Re: [Freedos-user] DE-English

2004-02-08 Thread Bernd Blaauw
BTW, what needed in BIOS (which INT 13 functions?) for support big drives in MS-DOS7 and FreeDOS? define Big Disks please only thing I understand as big disk is 48bit Logical Block Adressing (LBA-48) instead of 28bit LBA (128GB). LBA-48 was introduced and included in the standard of

Re: [Freedos-user] Trouble installing Beta 9 pre-release4

2004-02-20 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Hi, Please specify installation starts. This means you succeeded in installing the complete freedos beta9prerelease4, and are now booting from harddisk? there are 2 mouse drivers, ctmouse.exe is started by default. please try ctmouse2.exe if that works better for you. emm386 from

Re: [Freedos-user] problem with dosgir

2004-03-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
probably a bug in FreeCOM (FreeDOS even if you load in F5 mode, the right-arrow lets you see some strange characters, so that means the keyboard buffer has contents. there are other shells instead of FreeCOM, but you would have to search for them yourself (4Dos, MS,

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Beta 9 very hard to install

2004-03-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
yes, different files are contained. you mention APPEND. in its current form, it's just an interface without any effect. Scandisk has exactly the same. Nice looking program, but does nothing usable. as you can see from the I made and Jim Hall posted on the frontpage, it would

Re: [Freedos-user] Installing symbios SCSI drivers

2004-03-08 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Hello Julien, I see your problem. The freedos cdrom is bootable, using Eltorito cdromdriver, so you can even boot from SCSI harddisk. however, I'm not sure that it makes your SCSI harddisk visible. maybe there's no need to load a SCSI controller driver, maybe there is. (for SerialATA there

Re: [Freedos-user] CD not accessible

2004-03-08 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Ray, do you have more info? which cdrom (the burned FreeDOS beta9 prerelease 4 ISO-file?) did you use, in which cdrom-drive? what if replacing AtapiCDD by another cdrom-driver? search for VIDE-CDD.SYS. it's most stable vendor-supplied ATAPI cdrom-driver. you succeeded in installing freedos

Re: [Freedos-user] just an idea

2004-03-09 Thread Bernd Blaauw
we tried, in the past. It's fairly simple but time consuming. What is a problem, is the desire to automate things. For cdrom this is easy, as all files are in one location. For diskettes, programs are loaded on different disks. disk 1 would be bootdisk but since you don't want to swap disks too

Re: [Freedos-user] Installing symbios SCSI drivers

2004-03-09 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Renaming bootup-files on-the-fly like win95 did with older MSDOS? would be an option, but how to determine when to rename, when not ? W9x has a line in the textfile MSDOS.SYS for this (if I recall correctly dualboot=0|1) Current freedos installation uses config.sys and autoexec.bat on the

Re: [Freedos-user] edit problem (fwd)

2004-03-10 Thread Bernd Blaauw
did she try the most recent EDIT version with 64+ KB text-files? by the way, the FreeDOS mailinglist web-archive at SourceForge is outdated, often offline and thus generally useless (last msgs seen yesterday was dated 3-3-2004):

Re: [Freedos-user] MEMA / MEM /EMM386 error

2004-03-19 Thread Bernd Blaauw
(Jim, webmail archive is outdating again!) hi Matthias, no, message was supposed to go to Michael Devore and Arkady V Belousov. for Arkady's mail however, I accidentally copied the freedos-user mail-address instead of his address. Michael Devore is helping out Tom Ehlert bigtime for the EMM386

Re: [Freedos-user] Ivalid Opcode

2004-03-25 Thread Bernd Blaauw
use an option to bypass loading drivers. F8 or F5 might do. then post the c:\config.sys and c:\autoexec.bat configuration bootfiles on this mailinglist. Experiment with their contents until you find the program which causes your invalid opcodes. you'll need to determine what program causes the

Re: [Freedos-user] working ramdisk config?

