Apache2 and mod_perl2

2004-01-13 Thread Randy Grafton
I have just installed FreeBSD 4.9 and am having problems with Apache2 and mod_perl2. I used the ports, which was updated immediately after install, and did a 'make install clean' for both apache2 and mod_perl2, more specifically apache-2.0.48_2 and mod_perl2-1.99r12. I have not gotten fancy yet

Diablo-JDK1.3.1 Configuration

2004-01-28 Thread Randy Grafton
I've gotten a hold of the native binary from the FreeBSD Foundation's website. I've downloaded and actually been able to compile and run a couple of little apps by launching them with the full path to the java or javac binary from an xterm window, (/home/me/diablo-jdk1.3.1/bin/java myApp). How do

File Corruption

2004-01-29 Thread Randy Grafton
I originally posted this question to the Apache list and was strongly encouraged to try here. I have a FreeBSD 4.8 server running Apache 2.0.48a (installed from the ports). This server is dedicated to hosting files for download through http and ftp. 99.99% of the downloads occur through http.

RE: Where can I find a list of the cvsup tags for ports?

2004-02-04 Thread Randy Grafton
You can use the refuse file to omit branches. I've attached my cvsupfile and my refuse file to give you an idea as to how this works. I placed my cvsupfile in /usr/local/etc and the refuse file goes in /user/local/etc/sup. I then call cvsup -g -L 2 /usr/local/etc/cvsupfile. The directory locations

Checking directory sizes

2004-02-17 Thread Randy Grafton
I need to run a script that checks to see if a large directory has finished copying onto my FreeBSD hosted Samba server. My script currently uses 'du -s' to check the directory size. My problem is that the check can occur while the directory is still being copied, so the du commend takes a long

RE: redirect port

2004-02-19 Thread Randy Grafton
Stanley, If you are using natd and have recompiled your kernel with the appropriate options then this should work for you. These are entries to your /etc/rc.conf, (just a starting point, you can fine tune to your needs): gateway_enable=YES firewall_enable=YES firewall_type=OPEN firewall_quiet=YES

File I/O Optimizations

2004-03-11 Thread Randy Grafton
I've got a few FreeBSD boxes running SAMBA as file servers on our LAN. Our client workstations are all Windows OS's including 98SE, Win2K and WinXP Pro. I've been looking long and hard for ways to improve the I/O of networked hosted files. Our utilizations of the servers vary from a few large,

RE: java install errors

2004-08-31 Thread Randy Grafton
Not to beat a dead horse but here are a couple of extra points to offer. From a Base/Minimal install of 5.2.1 I got a current ports tree with cvsup-without-gui. Next, I install linux-base: cd /usr/ports/emulators/linux-base make install clean edit /etc/rc.conf to contain

Re: Postgres

2004-10-13 Thread Randy Grafton
Dick Davies wrote: * Norman Uittenbogaart [EMAIL PROTECTED] [1010 16:10]: I'm trying to write a backup script for postgres and us a crontab on it. In the manual it says for pg_dumpall make $HOME/.pgpass so it won't ask for a password. Now I made the .pgpass in root's homedir (i wanted to use

Re: Unable to umount Cdrom drive.

2004-10-13 Thread Randy Grafton
Mike Jeays wrote: On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 14:22, Laszlo Antal wrote: Hi, I have FreeBSD 4.10 installed. When I mount the cdrom with #mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0c /cdrom everything works fine.I can get to my ports and everything But when I want to swap cds and I type #umount /cdrom I get this error

Re: questions

2004-10-15 Thread Randy Grafton
You were given some good starting points for on line docs to get your more familiar with what you're getting into. With a little effort in bringing yourself up to speed with FreeBSD, you will find how incredibly easy it is to build a robust, secure, stable and reliable system where you get what

Re: Installing mod_php5

2004-09-30 Thread Randy Grafton
Ronnie Clark wrote: Hello all, Is there an easy way to install mod_php5 so that it has GD and MySQL support? There used to be a graphical menu that came up for these options, but it is no longer there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ron Clark __ Do you

Trying to build a speed demon

2004-11-11 Thread Randy Grafton
to the developers for hands down 'The Best OS' on the planet and to the individuals on this list who have consistently taken time from their day to offer their technical expertise and talent in an effort to further FreeBSD! Sincerely, -Randy Grafton ___ [EMAIL

Re: mkisofs and large files

2004-12-08 Thread Randy Grafton
growisofs is your solution. It is in the dvd+r-tools port in /usr/pots/sysutils. This was supposed to be a front end to mkisofs and therefore handles most of the options that mkisofs has. It also allows you to burn directly to disc! (I use this one a lot, great for backups). -Randy RW wrote: