[Freedos-user] re: LFN support?

2004-02-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, as far as I know, only Windows-aware programs generally notice it at all if you have LFN support active. Normally you need a TSR like LFNDOS or DOSLFN to provide LFN support, but there was a project to merge that into a special kernel at some time. FreeCOM does not really do much with LFN.

[Freedos-user] re: [announce] recover beta 0.1

2004-02-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Imre, did you improve DOSFSCK again recently? I think you should re-enable the FAT1x-for-FAT1x-kernels support again... About RECOVER: The disk mode should prompt for the whole word yes, obviously... ;-). Please change the method a bit for disk mode: - first scan which of the cluster chains

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS and LBA48 (was: DE-English)

2004-02-08 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, well, if your BIOS only has LBA28, it will tell you that the disk would be at most 128 GB big. If it has LBA48, it will reach more, but FreeDOS would be limited to 2 TB (2^32 sectors). An idea would be to make the UDMA driver fully independent from BIOS limits: Then after booting from the

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS boot images for 2.88 MB floppy and 8 MB harddisk

2004-02-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have not tested those, but check yourself: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/ - freedos-boot-2.88mb.bin (only the boot sector for 2.88 MB floppy) freedos-boot-floppy-2.88mb.zip (boot sector and 2.88 MB image, plus some howto and an 8 MB harddisk image). Supposed

[Freedos-user] re: graphics display problem

2004-02-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Anand, I have just bought a HP Pavilion Notebook Cel2.4/512/40GB with ATI IGP 340m graphics OS : WinXP HOME . The problem is I have one DOS based program which displays some graphs. When I run this program when the graph is displayed some text characters on the graph i.e. 1-9,.,, etc. I

[Freedos-user] re: (no subject) (downloading FreeDOS files)

2004-02-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, you can download all of FreeDOS beta9rc4 on one ISO image, or all of FreeDOS ODIN 0.6 as one 720k or 1440k floppy image in a zip file together with the software to put the image onto a real floppy. If this is still not what you want, we should put all the files from the IMAGES into a ZIP file

[Freedos-user] re: Where can I learn about DPMI and VCPI programs?

2004-02-20 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Lucas, you do not really want to know about VCPI :-). VCPI is a lowlevel interface which allows to share protected mode among several hosts (EMM386 is one, but our EMM386 does not allow sharing). If your program is the only protected mode program, no VCPI is available. DOS Extenders usually

[Freedos-user] VESA monitor timing calculations

2004-02-20 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, question already answered... I have been looking for the VESA VM/GTF Generalized Timing Formula and DMT timing lists. While not checking for the latter in detail, I found some nice pages about the former: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO On how to

[Freedos-user] Looking for HIEW 6.11 freeware hex editor (have 4.41!)

2004-02-20 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I just tried to mail SEN but the mail bounced. Maybe you know more? Bounced mail follows: To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: HIEW 4.41 ? Hi, I have an HIEW 4.41 binary around - it only tells by SEN but does not show licensing info. Now I found HIEW 6.16 and it is shareware. [...] It looks

[Freedos-user] recommended: http://www.filelibrary.com/categories/DOS.shtml3

2004-02-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Tyler recommends http://www.filelibrary.com/categories/DOS.shtml3 - they have MANY DOS programs. Problem: Search function does not work right now. Bad if you want, say, a fractal painting program, and have to browse 500 files when you only see 35 per page! For example they have an

[Freedos-user] re: Beta 9 very hard to install

2004-03-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Jonathan, sorry to hear that FreeDOS install did not work for you. Indeed, we have TWO installers. One is text mode and the other one looks very Windows-ish (which I personally do not really like...). Both in fact do almost the same as the Linux commands mkdir /fdos cd /fdos for x in $(find

[Freedos-user] re2: Beta 9 very hard to install

2004-03-02 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, nice to hear that you are getting closer. BITDISK is a variant of TDSK, and both are ramdisk drivers. APPEND is very fresh, so maybe it was not considered stable enough for beta9rc4. ATAPICDD is commented out by default in the config,sys which you get after installing beta9rc4 because

[Freedos-user] re: Using FreeDOS on a disk image for a bootcd...

