)

2006-03-18 Thread Jeff Molofee
I bought an Eclipse keyboard a few weeks ago, and have not had any luck getting the media keys to work on it. Is this a problem with USB keyboard? I noticed on my micro$oft digital media pro keyboard that the media keys would not work in usb mode, but if I put the ps2 adapter on they did work.

Noise On Screen

2006-04-11 Thread Jeff Molofee
I hope I'm not driving everyone crazy by posting the same problem over and over, but I have yet to receive a reply, suggestion, thought, etc. I am running RELENG_6. I have been using FreeBSD since 4.x. I have had a lot of weird issues through the years, but this is one I am not able to

[Fwd: Re: Noise On Screen]

2006-04-12 Thread Jeff Molofee
---BeginMessage--- Hi Alex, If this were happening to me, I would first suspect that webmin/cups was just something that triggered the problem but not the root cause. I would find it hard to believe that two ports would have the same issue, so on that I agree with you. What graphics card do

Re: Noise On Screen

2006-04-12 Thread Jeff Molofee
Hi Colin, I see the same thing when I switch between ttyv0 (text mode) and ttyv8 (X11), but it goes away when the afflicted windows are redrawn. While you're running cups, could you switch through consoles ttyv0 -- ttyv7 and see if there's anything similarly garbaged on them? I do see the

Fetch Problems...

2006-05-06 Thread Jeff Molofee
I'm having some odd problems with fetch. If I pkg_add or attempt portupgrade, portmanage, etc, I get endless errors about fetch operation timed out. I am able to ping the sites by ip and name, I am able to ftp to the site, open the sites in firefox, galeon, etc. If I ssh into my own box and

Random Pixels At The Top Of The Screen...

2006-05-09 Thread Jeff Molofee
I'm not sure if anyone would find this information useful, but I had asked if anyone knew why I was seeing about 10-20 lines of random pixels at the top of my screen any time I enabled cups, or webmin in rc.conf. After months of trying to figure out the problem, I found the cause. In my

gdm, dbus or xscreensaver...?

2005-12-31 Thread Jeff Molofee
I've had a serious problem this past week. I did an update last week, and after rebooting, I noticed an odd bar of scrambled graphics at the top of the screen in gdm/gnome. When I moved the mouse the bar would change, my keyboard would lock, etc. I ended up removing everything, and

GDM, Xscreensaver, DBus follow up...

2005-12-31 Thread Jeff Molofee
Well, it turns out my video related problems are tied to Webmin. If I remove or disable webmin I no longer have colored bars of random data at the top of my screen. I'm not sure if this problem directly relates to one of the above 3 programs, but I can tell you without a doubt that if I enable

Odd Graphics Issues

2006-01-28 Thread Jeff Molofee
I've asked about this before, but received no replies... Thought I would ask again, now that it's happening again, and it's happening with a different port. I'm running the latest FreeBSD 6. I have an Nvidia 5900fx and use the nvidia driver. I had this problem awhile ago with webmin. What

FreeBSD 7.1, Xorg 7.4, Nvidia

2009-01-25 Thread Jeff Molofee
I upgrade to Xorg 7.4 yesterday, and now I can't seem to start gnome. For the life of me, I can't figure out what is going on. startx and X both start fine... (that is how I am able to type this email). But when starting the machine, my screen just flashes a few times and returns to the

Nvidia, GDM, Xorg 7.4

2009-01-26 Thread Jeff Molofee
Surprised I don't see more postings, find it hard to believe I'm the only one unable to resolve this issue... Still can't get GDM working (gnome). Machine boots and drops back to console. Have tried playing with every setting in xorg.conf I can think of, have even tried nuking it completely.

anyone suffering with NV / xorg 7.4 issues

2009-01-31 Thread Jeff Molofee
I know most of you have already figured this out, and others have gone back to 7.3, but I thought I'd post what worked for me. I saw many people explain bits and pieces of the problem, but none of the bits and pieces helped me the last 3 days, until I put em all together (hard to do when you


2010-02-01 Thread Jeff Molofee
I have completely lost the ability to shutdown/reboot/logout... I've found a few pages on this issue, and nothing seems to resolve the issue. I'm in wheel, operator groups, hal, dbus, gnome_enable all set... consolekit showing a token, proc mounted... and still nothing... what else could be

Apache errors.

