[Freedos-user] Bad URL

2005-01-30 Thread John Price
The URL http://www.gcfl.net/pub/FreeDOS/kernel is invalid. The referrer URL was http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/lsm.cgi?q=fa=base/kernel.lsm Whoever is in charge of the kernel might want to change this to a valid URL. FreeDOS kernel work was fun while it lasted... :) Thanks! John Price

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS in German/Austrian news!!

2005-01-30 Thread Florian Xaver
You will find the link http://www.pcwelt.de/downloads/tools_utilities/system-utilities/106371/index.html Florian Xaver said the following / schrieb folgendes (27.01.2005 16:42): Hi! The new Pc-Welt is shipped with a bootable CD-ROM - an emergency CD! You can boot FreeDOS beta 9, and other