2004-03-05 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Nicholas! Please be a bit more careful... I've got xmsdsk set up to make a 32 MB RAMdisk. When I try to do anything with said ramdisk I get an error message, similar to XMSDsk or MS-RAMDRIVE and DOS PART: SECTOR NOT FOUND No helpful error description. Try using - other XMS drivers:

[Freedos-user] re: Questions praise

2004-03-05 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Mika! 1. ... need a DOS-compatible driver from the modem ...? No, modems work with generic drivers under all operating systems. Some operating systems have extra drivers to allow optimized usage. Note that your modem has to be a generic serial port one (internal or external) to work with

[Freedos-user] re: Installing symbios SCSI drivers

2004-03-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, if there is a fdconfig,sys file, FreeDOS ignores config,sys ... so please try editing fdconfig,sys instead. In addition, DEVLOAD is indeed a very limited kludge to load device drivers. Whenever possible, use DEVICE (or DEVICEHIGH) instead. Use DEVICEHIGH only if your UMBs are compatible with

[Freedos-user] re: Installing symbios SCSI drivers

2004-03-08 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Bernd, FreeDOS does indeed support SCSI and S-ATA, simply because there is BIOS support for it and because DOS uses BIOS unless you use our UDMA driver :-). I got a nice surprise: FreeDOS even worked for my ... disk controller mail about that a few weeks ago. Of course you have to have the

[Freedos-user] re: edit problem (fwd) - files 64k

2004-03-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Claudia... Sorry, but making EDIT process data structures of more than 64k size would be quite complicated. There is already a very good EDITOR for 386 which can handle very big files: http://setedit.sourceforge.net/ Especially if you install some of the plugins it will have an huge set of

[Freedos-user] re: display.com, xkeyb.

2004-03-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! 1) display.com I'm try out to LOADHIGH string E:\fdos\bin\display.com con=(ega,866,) Got error message: FreeDOS DISPLAY ver. 0.10 Syntax error(016) Missing required parameter This is a known bug in FreeCOM command,com: Normal loading and LOADHIGH behave differently when it comes to

[Freedos-user] re: FreeDOS CD-ROM cache problem (was: Q from user)

2004-03-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, looks like you ran into some error right after CDRcache showing a message that the CD-ROM driver reported a disk change. Strange. You can configure CDRcache to more or less verbosity, maybe this helps. Try echo ? CDRCACH$ (or however you called the device) to get help about how to do that.

[Freedos-user] Re: Descent 1

2004-03-15 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Adam, I think you have an EMM386 problem. 0F 20 xx is read CRn which some EMM386 do not emulate (it is not allowed natively to programs which are locked into a vm86 environment, and all EMM386 must use vm86 to make DOS run). I found that DESCENT runs best for me with DOS32A instead of DOS4GW:

[Freedos-user] re: FreeDOS for Gamers

2004-03-22 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, trying to recall which games run in FreeDOS and which do not... all shareware or freeware: Descent: yes, but only with DOS32A, not with standard DOS4GW. Did not try with EMM386 yet (none of the games!), using UMBPCI instead. Terminal Velocity (comes with S3 Virge graphics cards): Had some

[Freedos-user] Re: FreeDOS Bootable CD

2004-04-02 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Keith sends extra information: The error appears after the lines that display the hd, pri, chs, start and size and the bios reported 0 sectors/track assuming 63. old int13=f000e024 int15=f000f859, new int13=9f48 int15=9f40027c. The last invalid opcode says f000 9f40 0216 f601 e003

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: FreeDOS Bootable CD

2004-04-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, tried to mail Johnson directly, but got relaying denied... So on-list: Hi, this is NOT a problem with the CPU if you ask me. It is one with the BIOS for all what I can tell. FreeDOS runs fine on K6-2, I have one myself. The K6-2 is 100% compatible to 386, and as you know, FreeDOS is even

[Freedos-user] Re: Printer Problems

2004-04-22 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, I contacted Matt and he wrote that he is using a very old FreeDOS which came with SuSE Linux 8.1 ... as far as I remember, even SuSE Linux 9.0 had quite old DOSEMU and FreeDOS versions included. Does somebody know about SuSE Linux 9.1? If not, we should probably remind people at SuSE to

[Freedos-user] Re: Writing Utilities for FreeDOS

2004-04-22 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Jay, of course FreeDOS has a list of utilities which need tweaking! You can go to www.freedos.org - FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list, or to www.freedos.org - Bugzilla - query - select sort by assignee. Chart of bugzilla entries: 23 kernel, 19 shell, 13 distro (installer etc.), 9 fdisk, 6 format, 5