2004-03-29 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Tdisk does load, but you cannot easily auto-determine the automatically assigned driveletter to it. config.sys: device=tdsk.exe autoexec.bat: tdsk /c 64 the config.sys part is to initialise, and autoexec.bat part to configure. Bernd --- This

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS CDROM install - intolerably slow

2004-03-31 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Philip Pemberton schreef: Personally, I find it amazing that FreeDOS's CDROM subsystem is slower than a floppy disc, but DR-DOS 7.03 is lightning fast. Apples versus oranges, though, I guess :) our cdrom-driver is still in alpha-stage, sometimes generating errors and surely no DMA-support. copy

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS Bootable CD

2004-04-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
would this be a kernel error or when exactly do you get this error? could you write the following file to diskette and try booting?[1.44MB, 2004-April-01] it is the bootdisk intended for when you are unable to boot from

Re: [Freedos-user] [Fwd: CMDXSWP.COM missing from list of DOS shells]

2004-04-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Hi, CMDXSWP is just a renamed FreeCOM ( placed in the FreeDOS directory for distinguishing the non-XMS FreeCOM version ( from the XMS-swap version ( in the next FreeDOS release (estimated release: within 2 weeks) this has been changed: C:\FDOS\BIN\

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS universal compiler

2004-04-05 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Pascal de Bruijn schreef: Is using just one compiler for the entire FreeDOS project an objective for the 1.0 release? What compiler is that going to be? OpenWatcom 1.2? different programming languages are used (at least C, Assembler and ADA) if you refer to the kernel as being FreeDOS, then

Re: [Freedos-user] ArcadeOS / there seems to be a porblem (installation)

2004-04-14 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Jay Maus schreef: Okay, so I've started the install, and everything's going sorta okay, except.. well, it's bizarre. Jay, are you messing with the FreeDOS cdrom and then trying to install ArcadeOS on it? or installing FreeDOS from cdrom? next week(next Sunday actually) I'm releasing the next

Re: [Freedos-user] win95 setup?

2004-04-18 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Tim Galvin schreef: I have installed FreeDos (from OpenOSX) on my mac G4 to run an old windows program. I am having trouble installing windows 95 from my old CD. I cannot get Setup to run properly. I keep getting a message that Setup cannot read this Setup[.CAB] file. Setup cannot

Re: [Freedos-user] SQLite (DOS)

2004-04-19 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Florian Xaver schreef: Hi! Just found this and think, that it is very interesting: SQL Lite ( ) can be compiled in DOS (with DJGPP): Much fun :-) Bye, Flo interesting. perhaps we can even deliver this with FreeDOS in a

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS Beta9 RC5 has been released

2004-04-19 Thread Bernd Blaauw
as a downloadable ISO image from Ibiblio in a few hours from now. No diskette release, but Steve Nickolas probably will release an updated ODIN (One Disk INstall) release in both 720KB and 1440KB diskette image formats. With kind regards, Bernd Blaauw

Re: [Freedos-user] Writing Utilities for FreeDOS

2004-04-23 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Jay Maus schreef: This whole File Search Utility thread has gotten me thinking about DOS programming. I program mainly in either Win32 C++ for apps or Perl for scripts. However, I've played around with DOS C programming from time to time, and would like some 'real-world exercises', so to speak.

Re: [Freedos-user] Writing Utilities for FreeDOS

2004-04-23 Thread Bernd Blaauw
smallest allowable blocksize seems to be 4KB, so I'd like a utility which can check each 4KB. UMBPCI can do this right now (and even use it), UMBCHK cannot (16KB only), Emm386 I'm not sure if it can check in 4KB blocks, but it can use no smaller than 16KB blocks. fine by me, but still I'd like to

Re: [Freedos-user] Writing Utilities for FreeDOS

2004-04-23 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Michael Devore schreef: DOS can deal with blocks down to 16 bytes, so you could probably run UMB size down that low, although the overhead there wouldn't be worth it. But 1K (or less) is feasible. It's a matter of how hard you want to squeeze memory and how much risk you're willing to accept

Re: [Freedos-user] Suggestion...

2004-04-25 Thread Bernd Blaauw
I will put one online within 24 hours. if only wanting to update binary files, use files contained in the diskette image Bernd --- This

Re: [Freedos-user] new user, big problem. (creative cdrom destroyed)

2004-05-11 Thread Bernd Blaauw
marco cavallini schreef: i downloaded freedos Beta 9RC5 and i tried to install on a pc with a creative 52x cd5233e. i used a boot floppy because my pc doesn't boot from cdrom. which bootfloppy? downloaded/obtained from where? the result is: error on access to the cdrom, nothing installed and the

Re: [Freedos-user] Suggestion...

