help O_o

2004-01-24 Thread zzerver
I was securiting my Box ,,,and then i used to have alex on wheel group so i su to root, but i modify and change su to antother group and then i ,,, chmod o-xr /bin/su and chmod g-xy /bin/su now i cannot login ..from my terminal or from my boz, i dont hace root enabled mark as insecure,

hi from california

2004-01-27 Thread zzerver
Am soo sorry to ask for help, but ...i try for 1 week now, am running a free shell server in spanish ; and i starting to offer access to individuals for free on my web server; my old server was red hat linux 9, and i change main main server (got 3 servers) to be freeBSD ,

i found something ugly about freeBSD

2004-01-29 Thread zzerver
Am probably wrong i hope but mysqld creates a file call /tmp/mysql.sock but this file got to be 777??? ...i loging with a other useran call a rm /ytmp/mysql.sock and mysql stop working ...O_o ..but then i did this ... # chmod -R 777 /tmp # /usr/local/blabla/sh start # chmod

root access to a custom .sh defined as shell; need root privilages to add newuser

2004-02-12 Thread ZZerver ZZserver
Am running a free server of shells in freeBSD 4.9, the amount of people solicitading new accounts has been too much that i can not handle them by me, so i wrote this .sh program to do it for me, my code its secure as much i can tell, i understand the risk involve and decide to do it anyways, soo i