Sendmail error mesage

2007-10-25 Thread Chris Kottaridis
The output of my crontabs seem to be getting deferred. My nightly backups are run out of operator's crontab. The crontab has: MAILTO [EMAIL PROTECTED] I see this error message in the maillogs: Oct 25 10:53:56 admin sm-mta[97771]: l9MJH0ZG068875: to=[EMAIL PROTECTED], ctladdr=[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Sendmail error mesage

2007-10-25 Thread Steve Bertrand
What does 451 Could not complete sender verify callout mean ? I have seen this before when a mail server is trying to send email from itself but does not listen on port 25. Do you have an SMTP server running on port 25 that at least the localhost can reach? Steve