2004-04-26 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Nicholas Basso schreef: Thanks a LOT Bernd. I'd say that there should be a way to post only the 'changes' to the CD... I //know// there's a program that lets one change a file based on changes to the new file... I'm rambling. Thanks anyhow. so far for 24 hour deadline.. will put a complete ZIP

Re: [Freedos-user] how to shutdown/poweroff

2004-04-27 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Is there a shutdown/poweroff command in FreeDOS ? To reboot,you can do Crtl+Alt+Suppr or use reboot.exe To halt,use the power off button of your computer FDISK has a /REBOOT option (FDISK /REBOOT), FDAPM (FreeDOS clone of MS Power utility) has several reboot options, and maybe also

Re: [Freedos-user] Fdisk problems on Dell Latitude XPi

2004-04-27 Thread Bernd Blaauw
some one schreef: Hello list, I am trying to install FreeDos B9RC5 on my Dell Latitude XPi Laptop. My problem is with FDISK v1.3.0. When I run FDISK, I receive this message: No fixed disks present. Then I modified A:\FREEDOS\FDISK.INI by adding the line DRIVE 1-4200-016-63 to override the

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: dualboot fdos and win98

2004-04-29 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Rafa Kula schreef: keep things as simple as possible. First, it matter if you have NT/2000/XP/2003 or MSDOS/Win9x. in case of Win9x, MetaKern can be useful. In your case, adding a line to BOOT.INI was all that's needed (if you have a bootsectorfile): C:\BOOTSECT.BIN=FreeDOS beta9 release

Re: [Freedos-user] Kernel 2034 upgrade

2004-05-01 Thread Bernd Blaauw
pretty sure I did use UPX --8086 --best please try or get a newer FreeCOM version. adding SWITCHES=/E to config.sys may also help. Bernd --- This SF.Net email is

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: [Freedos-devel] Rainone offering Italian translation for FD

2004-05-01 Thread Bernd Blaauw
wrong upload somehow. as alternative, get the official FreeCOM file. if you have the freedos cdrom, translations are in the package, in NLS directory of this package. Bernd --- This SF.Net email is

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS beta9 release candidate 5.

2004-05-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
diskette installation isn't implemented yet. It was implemented, in the past, but that's before we had follow-up steps after copying disksets (creating autoexec.bat/config.sys, installing kernel files, translating the user interface of FreeCOM into a localized language). cdrom is

Re: [Freedos-user] Trouble in Config.sys

2004-05-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Trying to free some precious 640kB DOS mem I tried to load fdxms.sys, fdxxms.sys (together, separate, no difference) but the system keeps giving me an error during boot that the line: small thingie a = with a circle below it? I have setup current FreeDOS installation to create a multi-menu

Re: [Freedos-user] EMM386.exe

2004-05-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Antonio Zampino schreef: !MENUCOLOR=7,0 MENUDEFAULT=1,5 MENU 1 - Load FreeDOS including HIMEM XMS-memory driver MENU 2 - Load FreeDOS with maximum RAM free, using EMM386 MENU 3 - Load FreeDOS without drivers MENU 4 - Load FreeDOS HIMEM64 MENU 5 - Load FreeDOS TEST 25?DEVICE=C:\fdos\bin\FDXXMS.SYS

Re: [Freedos-user] EMM386.exe

2004-05-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Michael Devore schreef: Looks like you might have something loaded high in a UMB that is conflicting with your machine environment. Take out the I=C800-C8FF to see if the problem goes away. In fact, you could try full exclusion via X=A000-EFFF (temporarily) to see if there are any UMB

Re: [Freedos-user] EMM386.exe

2004-05-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
I could go back to HTML style to get nice formatting, but then you'd have to fight off Eric Auer for me, so if you want to do the battle, let me know who wins and I'll change or not, accordingly. What I won't do is change away from using the world-standard multi-platform Eudora after ten+ years

Re: [Freedos-user] EMM386.exe

2004-05-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Michael Devore schreef: I have no idea what Eudora is doing, the e-mails look okay to me going out with plain style. By the way, your original quote-back was not wrapped and indented, and Bernd's was, so what does that mean? When replying with your text quoted, I see it as 1 single long line.

