OpenOffice 1.1 port

2004-01-30 Thread adstro
I am trying to install the openoffice 1.1 port and i fails because I have gettext 0.13 insaltted due to dependencies. OpenOffice tells me that it needs gettext 0.12 iin order to install. What is the best way for me to deal with this? Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks


2003-07-31 Thread adstro
I have a question about cvsup. I read the manual and can update my ports with no problem. Here is my question though...what if I was to change the Makefile for a port? Is there a way I can still use CVSup to update my ports and merge the changes I made in the old Makefile with the new

FreeBSD via BitTorrent

2004-07-07 Thread adstro
Does anyone know if there is an official release available for current (5.2.1) via BitTorrent. Thanks ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list To unsubscribe, send any mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Allowing Users To Set Date

2004-07-09 Thread adstro
Is there a way that I can allow a user to set the system time without allowing them to su to root? I can do things using sudo, but I was wondering if there was a way without using third party software. Thanks Adam ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list