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: Writing Utilities for FreeDOS

2004-04-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Imre! SCANDISK - this should be implemented as an user interface to DOSFSCK Yes, for this you should strip down dosfsck (throw out delayed writing and I disagree: Delayed writing is perfectly useful because you can use the code to create an UNDO LOG before actually changing the disk,

[Freedos-user] Re: formatting FAT32 hard disk partitions

2004-05-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, you think that FORMAT C: /U on a 40 GB partition would hang? No, but you selected /U which means wiping the entire 40 GB and doing a surface scan for it! This can take very long, and FORMAT is not optimized for that. I recommend that you use FORMAT C: /Q /U instead, which only writes the

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: formatting FAT32 hard disk partitions

2004-05-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! Hi, you think that FORMAT C: /U on a 40 GB partition would hang? No, but you selected /U which means wiping the entire 40 GB and doing a surface scan for it! That's the desired behavior in this case. We're assuming the user has a hosed disk and needs a complete reformat. Unless the

Re: Subject: [Freedos-user] freedos kernel, samba and clipper locks

2004-05-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, try loading SHARE, for file sharing and locking: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/freedos-share-04may2004.zip or use an older version. Try with FAT16 if FAT32 is a problem. Do not forget to try loading network / ... drivers low, loading them into UMB can give spurious

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: formatting FAT32 hard disk partitions

2004-05-13 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Kurt! Yes, the percentage did change, depends on what kind of hard disk you have. I've tried it take several hours (5 hours as I remember, my PC very slow) to format 40GB. So we have the 5 second quick format and the 5 hour surface scan format. What is the Win9x format command doing

[Freedos-user] Call for volunteers: Help system reality check

2004-05-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I noticed that FreeDOS Help (HHSTNDRD) which you can find at http://projects.freedos.net/htmlhelp/ contains several wrong descriptions (e.g. explains MS / planned syntax instead of real syntax, explains no longer existing tools or fails to explain tools and features which exist in current

[Freedos-user] Re: New EMM386 release (long description)

2004-04-27 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I would call X=TEST either HIGHSCAN or SAFESCAN if you were to ask me what syntax should be used to exclude all high areas which contain other than all-0 / all-ff. By the way, while googling for NoMovExBDA I found that in EMM386 of DOS 6.22 / newer ROM= got improved. If that means that older

[Freedos-user] Re: dualboot fdos and win98

2004-04-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! Can I dualboot Freedos and win98 on the same primary partition? Yes. You can use a boot menu like MetaKern or Lilo for that. It is a bit complicated to install, so mail me or Bernd directly to get some install instructions, or contact me on IRC or ICQ (see FreeDOS.org contact list for my

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: lbacache

2004-04-30 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Roberto, good to hear that switches=/e fixed your problem. This setting tells the kernel not to move the EBDA (similar to MS EMM386 NOMOVEXBDA setting). We found that moving the EBDA often has unwanted side effects, although it is really interesting to hear that it broke the combination

[Freedos-user] 40 years of BASIC

2004-05-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I found some interesting article about BASIC: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/47035 (in German)... It first worked 40 years ago today. The inventors slept while students finally made it to get it running for them :-). The history of Microsoft is closely related to BASIC, too. Bill

[Freedos-user] Re: freedos in french

2004-05-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, you could get a French version of the FreeCOM command.com ... this should help most and be little work. CCing Alain, maybe he has a French command.com around. Otherwise I have to explain you how to download the localization toolkit for FreeCOM and use that to switch FreeCOM to French

[Freedos-user] Re: Trouble in Config.sys

2004-05-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Olger! FreeDOS beta 9.5 2034/FAT32 on a 10 GB / 192 MB system sounds okay... but why on the SECOND 23 MB partition after a 40 MB DOS 6.22 one? Will that be D: then or C:? FreeDOS can boot from D: as long as it is a primary partition, but it will try (in that order) to read the config from

[Freedos-user] Re: FreeDOS beta9 release candidate 5.

