Re: [Freedos-user] Freedos 1.1 status

2008-08-29 Thread Travis Siegel
Speaking of freedos 1.1. I know freedos isn't intended to be dos *exactly* but it is intended to be a free dos replacement. This is fine for those using emulators under other operating systems, and those who can see their screens. However, I'm interested in using freedos as well, and not being

Re: [Freedos-user] Freedos 1.1 status - and screen readers

2008-08-30 Thread Travis Siegel
Well, brltty is for braille support, not speech output, and I agree that it is generally distributed separately. However, speakup is physically part of the linux kernel (for those distros that include it) though there are other screen readers (such as yasr for text mode, and orca for gui

Re: [Freedos-user] Can write but not read network share

2008-09-03 Thread Travis Siegel
This may be similar to issues I'm having on my local drive as well. For some reason, after a while, any files I write/copy/move/open in an editor/ ..., wind up being unviewable at all. They will show up in a directory listing, but any attempt to open/copy/move/edit/anything at all simply

Re: [Freedos-user] Games report...

2008-09-07 Thread Travis Siegel
I agree that abandon programs such as win 3.x and msdos should be opensourced, but I'd settle for uninforcable copyrights. I'm personally of the opinion that if the company no longer sells, supports, or in the case of most companies, actively discourages the use of said program, then that

Re: [Freedos-user] Games report...

2008-09-07 Thread Travis Siegel
On Sep 7, 2008, at 3:32 AM, Michael Reichenbach wrote: Mateusz Viste schrieb: Frankly, I'd like to see Microsoft forced to open source it's abandoned operating systems. If Microsoft can do something totally different like Vista, there's no excuse for keeping something ancient like

Re: [Freedos-user] Games report...

2008-09-21 Thread Travis Siegel
On Sep 21, 2008, at 3:11 AM, Der kleine Beitrag eines Computeranwenders (Users) wrote: Am Sonntag, 7. September 2008 schrieb Travis Siegel: since there's caldera's opendos, pts dos 2000, and others that are already opensource PTS DOS 2000 is open-source? Where? I can only find http

Re: [Freedos-user] MS-DOS as open source? (was - Re: Games report...)

2008-09-26 Thread Travis Siegel
I don't know about opensource, but there are versions of msdos 6.22 source floating around on the net. It appears to be a complete source version, including things like qbasic as well as all the kernel code and such. Perhaps it's escape wasn't entirely accidental? In any case, I know that

Re: [Freedos-user] Looking for a word processor...

2008-10-03 Thread Travis Siegel
On Sep 30, 2008, at 4:23 PM, Skyler Orlando wrote: Edit, but with word wrap. And, a substantially higher size limit, if any. (multiple MB) Does anyone know of one? Preferably menu-oriented, not like Vi. I use one called qedit, (now called tse junior) and last I checked, it was

Re: [Freedos-user] Using freedos to install win

2008-10-20 Thread Travis Siegel
If you have your system booting with freedos (whether from floppy or usb stick, doesn't matter) you can use the sys command to transfer the freedos os to the hd, then you should be able to reboot into the hd after removing the usb stick. If you have a working boot of freedos, all you need to

[Freedos-user] ac97 soundchip and drivers

2008-10-20 Thread Travis Siegel
Has anyone fiddled with this kind of a setup? I have a laptop (ibm a30) and from what I can tell, it has an AC97 chip in it. I've not had much luck trying to get the sound working in this machine (or the network, but that's another issue/email) and I was wondering what I can do to get this

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS-compatible modem dialer

2008-10-31 Thread Travis Siegel
The author of commo is no longer with us. He died a couple years ago, so unfortunately, there's no way to ask him for distribution changes. On the other hand, the source code for commo had been lost in a disk crash sometime before his death, so there would have been no way for him to

Re: [Freedos-user] command line sector read and write tool?

2008-12-11 Thread Travis Siegel
If copying raw sector information is all you're after, then you can use rawrite, I used it many times to write out boot disks for booting linux file systems. I don't know of a dd version for dos (thought I'd used one, but it wasn't dd), though it shouldn't be difficult to make one. Don't

Re: [Freedos-user] Octave (Matlab clone)

2008-12-20 Thread Travis Siegel
I don't remember where, but several years ago, I did see a latex version that ran in dos. Of course, at the time, I had no use for it, so didn't bother to keep track of it. Perhaps someone else has information about it though. I have no idea what version it was, or what features it had, but

Re: [Freedos-user] Poll and ideas compressed filesystem

2009-01-13 Thread Travis Siegel
On Jan 13, 2009, at 3:41 PM, Robert Riebisch wrote: Eric Auer wrote: - would you want a compressed filesystem to be writeable? The question to me is: Would you want a compressed filesystem at all? My discouraging answer: I just don't need it. I think, what FreeDOS needs for daily use is

