Re: C bhyve administration tool

2015-11-04 Thread Trent Thompson
Going back to the original message in the thread, yes, I think the more the merrier. I created iohyve to solve a problem I had. I wanted to store my bhyve VM's in ZFS. Matt C. created vm-bhyve to solve the problem of storing VM's in a manager that didn't use ZFS. Matt and I have traded ideas back

Re: bhyve -l bootrom problem

2015-11-02 Thread Trent Thompson
According to the bhyve/Windows wiki: The lpc slot needs to be in slot 31, and the block devices bust be in 3, 4, 5, and 6. I have had luck* booting into the Debian install environment using this method, as long as you pass "console=ttyS0" to grub at boot

Windows/bhyve Bluescreen 0x50

2015-10-05 Thread Trent Thompson
I started playing with Peter's Windows guide and have run into a Blue Screen of Death already. I am using Windows 2016, and only changed the passwords in the AutoUnattend. The zvol is 64GB in size. I also tried it with a 40GB empty file for a disk, just to be sure. The last 150 lines or so of the

Re: Windows support in bhyve

2015-12-14 Thread Trent Thompson
Sergey, Can you confirm Remote Desktop Services is running? You can try something like `net start | more` to see services that are running via CMD. -Trent ___ mailing list

Re: Windows/bhyve Bluescreen 0x50

2015-12-22 Thread Trent Thompson
>It appears to be related to the number of vCPUs. Using a single vCPU will result in this, wherease >= 2 seems to work Ok with 2k16 tp3. That did the trick! I still seem to be having issues with the firmware on the i5 machine getting Windows 2016 to boot. (Windows 2008 and 2012 work fine) bhyve

Re: {Spam?} Re: bhyve PCI pass-through to Linux guest

2015-12-21 Thread Trent Thompson
Sergey, I've seen some success passing through devices that have their driver disabled in the FreeBSD kernel. See the USB 3.0 pass through that Eresia set up in iohyve. When he disabled the kernel module in FreeBSD, he can

Re: UEFI with Linux guests

2016-01-13 Thread Trent Thompson
George, I've had limited success in running Linux guests using UEFI. When using the NON-CSM firmware, I can manually edit the GRUB menu to force a serial console to be used. I can then boot into the install environment and get the distro installed to the hard disk. After installation is done, I

Re: ZFS subvolume support inside Bhyve vm

2016-03-10 Thread Trent Thompson
>Coukd you aim me to more details? I believe Jakub was working on this. Here's the GitHub Branch: Here's the diff:

Re: Cannot forward traffic over wlan0 with bhyve

2016-05-19 Thread Trent Thompson
Fehmi, I noticed in your forum post that you were trying to get a DHCP lease on your bhyve VM. Personally, I set my VM's over WiFi statically. I have written a quick guide to set this up on the iohyve wiki. It should work even if you do not use iohyve.

Re: OS X Guest on Bhyve

2016-08-05 Thread Trent Thompson
Jordan, I almost forgot one important detail, giving the bhyve instance anything less than 8 gigs of RAM will cause bhyve to exit upon attempting to boot. You must give it at least 8G. -Trent ___ mailing list

Re: Thanks

2017-02-05 Thread Trent Thompson
Vincent, >have my macOS built-in VNC client working with bhyve (right now, only TigerVNC works) If I recall, this is due to null authentication from bhyve fbuf. There does seem to be a patch in phabricator to add simple authentication to bhyve, I'm sure they'd love some testing!

Re: OS X Guest on Bhyve

2016-08-05 Thread Trent Thompson
Jordan, I've attempted this in the past, and got to an Apple boot screen [1] using the Clover "Hackintosh" bootloader and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. However, depending on the drivers used [2], the instance will either "blow up" (crash), or just sit there and hang. After creating the Clover USB

Re: High vCPU Counts in bhyve

2016-09-17 Thread Trent Thompson
Peter, Thanks for getting back! Patching /usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/acpi.c does indeed allow me to run a bhyve VM with 32 vCPUs! root@overkill:~ # sysctl hw.ncpu hw.model hw.ncpu: 32 hw.model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz root@overkill:~ # dmesg | grep Hypervisor Hypervisor: Origin =

High vCPU Counts in bhyve

2016-09-16 Thread Trent Thompson
Good day to all! I was recently given the hint that I could edit vmm.h to allow for more than 16 vCPUs in bhyve, so I did just that to see what would happen. I understand it's not supported, just wanted to try it out. When trying to boot FreeBSD 12-CURRENT with anything up to 25 vCPUs the guest

Re: Booting 9front on bhyve

2017-01-08 Thread Trent Thompson
Piotr, Thanks to work from Peter G, bhyve has been patched[1] to fix the PS/2 mouse issue in 9front. With this fixed, I was able to get 9front installed and running from a bhyve virtual machine using virtio-blk emulation. I was even able to set up networking[2] with virtio-net. Using ahci-hd and

Re: Any plans to increase the maximum number of virtual CPUs above 16?

2018-11-27 Thread Trent Thompson
Simon, It is possible to go above that limit if you're willing to recompile the VMM kernel module. There has been some discussion as to why this was set to 16 recently ( ). Some may experience problems at higher