lockups/freezes/pauses - 8.1-release/amd64 + XEN

2010-12-20 Thread Alex
Hi Guys, I am having rather odd issue where the system locks up, I have purchased a XEN based VPS and decided to go with FreeBSD as the OS. I frequently get cases where there seem to be noticeable pauses, ie: I could be SSH'd in and issue an ls command or mc to start midnight commander, as

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2010-12-20 Thread FreeBSD bugmaster
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Re: FreeBSD/EC2 lives!

2010-12-20 Thread Colin Percival
On 12/20/10 13:21, Collin Forbes wrote: the last line I see before the panic is: checking whether mlock is broken... Yep, known issue -- this is PR kern/140313. I'm a debugging n00b however. What do you need in terms of a debugging report? I have files in /var/crash as a result of

Re: lockups/freezes/pauses - 8.1-release/amd64 + XEN

2010-12-20 Thread Alex
Found something interesting from an email sent by the daily cron: Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Idrop Opkts Oerrs Coll re0 1500 Link#1 00:16:3e:f0:8b:6c 160763 0 0 12053 0 12024 Uptime is about a day, 12024 collisions. That couldnt be good! Houston we have a problem. Now whether this is