Re: missing bridge.ko

2008-04-13 Thread P S Clermont
Alain G. Fabry wrote: Hi, I just installed FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE and wanted to enable kldload bridge.ko for Qemu networking support. But apparently this file does not exist in /boot/kernel The module as been renamed to if_bridge.ko How do I need to install, or where can I download this?

Re: FreeBSD 7.0 jail and Samba 3

2008-04-23 Thread P S Clermont
Nejc Škoberne wrote: Hi, I'm not sending this message to the list as I've not been following the discussion; I just skimmed thru it. I hope you don't mind that I sent it to the list too. I would check too things, a) a firewall (sorry if this has been talked about, as I said I didn't read

Creating a DVD ISO.

2008-04-23 Thread P S Clermont
I have stumbled upon Dru Lavigne's article and created my own 7.0-RELEASE amd64 dvd. The question I ask myself is how could I integrate the livefs into it ? making it more of a complete medium to have in my arsenal of cds. thanks, Pascal S. Clermont