Re: [Freedos-user] EMM386.exe

2004-05-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Bart Oldeman schreef: p.s. to others, please don't ask me when I'm going to do this or that -- as I said I'm not even sure if there'll be a new FD kernel release or even basic CVS updates before July -- most of the components of my freedos test box are on their way to a container ship due to

Re: [Freedos-user] Configuration files help

2004-06-11 Thread Bernd Blaauw
if anyone needs other examples (for multiple bootup menu entries for example), see chapter V of the text documentation at which FreeDOS version are you using? generally this can be determined by typing VER /R, so you get the version of the kernel. Until now, this

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Configuration files help

2004-06-14 Thread Bernd Blaauw
I'd prefer a MEM /C /P, but that's just me as a non-technical guy :) FreeDOS does have EMM386, but not mentioned on bootdisk for example. mentions default config.sys and autoexec.bat for installed systems (in section 'V' ) - no surprise that ATAPICDD did

Re: [Freedos-user] BIOS update FreeDOS enabled ISO

2004-06-23 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Mihai Rusu wrote: Hi I want to automate this process, ie to prepare some scripts to quickly setup a floppy or a CD, bootable (with FreeDOS) and on which I also copy the BIOS upgrade files which I need at that point. Has anyone did this ? Any problems of using FreeDOS with BIOS flashing

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS distro delayed

2004-06-28 Thread Bernd Blaauw
. mounting an ISO file as a virtual cd also works, but the cdrom (SHSUCD* package) programs do not support the needed DOS calls, and are still 386+ only. thank you for your time, Bernd Blaauw --- This SF.Net email sponsored by Black Hat Briefings

Re: [Freedos-user] ANNOUNCE: FD APPEND 5.0 v0.5

2004-07-06 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Aitor SantamarĂ­a Merino schreef: Good! It just occurs to me that you could add a single line into the readme file (if you haven't done it already) for dummy users like myself and say: thou shall not rename APPEND.EXE ;-) why (not) ? or is an incorrect program name then entered into memory? for a

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS FORMAT 0.91p FAT32 test report

2004-07-08 Thread Bernd Blaauw
The issue is that you boot an MSDOS/Win98 bootdisk, with the FreeDOS format program on it. For best reference, start with a blank disk, use the FDISK provided by Windows/DOS, then run format c: after that, load XMS-manager, and run SCANDISK C: and you *will* find errors, even in 0.91p (updated

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS FORMAT 0.91p FAT32 test report

2004-07-08 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Hi, In Bochs you are correct, as Scandisk gave me no errors anymore. I hope I did not encounter a strange Vmware problem. however I did have to test a smaller FAT32 disk - 650MB. I'll send my logfiles to Eric. thanks for your testing, Bernd ---

Re: [Freedos-user] New distro

2004-07-08 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Carlos AB schreef: 1 - A FreeDOS distro targeted for new developers. 2 - Similar to the BOCHS distro in - ta9rc4/specials/ 3 - Ready to run including bochs executable, latest bios files and config file. 4 -

Re: [Freedos-user] [anounce] move 3.2

2004-07-27 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Joe Cosentino schreef: URL??? see entry for DEFRAG in -- software -- base -- LSM entry. it contains Imre's Belgian webspace URL. I have no idea if

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Will FreeDOS work from a primary slave partition?

2004-08-10 Thread Bernd Blaauw
I remember instances with the PowerQuest BootMagic program (a bootloader) where problems occurred. You could set multiple primary partitions active. Disk1, multiple primary partitions, FAT filesystem. Say primary partition 2 contains also make primary partition 1 visible. In that

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS installation gone wrong

2004-08-13 Thread Bernd Blaauw
16 BIT schreef: Having said all the above ... I think this will fix your problem. 16BIT, you're completely correct. create a Win98 bootdisk (or whatever Windows version you are using), with SYS.COM on it. then boot from it, backup MSDOS.SYS ( COPY C:\MSDOS.SYS C:\MSDOS.BAK) then copy over the

Re: [Freedos-user] DOSFSCK 2.10b for DOS / Win test release

2004-08-15 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Tom Lee Mullins schreef: The requested URL /~eric/ was not found on this server. was the message I received when I clicked on the link. Bernd

Re: [Freedos-user] [Announce] NwDsk Arachne plug 'n play bootflop

2004-08-22 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Erwin Veermans schreef: A gadget for the FreeDOS internetters: NwDsk-Arachne bootflop: browsing with full packaged Arachne 1.75 from bootflop using NwDsk's generic packet driver layer setup on FreeDOS core. Boot it and see the FreeDOS-homepage appear, nicely rendered by Arachne running from

Re: [Freedos-user] 4DOS free now!

