multiple nvidia cards

2003-07-24 Thread Justin C. Sherrill
Can someone confirm it's possible to run a multihead configuration on FreeBSD 4.8 using multiple nvidia-chipset cards and the nvidia binary driver? I have a computer with a GeForce4 and a PCI TNT video card; installing the binary driver and enabling GLX causes the machine to reboot when X is

Websurfer appliance and getting USB ethernet working

2002-07-15 Thread Justin C. Sherrill
I have a Websurfer Internet Appliance, recently sold by CompUSA. It's been opened up and had a hard drive added, and FreeBSD 4.5 installed. I've been trying to get this on the Internet by attaching a Linksys USB Ethernet adapter - it's a supported model, and it shows up in dmesg as aue0.

simcity 3000 - anyone playing on 5.0-R?

2003-02-26 Thread Justin C. Sherrill
I picked up Loki's Simcity 3000 recently, and installed it on my FreeBSD 5.0-R system. The installation seems to go OK, but the game crashes on start with a Segmentation Fault message. I've tried updating the game using the most recent patch from Loki, but after I supply the patching script