2009-05-03 Thread Jeff Molofee
Just started getting this.. can anyone tell me how to fix it? Performing sanity check on apache22 configuration: httpd: Syntax error on line 104 of /usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf: Cannot load /usr/local/libexec/apache22/ into server: /usr/local/lib/


2009-06-20 Thread Jeff Molofee
Just wondering what changed with the sound on BSD? My system way back in the 4.x days sounded not too bad... good bass, etc. After dropping my audio cards for on board audio (intel hda) I noticed the sound was really BAD... tin can, bad separation, no bass at all. Some time this past week,


2006-08-03 Thread Jeff Molofee
I've noticed an odd problem when I set allscreens_flags=MODE_282. If I set this in rc.conf, when I reboot my machine, the minute GDM comes up, I can see black on the top half of my screen, overwriting everything else on the screen. As I move the mouse, the black lines overwrite more of the

USB Media Keys

2006-08-10 Thread Jeff Molofee
Is it possible to get USB media keys to work in FreeBSD 6.x? I can't get anything to even see the keys, I would like to get my volume keys working on a Saitek Eclipse keyboard. ___ mailing list

USB Keyboard (media keys return nothing)

2006-08-11 Thread Jeff Molofee
Just a follow up to my USB keyboard issue. I know what programs are available to bind the keys... unfortunately the keys do not return anything. No value returned at all, making it impossible to bind these keys :) I had the same problem with my last keyboard... In USB mode none of the keys


2010-09-22 Thread Jeff Molofee
Need to get any variation of Samba 3 installed on a dedicated server. Using FreeBSD 6.X, get an error about buffer size being unknown and random errors on every version from 3.0 to 3.4. Anyone able to help me out? Error is [smbd/statvfs.o] Error 1 Some people are saying it's a Samba issue,


2006-06-18 Thread Jeff Molofee
After upgrading to linux_base-fc4, I've noticed a lot of applications and games that will no longer run. One of the games is HoH. I receive the following error when trying to run it... does anyone know how to fix this? ./HoH: error while loading shared libraries:

Google Earth... Anyone?

2006-06-21 Thread Jeff Molofee
does anyone know how to resolve the following error in googleearth (astro/google-earth) === Vulnerability check disabled, database not found === Extracting for google-earth-4 = MD5 Checksum OK for GoogleEarthLinux.bin. = SHA256 Checksum OK for GoogleEarthLinux.bin. === Patching for

USB Keyboards (media keys)

2006-06-26 Thread Jeff Molofee
I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'd love to know the answer :) I have a Saitek USB keyboard. It has just 3 additional media keys. I have tried xev, xkeybind, etc and can not get a response from any of the keys. Aside from these three keys returning nothing at all, the keyboard works

Re: freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 223, Issue 10

2008-07-10 Thread Jeff Molofee
I'm having some MAJOR issues with compiz/nvidia crashing xorg whenever I try to run an opengl application... is anyone else experiencing this? ___ mailing list

Nvidia Driver - OpenGL - Compiz

2008-08-12 Thread Jeff Molofee
Can anyone tell me why, how to fix, or even what is happening on my machine. I ran the 169.x driver for a long time with no issues at all. I decided to upgrade to 173, and noticed instantly that any time I run an OpenGL application X crashes instantly. The odd thing is that I am not seeing

Re: freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 153, Issue 22

2006-10-17 Thread Jeff Molofee
I need to ask a few random questions only because I have not found the information by browsing the net: If anyone is able to answer any of the questions I would appreciate it. 1. I've asked in the past about the usb keyboard driver for BSD. It seems that of the 3 USB keyboards that I have,

HAL/FreeBSD Metacity Compositor

2006-10-23 Thread Jeff Molofee
Is there any documentation specifically for HAL on FreeBSD? DBUS is working great, hald and policy kit are enabled in rc.conf. I see devices listed under my computer. But I'm not sure how to mount them correctly. I know it's a stupid thing to ask, but do I still need a mount point in fstab?


2009-08-23 Thread Jeff Molofee
Can anyone tell me how to update punkbuster ... seems pbweb.x86 doesn't work anymore (302 errors) and I'm unable to run it gives me a float point error, even after unpacking it with upx -d Specifically for enemy territory. ___

Miro - BSD 8.X

2009-10-11 Thread Jeff Molofee
Has anyone had luck getting Miro to run in BSD 8.X... I can see up to checking movies folder... no error... nothing... it just stops... and drops back to the prompt... don't see any errors in the logs. ___ mailing list


2010-05-16 Thread Jeff Molofee
Sorry guys, didn't notice if this has come up yet... did a big portupgrade (-af) and now I'm having issues with quite a few programs failing to run. In time tracker I always get: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '*bindtextdomain*' A few of the built in games... like chess and

Is software update in a working state yet?

2010-07-21 Thread Jeff Molofee
I've noticed software update pop up on the screen quite a bit lately. Initially it popped up and did nothing. Now in 8.1-RC2 it pops up and shows me that I actually have updates. When I click update, it seems like it's actually attempting to upgrade the listed packages, but the entire

Re: Is software update in a working state yet?

2010-07-22 Thread Jeff Molofee
packagekit... moreso gnome-packagekit On 7/22/2010 1:23 PM, Lowell Gilbert wrote: Jeff writes: I've noticed software update pop up on the screen quite a bit lately. Initially it popped up and did nothing. Now in 8.1-RC2 it pops up and shows me that I actually have