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2006-08-17 Thread Mike Ginsburg
The following directories are created /dev/ugen1 /dev/ugen1.1 /dev/ugen1.2 Does anyone know of software that can be used to work with this fingerprint scanner on freeBSD (6.1)? Or even if it is possible to just read the raw data from the stream? Thanks in advance. MikeG Mike Ginsburg

Re: replacing ^M with emacs

2006-10-27 Thread Mike Ginsburg
There is a program in ports called unix2dos. With it comes the command dos2unix that automatically goes through the specified file and removes all of the ^M --Mike Ginsburg Derek Ragona wrote: Those ^M's are the MS-DOS EOL character. You can use sed, or tr to remove them via a commandline

Xorg with multiple cards

2008-05-15 Thread Mike Ginsburg
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Re: Xorg with multiple cards

2008-05-16 Thread Mike Ginsburg
, and the dual-head card loads and 2 of my screens show, but the 3rd screen is still being difficult. Any other input is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Baptiste Grenier wrote: Le 15/05/08 à 18:02, Mike Ginsburg téléscripta : A question to all of your xorg experts. I'm running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE

Timestamp + Interval time zone issues

2010-07-28 Thread Mike Ginsburg
:00:00-04'::timestamp with time zone + '-1 hour'::interval; ?column? - 01/03/2011 14:00:00 EST Any idea why the adding of the interval is converting the result into EST instead of EDT? Mike Ginsburg Collaborative Fusion, Inc. mginsb

Re: Timestamp + Interval time zone issues

2010-07-28 Thread Mike Ginsburg
Jon Radel wrote: On 7/28/10 2:28 PM, Mike Ginsburg wrote: So I have pg 8.4.3 installed, with a database set to EST5EDT time zone. When I run SELECT NOW() I get 07/28/2010 14:27:07.767286 EDT showing that the timezone is properly set up. When I then try to add an interval to a statically