2004-05-03 Thread Eric Auer
Moikka Leke [and Finnish-for-and :-)] Mika! The fdos1440.img file is only meant for people who cannot boot from CD-ROM. So you have to use it in combination with the CD-ROM. Alternatively, use FreeDOS ODIN, which is a distro which packs all the best on a single floppy. HINT: I am working on an

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS FAT32 support state (was: FreeDOS beta9 release candidate 5)

2004-05-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Aitor! FreeDOS *KERNEL* supports FAT32 completely, but the support of FAT32 amongst the utilities is uneven... Missing support in UTILS: FIPS - no LBA LFNDOS / DOSLFN - do not know RAREAD More important - missing support in BASE: ASSIGN - not for FAT32 drives CHKDSK - only DOSFSCK can

[Freedos-user] New TICKLE for LBAcache, please test

2004-05-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I uploaded an intermediate version of TICKLE for LBAcache to http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/tickle-08may2004.zip (7k) ... Other than the old TICKLE versions (which did not have harddisk read-ahead enabled at all in the default compile), this TICKLE uses a new harddisk read-ahead algorithm

[Freedos-user] Bug in hu208.key file?

2004-05-26 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, here is somebody who needs help with the Hungarian keyboard map on FreeDOS. Either he uses KEYB the wrong way or there is a bug in hu208.key ... http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewfaq.cgi?faq=incoming/249 Eric --- This

[Freedos-user] Classic user interfaces: MS Bob and many others [OT]

2004-06-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, maybe a bit off topic, but a friend found a nice page about the 1995 Microsoft Bob user interface: http://toastytech.com/guis/bob2.html Bob is a desktop for Windows 3 (and 95) and aims to be VEY intuitive. Actually, the desktop looks like a room and you can place objects there instead

[Freedos-user] Timezone troubles with ZIP

2004-06-06 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I found that the set TZ=Europe/Berlin or whatever else should be used as TZ string follows no sane / recognizable system for the DOS version of ZIP: file last modified on (DOS date/time):2004 Jun 7 00:39:02 file last modified on (UT extra field modtime): 2004 Jun 7 02:39:02

[Freedos-user] Re: Configuration files help

2004-06-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, check (probably a bit outdated, but still) two sample config files at: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/freedos-config.txt Comments on the other comments: Some drivers have problems when you load them into UMBs, but otherwise UMBs generally work, no worries... And it

[Freedos-user] Re: Configuration files help

2004-06-12 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Ray, answering some embedded questions... - please update to kernel 2035 or at least use in *config.sys: SWITCHES=/E to avoid EBDA movement problems - FreeDOS does have an EMM386, check www.freedos.org - software - base But DR DOS EMM386 will work, too (avoid the DPMI option, though, as

[Freedos-user] Re: Looking for Ensoniq 1370 Dos driver

2004-06-17 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, for your Ensoniq 1370 / SB PCI64 soundcard, you might try those drivers: http://www.fujitsu-siemens.co.uk/rl/servicesupport/techsupport/boards/Soundcards/PCI64-Q3D/PCI64(238Q).html http://www.nickles.de/c/a/archiv1-78531.htm - try APINIT / APLOAD

[Freedos-user] Re: BIOS update FreeDOS enabled ISO

2004-06-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, to create a very simple FreeDOS bootable system, get the kernel from http://freedos.sourceforge.net/ (-32 version supports FAT32 as well, -16 version does not). The download will contain a version of FreeCOM command.com, too, and some simple examples for autoexec / config. It also has the SYS

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS USB storage driver news

2004-07-02 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, James and I have updated the FAQ entry about FreeDOS and USB storage: http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewfaq.cgi?faq=./incoming/219 - http://www.bootdisk.com/usb.htm - http://newdos.yginfo.net/usbdos.htm Maybe somebody can tell more about the licensing? Available drivers: USB_CD

[Freedos-user] Re: fdshield

2004-07-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! Okay. I've added FDSHIELD to the 'base' list: http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/lsm.cgi?q=da=base Note that FDSHIELD is a small subset of VSAFE functionality: VSAFE also does checksum monitoring for executables (criticized because one database per drive, database can be stored on

[Freedos-user] Re: New EMM386 Available

2004-07-14 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Tyler reports some interesting things: - The DOS extender freeze on exit from QV (QuickView32 media player?) no longer happens with the new version (in the old version, you had to use DOS32A to avoid the problem) - Quake (and Doom) work(s) with the new version, while other drivers caused

[Freedos-user] Re: catgets/gettext

2004-07-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! Just install FreeDOS and you will notice which programs have message catalog files :-) For my system: ls nls choice.de diskcopy.de find.es help.de localize.en pause.ensort.en choice.en diskcopy.en find.hu help.en more.de runtime.de sort.es choice.hu diskcopy.nl

