Help! FreeBSD Webserver with two NICs

2006-05-10 Thread Maan Jee
Hello Gurus I think you might help me I want to run a webserver which will be having a good traffic. At present, I have a 100/10 Mbps internet connection (fiber-optics) but with this connection I cannot get Fixed IP for the webserver. To get the Fixed-IP, I am getting a 24/1 Mbps

Help: Unable to change to SU through SSH

2006-05-13 Thread Maan Jee
Hi I have created a user admin and using that to login through SSH from a remote machine. But I CANNOT su, change to the root login? How can I do that? To Install a Web Server, which distribution I should install, User or other? thanks vj ___

PHP not working

2006-05-14 Thread Maan Jee
Hello, I have installed Apache HTTP Server 2.20 and PHP 5. But when I want to open index.php file in the browser instead of getting the Output Html page, I get SAVE index.php file popup. What is the wrong, I have added these lines in httpd.conf AddType application/x- httpd-php . php AddType

Help: Virtual Hosts and Email

2006-05-15 Thread Maan Jee
Hi Guys I am trying to host couple of virtual hosts on my FreeBSD box... 1. How can I make Virtual Hosts, I mean what would be best structure and strategy? 2. What is the basic procedure in few lines? 3. How can I setup Email Server for example Qpopper? and is it better than Sendmail or what?

Help: Mounting USB Mass Storage

2006-05-15 Thread Maan Jee
Hi Guys I have few questions? 1. How can I mount a Mass Storage USB drive on my FreeBSD Box? 2. Which I could also be able to plug to a Windows machine? 3. Which type of formating I should do, i.e. NTFS, FAT32 or FAT16? 4. How can I make it automatic mounted on a reboot? Thanks for your

Overwite problem

2006-05-15 Thread Maan Jee
Hej I have installed ProFTP on my computer. And have following settings in the proftpd.conf file. But I am unable to overwrite on a file? What is the wrong? # Normally, we want files to be overwriteable. Directory /home/mjinitial/maanjee AllowOverwrite on /Directory Directory ~

Newbie File system

2006-05-15 Thread Maan Jee
Hi Can someone explane that at which filesystem is my /home directory located? Filesystem 1K-blocksUsedAvail Capacity Mounted on /dev/ad0s1a50763055002 412018 12%/ devfs 1 1 0 100%/dev /dev/ad0s1e507630

Compiling Kernel for Computer with 2 CPUs

2006-05-27 Thread Maan Jee
Hi I have a Companq Professional AP400 with two Pentium III processors. I want to install FreeBSD on my computer and use it as Web Server. To make real use of Two Processors, I want to Recompile Kernel but I don't see any option to compile the kernel in the file as there used to be in old

Help: Novice - Hardware Advice!

2006-06-03 Thread Maan Jee
Hello friends and fellows Today, I wanna have some hardware advice: I wanna build A super duper FreeBSD Web Server Box with apache2, mysql5, php, etc. But I am just unsure about what kind of hardware I should buy since I am not having a big budget but do have a reasonable There gonna be