2004-08-26 Thread Bernd Blaauw
From what you say, it comes as freeware without source. Therefore, even if it might eventually come (I don't think so either) as a Third Party utility, having no sources it cannot replace FreeCOM (which by the way is also a quite good tool) (although I might be wrong, Jeremy, Jim or Bernd can

Re: [Freedos-user] 4DOS free now!

2004-08-26 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Aitor Santamara Merino schreef: Hmmm, interesting page. I am watching: I see a couple of inaccuracies, such as Euro Sign support can't be in 850, but 858 (andAltGr+5 in some keyboards, AltGr+E in mine). However, it talks about LFN support, but AFAIK

Re: [Freedos-user] 4DOS free now!

2004-08-26 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Luchezar Georgiev schreef: What does this file create? A mini-Windows? Unfortunately, whatever it creates, doesn't run even under MS-DOS 7.10. It says While initializing device VFBACKUP: VFBACKUP could not load VFD.VXD. Please run setup again. Groet, Lucho Hi Lucho, you're multilangual by now,

Re: [Freedos-user] Kernel LFN support

2004-08-28 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Johnson Lam schreef: Yes, and PCI-X is coming out, oops ... target change again. PCI-X (PCI eXtended) is a server version of pci. PCI-E is PCI-Express, which is new :) Bernd --- This SF.Net email is sponsored by BEA Weblogic Workshop FREE Java

Re: [Freedos-user] Shsucdx ATAPICDD.SYS

2004-09-03 Thread Bernd Blaauw
I am trying to make a small FreeDOS bootdisk who use a ramdisk on Z: but the CDROM driver won't work: Z:\DRIVERSDEVLOAD ATAPICDD.SYS [...] Found 01 IDE/ATAPI Drives 1 character device installed Driver staying resident Z:\DRIVERSSHSUCDX /D:FDCD [...] Can't open CD Driver FDCD [...] You

Re: [Freedos-user] USB support

2004-09-19 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Robert Her schreef: Do FreeDos have usb support? And if it does, then is it hot swappable? Hi, FreeDOS has no USB-support. However, the BIOS (a part of your computer) can show some USB devices as non-USB devices to DOS. (think of things like floppydrive, mouse, keyboard and maybe ZIPdrive) And

Re: [Freedos-user] Q from user

2004-09-21 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Arkady V.Belousov schreef: __O\_/_\_/O__ From: Keith Weisshar keith.weisshar Subject: Dell and N-Series PC I read on Dell's website and it ships an N-Series PC with a FreeDOS CD in the box but not preinstalled. Is it based on the

Re: [Freedos-user] Q from user

2004-09-22 Thread Bernd Blaauw
The PC's that Dell sells are blank systems, and there's a FreeDOS install CDROM included in the box. I understand that Dell supports that distro of FreeDOS running on that Dell PC, so you could call Dell Support if you run into problems running FreeDOS on it. define 'supported' and 'running

[Freedos-user] small translation request.

2004-09-24 Thread Bernd Blaauw
If anyone is interested in seeing the interface of the next FreeDOS distribution in his/her own language, please translate the following 2 files and send them to me. It's best to change the .EN extension in your local language code. Also tell me which language it is, as I can only understand/read

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Help.. Freedos not.. FREE

2004-10-13 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Freedos Group I'm trying to use Nero and make a Bootable Image of FREEDOS so I can use that to recovery Windows Cripled Machines.. Upgrade Bios.. and such.. I followed the instructions and retrieved the Cd Image and burnt the CD. .and on bootup of my Aptivia.. It crashed with the info

Re: [Freedos-user] COPYBS.COM question

2004-10-14 Thread Bernd Blaauw
16 BIT schreef: The COPYBS.COM included with some FreeDOS distributions seems an excellent utility for saving boot sectors to files. Does anyone know of a utility to *restore* the saved boot sector files? No, only DEBUG maybe using some script (Eric Auer sent me one a few years ago) SYS does

Re: [Freedos-user] (FWD) german freedos kompendium

2004-10-09 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Jim Hall schreef: Stefan sent this to fd-doc-list, but we have few members on that list. So I'll fwd it here: hi, i'm working on a german wiki book called FreeDOS Kompendium it is based on the wiki concept so everyone is invited to contribute (in

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS Beta9 Distribution is out.

