keyboard and USE mouse have no response in X

2009-04-05 Thread makefile
My computer is Thinkpad R61i 7732BGC.My system is FreeBSD-7.2-BETA1. Everything was fine in the console.Both the keyboard and USB mouse can not work in the X.I don't know why. But the USE mouse still can not work in the X. I say my keyboard can not work,because I can not use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

Three little question.

2009-04-08 Thread makefile
Every time I run make fetch-recursive,it fetched all the dependence packages.Not only the package I need to compile. For example,in the /usr/ports/x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel,I run make fetch-recursive,it will download glib,but I alreaday have glib installed.Is there another command can solve