[Freedos-user] features of FreeDOS vs. MS/PC-DOS: roadmap ideas

2004-07-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! I have closed: http://www.freedos.org/bugs/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1022 and updated: http://www.freedos.org/bugs/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=998 I think we can postpone SCANDISK to post-1.0, for example PC-DOS does not have one either. http://www-306.ibm.com/software/os/dos/psm952a.html

[Freedos-user] Freeware: FileMaven (- laplink), CHK-SAFE (md5sum)

2004-07-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, a FreeDOS user found two nice (closed source) freeware programs: FileMaven - a file manager (one window on the left, one on the right, drop down menu with hotkey control, text mode, 25 or 50 lines) with support for some archives (ZIP...), encryption and: A file transfer module! You can run

[Freedos-user] Re: Freeware: FileMaven (- laplink), CHK-SAFE (md5sum)

2004-07-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Johnson! FileMaven - a file manager ... with ... and: A file transfer module! You can run one instance in host mode and then open a connection from another FileMaven on another PC. Transfer uses serial or parallel link cables (wiring instructions included). * Yes it DOES

[Freedos-user] Eric's new and shiny inofficial FreeDOS 1.0/2.0 TODO list ready

2004-07-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I am proud to have finished the first version of my inofficial FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list on: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/freedos-inofficial-1.0-todo-list.html Features: - post 1.0 items are included and marked in a separate color (all link to

[Freedos-user] Re: Eric's new and shiny inofficial FreeDOS 1.0/2.0 TODO list ready

2004-07-20 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! Ranting on... Eric, you say your list is not to replace the official, then why you do it? why, being over 70 bugs, do you waste your time (and mine) in creating such a list? I claim that my list actually saves me some time: I can annotate things there, while doing so would often be

[Freedos-user] Re: Please remove my message in Sourceforge

2004-07-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, let me clarify the background of the discussion: Johnson had put the new HTML help texts online only to make reviewing easier. Once they get added to the ZIP file of HTML-help, there will be no problem with embedded mail addresses. HOWEVER, we accidentally got too much attention to the HTML

[Freedos-user] Re: Will FreeDOS work from a primary slave partition?

2004-08-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Arkady, you can do even more: with a boot loader (lilo, grub, WinXP one...) you can boot FreeDOS from any partition on any sane int 13h device which is in FAT12/16/32 format. HOWEVER, the kernel will always search the config file on A: (if booted from ANY floppy) or C: (if booted from ANY

[Freedos-user] DOSFSCK 2.10b for DOS / Win test release

2004-08-13 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I created a new DOS version of DOSFSCK 2.10, based on the original 2.10 sources, Imre's and Lucho's 2.10 DOS port, my own 2.8 DOS port, and FreeDOS FORMAT's Lock_Unlock_Drive function. The changed files (excuse the sloppy packaging) can be found on

[Freedos-user] New TICKLE for LBAcache, please test

2004-08-14 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, there is a new experimental TICKLE version based on suggestions from Erwin and some new ideas: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/lbacache-tickle-update.zip The new version combines TICKLE (1k) and TICKLEHD (1.5k) into one binary (2k). The resident code for harddisk handling is only kept in

[Freedos-user] Announce: A FreeDOS SYS for Linux / Perl

2004-08-15 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I wrote a Perl script which is able to SYS a diskimage. Well, actually it only selects a proper boot sector (depending on detected FAT type and on whether you have given the --lba option, that is), compiles it with nasm (so you need nasm!), merges it with the existing boot sector and finally

[Freedos-user] int 25/26 LBAcache extension useful for FreeDOS?

2004-08-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have been thinking about an extra tool for LBAcache: hook int 25/26 (or the FAT32 equivalent int 21.7xxx function, or all), for ONE drive. That drive must not use int 13 BIOS disk access. For all calls, call int 13 LBA functions, using the linear sector number from the call and a fixed

[Freedos-user] Big review: Caches for DOS

2004-08-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I collected some bigger amount of notes about several CACHES FOR DOS on: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/cachenotes.txt (you can find the discussed caches in your MS/DR/FreeDOS and on: http://www.bookcase.com/library/software/msdos.util.disk.html ...). The main summary

