[SOLVED] 12.2-STABLE: Commit 367740 breaks IMAP/SMTP server authentication

2020-12-01 Thread Michael Grimm
Hi, I finally managed to solve this issue: the MTU of all bridged network interfaces had to be reduced from 1500 down to 1490. (The external interface was on 1490 already.) I still don't understand why these patches of commit 367740 could cause this, and I do not have the knowledge to

r360843 leads to kernel crash...

2020-12-01 Thread Alexandre Snarskii
Hi! Long story short: looks like r360843 can lead to kernel panic at disk initialization in 11.4-STABLE (12-STABLE shall be affected too, however, this is not tested). Long story longer: after routine upgrade from 11.2-STABLE to 11.4-STABLE, host panics during disc initialization. Hardware: