running a program on startup

2006-03-26 Thread Logan McNaughton
Hey, ive been looking around on how to run a program when FreeBSD starts, vncserver the command I need to be run is: /usr/X11R6/bin/vncserver -geometry 800x600 im not really sure how to make a .sh script, what would the script need to be, or would there be an easier way without putting a script


2006-03-27 Thread Logan McNaughton
How on earth can i get nxserver working, i installed freenx and nxserver, i add an nx-user (logan) and i can start nxserver when i go to connect on my windows box, i get this: NX 203 NXSSH running with pid: 3808 NX 285 Enabling check on switch command NX 285 Enabling skip of SSH config files NX

Terminal in the background

2006-03-29 Thread Logan McNaughton
I dunno if this goes more in an X window mailing list, but hopefully you guys can help How do I put a terminal in the background of my X display (ie a window, full screen, no border, transparent), I dont even need to be able to type, I just want to be able to see system shutdown notices and the

freebsd log files

2006-03-30 Thread Logan McNaughton
What log file stors things like system shutdown notices and that, I want to run root-tail in my icewm background, and Im looking for the right log file to show, i tried /var/log/messages, but it doesnt show shutdown notices, can anyone help me out? thanks

idesk, rox, and icewm

2006-03-31 Thread Logan McNaughton
Okay, im trying to use icewm with rox and idesk, I start icewm, then start rox pinboard, then idesk, but idesk always starts behind the rox pinboard backdrop and I cant see the idesk. I went into winoptions for icewm, and changed ROX-Pinboard.layer to behind (says to do that in the rox manual),

icewm tools

2006-03-31 Thread Logan McNaughton
Hey, ive tried to download and compile IceWM Control Panel, it required python for an install shield, so I got python, and it needed py-gtk, so I got py24-gtk from ports, all that went fine, I tried to run the install shield, and it gave me errors about really strange stuff So I tried IceWM

Re: icewm tools

2006-03-31 Thread Logan McNaughton
I installed qt from a package (pkg_add), Ill try that configure thing, thanks On 3/31/06, Norberto Meijome [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 15:32:01 -0700 Logan McNaughton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey, ive tried to download and compile IceWM Control Panel, it required python