[Freedos-user] Announce: FORMAT 0.91s

2004-08-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, I am pleased to announce FORMAT 0.91s, which you can get at: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/ format-0.91s.zip (remove the space to get the actual URL) Changes: Daniele Giacomini did several tests with his various old PCs with 5.25in drives, and I think the (broken

[Freedos-user] Re: Kernel LFN support

2004-08-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, before we re-invent the wheel again, we should first try to get DOSLFN working with FreeDOS again. Jason writes that DOSLFN uses the FAT32 sector I/O functions for FAT32 enabled kernels for ALL drives in DOSLFN 0.33, and he thinks that DOS should be clever enough for that. In other words, he

[Freedos-user] Re: Memory swapping and DOS service problem - from MASM to NASM

2004-08-31 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, try the newest testing kernel: http://linux.tu-varna.acad.bg/~lig/freedos/kernel/ it fixes a memory allocation problem - maybe useful for MASM, too. In addition, int 25 should be supported, our disk tools use it without problems. Maybe you could visit our IRC channel or ICQ me (see contact

[Freedos-user] Announce: new LBAcache 01sep2004 with new TICKLE and temperature control

2004-08-31 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I finally added the updated TICKLE (separately available 2 weeks ago) to the LBAcache download. So TICKLEHD.COM is no longer needed, TICKLE.COM can do both floppy and harddisk. Read TICKLE /? output and the lbacache and ticklehd documentation. There is an update in LBAcache as well: you have

[Freedos-user] Re: Memory swapping and DOS service problem

2004-09-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Andy, we found that RBIL is indeed wrong: Sector numbers are actually 0 based for int 25/26, and the FreeDOS kernel treats them as 0 based, too. You should debug your program a bit interactively. It will be interesting to find out why FreeDOS needs the DIR first. Please compare a few kernel

[Freedos-user] Re: Multiple Hard Drives/Operating Systems

2004-09-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Angela, you should look on the web for ways to unhide the MS DOS which is still there in WinME: Win95, Win98 and WinME are all using DOS to get started. It is only that WinME does not want that you use DOS... As WinME uses a FAT filesystem, you should be able to - save the boot sector of WinME

[Freedos-user] Q from users: USB boot / RXDOS boot menu / others

2004-09-15 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewdir.cgi?dir=incoming is now featuring two interesting problems: - what is the best way to install FreeDOS on USB storage devices? - how can you dual-boot RXDOS and FreeDOS? If anybody has experiences with this, please reply in the FAQ system.

[Freedos-user] Install on 386/10 10mb 40mb floppy laptop fails (was: my first post...)

2004-10-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, can you give more details about your install attempt? There should be an installer boot floppy, and this should let you enter floppy install mode if none of the following is found: - CD ROM of beta 9 - ISO image of beta 9 on harddisk - contents of beta 9 CD on harddisk ... but of course you

[Freedos-user] test: SmallBASIC processing MSish .bas files

2004-10-14 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I tested SmallBasic.sourceforge.net with some old QBASIC and GWBASIC .bas files, here a short list of things which did not work: KEY, DEFINT, DEFDBL, CLEAR, POKE, FILES, DO, GOTO as shorthand for THEN GOTO ... WIDTH, OUT, LPTINT, SHELL, signs in REM lines (if non-balanced, which should not

[Freedos-user] Re: FreeDOS Beta9 Distribution is out.

2004-09-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I started collecting some errata / comments about the FreeDOS beta 9 ISO image and the readme.txt file in the download directory. Unless our fileserver gets confused again, you can find it at: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/beta9errata.zip Summary: the docs/kjdavis/ files, in particular

[Freedos-user] Re: FreeDOS Beta9 Distribution is out.

2004-09-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi again, I tried to install beta 9 without a CD-writer, and I ran into some problems... The boot image contains: command.com kernel.sys fdconfig.sys driver - atapicdd.sys cdrcache.sys eltorito.sys DEVLOAD.COM udma.sys SHSUCDHD.EXE himem.exe lbacache.com shsucdx.exe tickle.com freedos -

[Freedos-user] Mini-announce: syseecho / sysdelay

2004-10-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, you may remember syseecho (show a string, but replace $ signs by the ESCAPE character), which is now available through EECHO in config sys (if you use a recent FreeDOS kernel - my initial kernel implementation was, alas, broken: it sent the text to BIOS instead of to CON, so ANSI had no

[Freedos-user] FreeDOS to partition 200 GB disk (was: new member with a simple question?)

