startx failing to work after Gnome update

2004-05-07 Thread Nicholas Jackson
Hello, I've recently updated my Gnome packags to version 2.6 and since then, X has failed to work when I start it as a non-root user. (It does work as root) I get a message about being unable to replace the log file. Has anyone got any ideas on where I went wrong? Thank you, N.

Re: Using scanner with FreeBSD. A nightmare! = (VIA USB problem?)

2004-06-10 Thread Nicholas Jackson
Rob, Does your motherboard use a VIA chip for its USB? From what I have heard, many VIA USB implementations from a few years ago were very buggy, particularly with scanners. I have an old Asus A7V motherboard that works fine with a USB keyboard and mouse through a KVM (I'm using it now) but on

Best way to do network printing with parallel inkjet printer?

2004-04-14 Thread Nicholas Jackson
I have an Epson inkjet printer (Stylus Color 740) that I have working with apsfilter. However, I have not been able to get it working as a network printer (as well as local) with Ghostscript yet. Where is the best description of a good way to get this working? The cups, documentation, for

3COM NIC Card somehow stuck in half-on mode?

2004-07-28 Thread Nicholas Jackson
Hello, I have a 3Com 3C905TX Ethernet card that suddenly refuses to work normally. I have tried turning off autonegotiate and specifying the various media options in ifconfig but no joy. And of course the situation has survived many reboots. The card is specified in rc.conf properly, and it

idle process suddenly taking up lots of CPU - any ideas how I can figure out what's happening?

2004-08-25 Thread Nicholas Jackson
Hello, My system has suddenly become very unresponsive and when I run top, XFree86 reports that it is typically taking between 20-40% of the CPU, even when the machine is completely idle. 'ps aux' reports even more! (see below) Does anyone have any ideas what tools I can use to get to the

Re: Adding A Hard Drive Using A PCI Controller

2004-09-10 Thread Nicholas Jackson
It sounds like it might be an out-of-date firmware problem to me. Check the web sites for both the Promise controller and your motherboard and make sure you have flashed your hardware with the most recent updates if more recent ones are available. Those new, large IDE drives require 48 bit