2004-09-28 Thread Bernd Blaauw
, and I'll create those disks on request. one warning though: please be carefull at the formatting screen. The distro attempts to determine if your disk needs to be formatted. wrong use can cause data loss. Formatting is only needed if you have no data on your drive C: in DOS. regards, Bernd

Re: [Freedos-user] Installation problem

2004-10-18 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Jens Ungerer schreef: 0Stage 3: Create Startup automation file ... Invalid Opcode at 9D79 F000 0006 0300 0086 4F43 464E 4749 dos mem corrupt, first_mcb=0271 prev 0271:|4D 0800 E7 01 00 00 00 53 44 00 00 00 00 00 00 M...rSD.. notMZ 0459:|06 00 03 86 00 00 00

Re: [Freedos-user] gnuby question.

2004-10-22 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Jondavey schreef: Hi, I`ve just installed a free-dos on a 486 that I have. The version is ripcord and I`ve just installed a fdos 1440 image from floppy so far. I have a problem. The floppy drive isn`t working. Obviousily the board can see the drive cause it installed from there but I can`t cd to

Re: [Freedos-user] Some automagic SETVER for FreeDOS

2004-11-02 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Kristaps, get rid of that attachment/advertorial PLEASE. Even HOTMAIL has no graphical advertisements. I can't reply to your mail, as I can't get rid of the ad. Bernd --- This SF.Net email is sponsored by: Sybase ASE Linux Express Edition -

Re: [Freedos-user] Some automagic SETVER for FreeDOS

2004-11-06 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Nicholas Basso schreef: The problem for Bernd it seems is that very few mail readers offer a choice to switch formats. Why, if I had it my way, I'd reprogram the servers at's listserv to allow a moderator option to strip all HTML and force all messages to only be in plain text, through the

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: help

2004-11-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Giulio Sorrentino schreef: I have xp (ntfs) and freedos (fat16) on my notebook: both works and good... Yes, that's not the problem. The problem was that we detected Windows, but that I also did an IF EXIST c:\boot.ini goto Windows however the attributes for boot.ini might be 'hidden' and/or

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: help

2004-11-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
16 BIT schreef: Nevertheless, I have question. Do you use a boot manager or what? Meaning, how basically do YOU dual boot the computer? 16BIT, normally one does a dualboot using a modern OS's bootloader. The NT bootloader can handle NT, DOS and bootsectors for Linux for example. In Linux, one

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Re: help (WinXP and FreeDOS on one computer)

2004-11-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Eric Auer schreef: Hi all, the big warning on is indeed important to know about. IF you have WinXP (or WinNT or Win2k) on your PC on a NTFS drive AND IF you have a FAT based operating system as well, for example Win98, AND IF you boot from the FreeDOS beta 9 CD-ROM to install FreeDOS,

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Re: help (WinXP and FreeDOS on one computer)

2004-11-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Arkady V.Belousov schreef: Hi! Bernd wrotes, that installer analyzes presence of bootloader through existance of boot.ini. This is unreliable method in all sences. I know better method: FIND. Something like: Eric's OSCHECK utility is more reliable, as it uses different ranges of

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Re: help (WinXP and FreeDOS on one computer)

2004-11-17 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Arkady V.Belousov schreef: What about grub/lilo? What about other bootloaders, which not yet known at time of writing/compiling OSCHECK? (I mean, adding some lines with FIND is easier with (noncompilable) batch file). Hello Arkady, I lack the tools to determine 'there is NO (VALID)

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Re: help (WinXP and FreeDOS on one computer)

2004-11-18 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Johnson Lam schreef: That someone would write command line programs to ... * save Eric Auer's OSCHECK program does this. and 'restore' boot sectors No known FreeDOS/GPL utility, only a DEBUG-script which I lost * save and restore MBRs (AEFDISK already does this so it's number 2 on my wish

Re: [Freedos-user] System software does not follow VCPI or DPMI spec.