2004-10-17 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, yes, if your BIOS supports disks above 128 GB, then FreeDOS will support them, too. Disk size limit for FreeDOS is 2 Terabytes right now :-). So if you know how to work with FDISK, use a FreeDOS boot disk and free FDISK and FreeDOS FORMAT... If you want to create Linux partitions or

[Freedos-user] Re: F5/F8 fails to bypass config.sys/autoexec.bat?

2004-10-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, please try updating to a 2035 kernel, something like 2035bt or 2035cvs- stable: http://fdos.org/kernel/ (e.g. OpenWatcom, 386 optimized, FAT32), as your tovatest.com page recommends 560k RAM and 0.5-100 MB disk space on a 386 or better, with VGA and printer port, that seems to be a good

[Freedos-user] FAQ updated: How to make USB disks bootable

2004-10-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I updated http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewfaq.cgi?faq=incoming/316 further. Lots of points open for feedback now :-). Preferrably feedback by IRC (irc.i7c.org, #freedos), maybe also feedback by email or through the FAQ system. Eric [Thanks for getting us started with this,

[Freedos-user] Some automagic SETVER for FreeDOS

2004-11-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I fount a SETVER with source codes, and Simtel writes that it is part of the FreeDOS project. So we already have SETVER? Why did nobody tell me? http://www.bookcase.com/library/software/msdos.util.system.html - SETVERB by David McIlwraith, written in ASM, 3k binary. This tool (beta 6,

[Freedos-user] Re: bad zipfile offset with latest freedos

2004-11-02 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Patric Cardona reports: The bad zip files (when trying to use zip files on a CD-ROM created in Linux with k3b) were caused by read errors in ATAPICDD. Replacing the driver solved his problem. I think we should really make ATAPICDD aware of read errors. It looks like it is just reading SOME,

[Freedos-user] How to invoke DOS prompt / edit files (was: ... digest, Vol 1 #287)

2004-11-06 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, normally you RETURN to the DOS prompt when you leave a program. The DOS prompt is done by command.com ... However, e.g. in Windows, you can START a new instance of command.com to get a new DOS prompt window. You can only edit text files with text editors in DOS, everything else is only

[Freedos-user] Does QuickView now work in FreeDOS? Probably!

2004-11-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, forwarding a message from Wolfgang Hesseler: message QuickView Pro for DOS used to crash under FreeDOS. This was because of an incompatibilily of the DOS extender ZRDX. I switched to the extender DOS32A in the last version. Could you please test if there are any problems remaining with it

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: help (WinXP and FreeDOS on one computer)

2004-11-17 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, the big warning on freedos.org is indeed important to know about. IF you have WinXP (or WinNT or Win2k) on your PC on a NTFS drive AND IF you have a FAT based operating system as well, for example Win98, AND IF you boot from the FreeDOS beta 9 CD-ROM to install FreeDOS, THEN FreeDOS

[Freedos-user] OT: Adjusting the spam-bar (scores)

2004-11-26 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have looked at the X-Spam-Scores of my list mail folder. My plan is to throw away mails with a score of 3.0 or higher. Of almost 8000 checked mails, there would be 13 false positives. I am explaining those below. A possible reaction could be to select a somewhat higher limit or to write

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: OT: Adjusting the spam-bar (scores)

2004-11-27 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I will try the new configuration for a while, but it looks like my hey, lets put a limit at score 3.0 suggestion is made obsolete by oops, we forgot to enable only-list-members-can-post found on the same day. About my decision tree: Things which look like being from freedos-* lists or being

[Freedos-user] Re: my first post and first freedos night - installation fails

2004-11-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, about installing FreeDOS on a 386 w/o CD-ROM: You do not have to install from floppy, but your harddisk is a bit small... Anyway. If you have Linux on the PC already, or if you have FileMaven (free file manager with transfer-files-over-link-cable function) or if you have a server (for using

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: which Freedos with XP?

