Bhyve UEFI VM on non-UEFI host

2015-12-21 Thread Evan Rowley
Hello I am interested in running bhyve VMs utilizing UEFI, as described in Peter's Windows guide: The host machine will be an dual AMD Opteron 6166 HE processor, AMD SR5670 / SP5100 chipset, Supermicro H8DGU-F motherboard. There is no UEFI support on this

a bhyve and Windows Server 2012R2 story

2016-06-04 Thread Evan Rowley
I've booted my first Windows Server 2012R2 VM in bhyve. It took about 1 day's setup but I finally have it working. My notes below detail a couple pitfalls and things which I did differently than described in online references I used. The further I progressed in this, the more I realized that the