Problem with more than one connection Win VPN of client through FreeBSD 4.6 + IPNAT + IPF to W2k VPN server

2002-10-27 Thread GB
Hi All! Can you help in the below problem: We have 4.6 FreeBSD box with IPF and IPNAT. FreeBSD has two Ethernet cards (with real IP and with IP from internal private network). We have some amount of Win98/W2K workstations in our office with IP from internal private network. We need VPN connection

Skype freeze

2005-10-31 Thread gb
Hi all, I installed the latest port of skype on my FreeBSD 6.0 laptop using linux_base 8. The program comes up without any problems until I type in my user info and press connect. then the whole OS freezes. The only thing left for me to do is to press the power button. I have never had a


2006-09-10 Thread gb
Hi all, Got hold of an old IBM X21 Thinkpad. Anyone out there have any recommendations for a good kernel config or whatever to squeeze the most of this little fellow? Thanks George ___ mailing list

Re: Best laptop for Freebsd

2006-11-16 Thread gb
Thanks Guys, I think that I might go with the Toshiba as unfortunately the Thinkpad seem a bit pricey (I can't stay of the booze any longer :) cheers g ___ mailing list

Re: Unsubscribe me please

2006-11-18 Thread gb
Clyde's Human Unit wrote: Dear FreeBSD, I have no idea how this has happened, but somehow I have been put on your mailing lists. I do not use your products or service and it has no application for me. I would appreciate it if you would remove me from your mailing list. Sincerely, Uh

intel wireless 3945 driver situation :(

2006-12-03 Thread gb
Hi All, My boss gave me a new laptop but it has the 3945 intel wireless card. I know that this was not supported and there is only one experimental driver out there. Any news on whether or not this thing will be supported. Anybody get it to work? thanks G

Re: wireless 3945 status?

2006-12-18 Thread gb
Hi all, This would really interest me as well. I was forced to put linux on the laptop for the time being so that I could use the wireless. Even with that I had a small struggle. Is this Microsoft doing a old boys network with the hardware vendors, or is it just that the hardware vendors are

mplayer-plugin firefox

2005-08-14 Thread gb
be much appreciated. gb ___ mailing list To unsubscribe, send any mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]


2005-09-19 Thread gb
In Relation to Ergard's question about video cameras. I have a Samsung camcorder that came with its own windoze software to transfer video. I would like to do this in freebsd, anyone have any good links for instructions. I did read about trandering with DV but, and correct me if I am wrong,

Re: SVR4 -- Linux compatibility

2002-09-19 Thread GB Clark
. Since I don't use the SVR4 stuff, I have not taken a look further. Looks like a launcher problem, but it has been years since I looked at that stuff and well...:( GB -- GB Clark II | Roaming FreeBSD Admin [EMAIL PROTECTED] | General Geek CTHULU for President - Why

Re: MySQL or Postgresql on FreeBSD, have I just started a holy war?

2002-10-02 Thread GB Clark
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