2004-11-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Trent, FreeDOS cannot easily use NTFS drives. You can load NTFS4DOS (free for private use), but this creates a new shell and is is - maybe - not compatible to EMM386. Maybe the complex driver will even trouble your sound player. Similar for USB: There are free closed source drivers for USB in

[Freedos-user] Question about FDAPM suspend versus clock

2004-12-12 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I got a report that FDAPM SUSPEND mode stops the timer tick clock (so far so good) and fails to update it to current time when waking up. Does that happen for you, too, or does it only happen for a few BIOSes? The FDAPM STANDBY mode does not stop the timer, as the CPU is not halted completely

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: GRUB for DOS How-To

2004-12-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, the sample GRUB configuration items are all quite interesting, but please fix the following line before making a technote of the HowTo: DEVICE=C:\MSDOS\EMM386.EXE NOEMS I=B000-B7FF Forcing EMM386 to place an overlay of UMBs over RAM of the graphics card, even if it is only mono text buffer

[Freedos-user] anybody wants some of my ISA cards?

2005-01-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I would like to get rid of some ISA hardware in a more hardware friendly way than throwing it away... Maybe anybody is interested in really USING that stuff for anything? Best postage would be in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France. Or in other words, those are the best places to pick

[Freedos-user] Re: anybody wants some of my ISA cards?

2005-01-06 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Lucas, shipping would be something like 3-13 Euros... Would be a lot easier if somebody in NL would add the ISA cards to his DOS lab... I am interested in the SB16 and the Aztech sound cards. I'm poking at how to program different sound cards from long ago. Is it worth it?

[Freedos-user] Re: UMB in mono/VGA RAM (was: GRUB for DOS How-To)

2005-01-08 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, Michael is right, if you I=..., then EMM386 should just do what you tell it to do. He is also right that autodetection should be careful, not overenthousiastic. Anyway, I like the suggestion from Arkady: Ok. Let make another question: how to make _conditional_ inclusion of B000 or

[Freedos-user] Borland C++ 5.5 compiler freeware?

2005-01-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, http://www.franksteinberg.de/psprach.htm tells me that the compiler of BC++ 5.5 is available as a free download. What does that mean? Many people seem to use the non-free BC++ 3.x, so is this really the BC 5.5 one (without the IDE), or is it just Turbo C or Turbo C++ 5.5? Does it include

[Freedos-user] FDAPM questions for (non)DOSers: AGP, SCSI energy saving

2005-01-12 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, question, does any of you think that - VBE/PM aware screensavers save more energy than classic VGA compatible put monitor into standby / suspend / poweroff ones? I mean, is there a chance that VBE/PM puts not only the screen but also the graphics card into some energy saving mode? - PCI

[Freedos-user] Re: problem with Pictview under FreeDOS

2005-01-15 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, I found back some old mails (8/2004) to Erwin about EAthe findfirst/findnext has the wrong treatment for attribute selection EAversus disk label Some code lines from current unstable kernel (http://fdos.org/kernel/) COUNT dos_findfirst(UCOUNT attr, BYTE * name) ... if ((attr

[Freedos-user] New FDAPM: Clock update after SUSPEND

2005-01-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have improved FDAPM. Version 18 Jan 2005 now updates the clock (timer tick) to the real (RTC) time after a SUSPEND or PURESUSP. On systems where this has a real effect, a pretty- printed message like ... 45.6 minutes (always ???.?, in 2-119.9 range) about the amount of the clock adjustment

[Freedos-user] New PCISLEEP tool released: PCI listing, energy saving

2005-01-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I am happy to announce the first public version of my PCISLEEP tool. You can get it at: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/pcisleep-21jan2005.zip Functions of this (2.5-3.5 kB / 1000 lines NASM) new creation: - /L mode shows a (mostly numeric) PCI device listing, including

[Freedos-user] Information update about BIOS USB flash support

2005-01-31 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, as we recently had some mails about which BIOS can do what with USB drives, I updated the FAQ a bit - somebody on DeskWork forum posted the URL of a Chip (German PC magazine) article about USB booting. Somewhat old (came along with a 10/2003 USB stick test) but still useful. Check the FAQ:

[Freedos-user] Announce: FDAPM with ACPI, PCISLEEP

2005-02-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, I am proud to announce a double-update: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/pcisleep-03feb2005.zip and http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/fdapm-04feb2005.zip Features: PCISLEEP - scans your PCI bus and shows device information like: bus.device(.function)

[Freedos-user] Re: Re: booting freedos from a USB stick

2005-02-08 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Rob, - cleared any partition information: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=8k count=2 Unnecessary destruction of working MBR... - created new partition-table: fdisk /dev/sdb - created primary partition 1 and marked as bootable Only had to marked as bootable -

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