2004-11-25 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Karim schreef: I tried to run Descent on FreeDOS (with the default config.sys and autoexec.bat), no sound or memory managment, only to look if it works. It puts out an error string: DOS/16M Error:[17] system software does not follw VCPI or DPMI spec. It would help if you posted the contents

Re: [Freedos-user] creating a 1.44 bootdisk during fdos installation doesn`t work

2004-11-28 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Karim schreef: Hello I don`t know if this is a bug, but I could`t make a bootdisk during the freedos installation. There is indeed a choice to make one and it asked me to put a (non)empty disk into the floppy drive, but after that nothing happens. There is very fast (some milliseconds) message,

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: which Freedos with XP?

2004-11-28 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Arkady V.Belousov schreef: TS The Beta 9 Freedos says it can't be run with nt/2000/xp. So which TS build of freedos can I use? What mean can't be run with? Which troubles you have? Arkady, the Beta9 had a bad batchfile which did not detect NT/2K/XP entirely correctly. The next FreeDOS,

Re: [Freedos-user] How to install FreeDOS to D:?

2004-11-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
[EMAIL PROTECTED] schreef: I'd like to install FreeDOS manually, copying the files to D:\fdos\bin and doing a SYS D: to get around this problem. How can I easily get the \fdos\bin directory created without also writing a bootsector to C:? That is not possible, because we want to guarantee that

Re: [Freedos-user] Fix for Borland Turbo Pascal Bug?

2004-11-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
[EMAIL PROTECTED] schreef: Does anyone know what this bug is and whether it could be fixed in FreeDOS? The program I'm running is the only reason I'm still using DOS! :-) I'm going to try the Beta9 FreeDOS, but the older version of FreeDOS would not run this program. Thanks very much for any

Re: [Freedos-user] How to install FreeDOS to D:?

2004-11-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
[EMAIL PROTECTED] schreef: My problem is that these ARE NOT dual boot machines. I routinely boot many different OS's, including different versions of DOS. I really want FreeDOS confined ONLY to it's partition. I'll use another bootloader to chain to that partition and hide other partitions if

Re: [Freedos-user] GRUB for DOS and where is COPYBS.COM?

2004-12-28 Thread Bernd Blaauw
16BIT schreef: There is sufficient documentation in this package to get you up and running. Therefore I don't need to explain much in this post. a short explanation on how to exactly set it up would be nice. Bootloaders I have experience with: *MetaKern (FreeDOS) by Eric Auer *NTloader (WinNT)

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Re: GRUB for DOS How-To

2004-12-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
16BIT schreef: My purpose was to provide a visual template about how to make an MS-DOS config.sys menu system for the purpose of running GRUB for DOS. thank you very much for doing this. It shows how to use GRUB (for DOS) with an installed FreeDOS. Your email response was the first time I've

Re: [Freedos-user] Fwd: FreeDOS bundle

2004-12-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Johnson Lam schreef: btw: DOSLFN should be included into ALL packages! Nobody use DOS without long file name. And...including a file manager like DNOSP oder Necromancer DOS Navigator would be also good. These are things, DOS user are missing... 'Nobody uses' is quite a statement.. Lots of

Re: [Freedos-user] Fwd: FreeDOS bundle

2004-12-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Bernd Blaauw schreef: Johnson Lam schreef: hm, could have replied to Florian, as it was his mail I responded to. My apologies to responding to your post, Johnson. Bernd --- The SF.Net email is sponsored by: Beat the post-holiday blues Get a FREE

Re: [Freedos-user] Fwd: FreeDOS bundle

2004-12-30 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Bernd Blaauw schreef: There should be a 'Links' section on the FreeDOS page, similar to the 'FreeDOS for gamers' section. Then a separate Freedos webpage can point to your mentioned USB site, and interesting sites like: oops..already present in some form

Re: [Freedos-user] Installing FreeDOS on E:?

2005-01-27 Thread Bernd Blaauw
[EMAIL PROTECTED] schreef: The FreeDOS installer appears to absolutely insist on writing a boot sector and some other stuff to C: even if you request an installation to something like E:\fdos. Yes, sorry. Alternatives are welcome, but I need to guarantee that a bootsector is written in order

Re: [Freedos-user] Tee

2005-02-01 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Jose Antonio Senna schreef: Would anybody provide a link to the FreeDOS tee utility ? There is no file by that name in directory Regards JAS Bernd --- This SF.Net

Re: [Freedos-user] remastering cd iso under Linux?

2005-02-04 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Michael schreef: I have a CD ISO image I keep of useful free software programs for Windows. I was wanting to use the spare space on the discs to make a FreeDOS (and maybe Memtest) rescue disc. I've downloaded the FreedOS CD ISO. Do I just copy this ISO to a directory and copy the files from my

Re: [Freedos-user] remastering cd iso under Linux?

2005-02-04 Thread Bernd Blaauw
[EMAIL PROTECTED] schreef: You do not HAVE to use the SYSLINUX loader. I've been successful using the El Torito standard (with 1.44 or 2.88 MByte) boot sectors on CD's. The trick is getting a proper floppy disk image file. That's correct. There are several bootloaders, and ofcourse there's

Re: [Freedos-user] remastering cd iso under Linux?

2005-02-04 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Michael schreef: Also, does the cd image come with memtest or do I need to do something to add that? It looks like it's supposed to be there, from reading the docs, but I don't seem to be able to load it from the boot menu. you need to add the Memtest86+ binary ( to the Isolinux

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: USB stick boot solution...

2005-02-09 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Robert Urban schreef: I assumed that USB-ZIP was for Iomega zip drives attached by USB. In any case, I tried it, with results identical to USB-FDD and USB-CDROM -- it ignored the USB-stick. Syslinux, contains a

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: USB stick boot solution...

2005-02-09 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Robert Urban schreef: if schreef is the simple past for wrote, was is the present... shrijfen? :) schrijven (in Dutch, in English it's: to write) ik schrijf (in English: I write) Using your method, I would get a ramdisk with the FreeDOS boot floppy in memory, which would mean it would be quite

Re: [Freedos-user] Edlin 2.4 italian binary

2005-02-11 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Kenneth J. Davis schreef: Does this includes ITALIAN.ERR also? .ERR files are only generated by FIXSTRS if translation is not 100% correct, if I remember correctly. It's different from the 'critical error handler'. Yes, although it may not be clear from the log (because the main binary is the

Re: [Freedos-user] freecom Was: Re:Edlin 2.4 italian binary

2005-02-14 Thread Bernd Blaauw
by the way, would be nice if daily kernel builds also include batchfile for SYS A: /BOOTONLY , copying kernel, and optionally FreeCOM/shell. Now I first have to go to commandline to use SYS A: I think, any irreversible actions should be ommited as much, as possible. And I think, typing

[Freedos-user] Re: [Fwd: Polish language in FreeDOS?]

2005-02-16 Thread Bernd Blaauw contains the necessary files for translating FreeCOM (, main FreeDOS interface) into foreign languages. basic translation is very simple: *copy default.lng to polish.lng *open polish.lng, and start translating everything below

Re: [Freedos-user] XMS Manager on '286

2005-03-01 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Hello 'root', FDXMS286 should have worked on your computer, and HIMEM probably should have refused to load at all, as it currently cannot handle 286. Great to see someone who can actually test/experiment on pre386 equipment. I do not know if there are any plans to make HIMEM compatible with 286

Re: [Freedos-user] XMS Manager on '286

2005-03-13 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Original report that started this thread a few weeks ago was about FDXMS286 not working on the 286 computer that 'root' has. Originally FreeDOS seems to have FDXMS, and derived from it FDXXMS (64MB+) and FDXMS286 (286+ platform instead of only 386+). Later on Tom Ehlert forked FDXMS (0.8?)

Re: [Freedos-user] Re: Do FreeDOS need a password program?

2005-03-19 Thread Bernd Blaauw
and then set HOME=d:\homes\%USER% a detail: please not homes or whatever. Use Documents and settings. Yes, perhaps one day we'll have decent LFN support ;-) (for non-LFN apps, use Docume~1 or whatever). I'm thinking this should be more like Eric's implementation of GETARGS: create a batchfile

Re: [Freedos-user] HTML address for new Help file.

2005-03-23 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Basil Holloway schreef: Got this reply on forum and have not be able to locate the new Free Dos 9 help file to replace the existing copy on the download program. this is a known bug in htmlhelp program. We don't really know what the cause is, but a recompiled version using kitten library instead

Re: [Freedos-user] How to set CWSDPMI for 4GB of RAM?

2005-04-15 Thread Bernd Blaauw
Roberto Waldteufel schreef: Hello everyone, I have a computer with 4GB of RAM and would like to write 32-bit applications (using the FreeBasic 32-bit compiler for DOS) that use as much as possible of this memory. I find the executables generated will run well enough under FreeDos, but they

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