Re: [Freedos-user] Poll and ideas compressed filesystem

2009-01-13 Thread Travis Siegel
I think a compressed file system is a good idea, for reasons mentioned before. (take your point about being bootable, or compressed, but not both) One thing I'd like to see with a compressed file system though, (which is something none of the others ever did) is instead of showing projected

Re: [Freedos-user] Poll and ideas compressed filesystem

2009-01-17 Thread Travis Siegel
On Jan 17, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Ray Davison wrote: You may have overlooked one dependency, not of the functional type you listed but an add-on necessary for a browser to be usable today: Flash. I disagree. Flash may be everywhere, but I'd hardly call it an essential browser component. I

Re: [Freedos-user] Loading old DOS programs under FreeDOS

2009-01-23 Thread Travis Siegel
PS: I remember writing a similar viewer for RTF once in Pascal, kind of crude but useful. Anybody wanna revive it? Certainly, pass it over here. I'll release dos and osx versions (and linux too if I can get another linux box up and running) Fpc is great.

Re: [Freedos-user] dd for DOS?

2009-02-03 Thread Travis Siegel
While we're talking about memory and 386 extenders and the like, I'd like to ask a question that has bugged me for years. In creating a multi-tasking dos,, why doesn't someone just create a version of dos which spawns a whole new virtual 386 machine for each application that is launched at

Re: [Freedos-user] FreeDOS Sound

2009-02-04 Thread Travis Siegel
I'm not sure exactly what you're hunting for, but I've got lots of old sound cards (as well as other hardware, modems, video cards, and so on) and would be more than willing to send you one for the cost of shipping. They're all sitting in my work shop, and I don't have enough computers to

Re: [Freedos-user] What can I use to access gopher servers from FreeDOS?

2009-02-07 Thread Travis Siegel
I use lynx for most dos web browsing, it works with all kinds of urls, including gopher. The version I use is from, he no longer updates/fixes it, but it's still a fairly stable release. -- Create and

Re: [Freedos-user] freedos and vmware problem

2009-03-28 Thread Travis Siegel
To boot from cd on a mac, hold down the C key while the mac is booting. It will then boot from the CD, and you can install as normal. However, this shouldn't be necessary, there are vm images already on the net you should be able to download one for freedos, and just drop it into your hd,

Re: [Freedos-user] freedos and vmware problem

2009-03-28 Thread Travis Siegel
Vmware does indeed have file sharing, but you shouldn't need it. When you're running osx, you can simply copy any files you want for dos directly onto the dos partition. Vmware will then pick those up when you dir the disk. You can copy and paste between vmware and osx, but I've not tried it,

Re: [Freedos-user] patents - was: LFN in FreeDOS kernel? - was: aimed compatibility?

2009-04-11 Thread Travis Siegel
On Mar 31, 2009, at 1:52 PM, usul wrote: There is always another way to do it. receiving a long file name in a long file name format; storing the received long file name in a first file entry of the tree structure along with a file storage indicator indicating the location of the file in

Re: [Freedos-user] Is Windows 3.1 worth it and wordprocessing?

2009-04-12 Thread Travis Siegel
There's no technical reason open document formats couldn't be supported on 386-486 machines, after all, the format itself has nothing to do with the cpu usage. As for using word perfect on windows 98se, I've done this on a 486- sx-66, and it worked just fine. I don't think you have to worry

Re: [Freedos-user] Anyone know why 386 enhanced mode doesn't work Windows 3.1???

2009-04-12 Thread Travis Siegel
Com1/3 and 2/4 share the same irq. If you want to use them simultaneously, you'll need to change the irq they use. This would make them non-standard, but there are programs that can add com 3-4 to your bios port table area, and thus make them viewable by normal dos apps. I used to have

Re: [Freedos-user] Is Windows 3.1 worth it and wordprocessing?

2009-04-14 Thread Travis Siegel
There's several editors with source, and several more that are still being supported (qedit and vedit for 2) any number of the source ones could easily be taken and included into freedos. One I particularly liked was called Great Little Word Processor (glwp) and came with pascal source.

Re: [Freedos-user] was: Windows 3.1 - Pending kernel patches 2037/2038

2009-04-14 Thread Travis Siegel
On Apr 13, 2009, at 11:29 AM, Adam Norton wrote: Also I remember from my pre dot net days using a program which would inspect a dll and identify all the public methods/functions that it has. Would this be considered legal? If so anyone remember what that program is/was? I used it at a

Re: [Freedos-user] Abandonware site...

2009-04-19 Thread Travis Siegel
Copyright and abandon stuff are separate issues. It's certainly possible that software is abandon, and that nobody will come after you for using it. That does *not* however, mean the copyright on that software has been invalidated. If the copyright holder (whoever that may be) decided to

Re: [Freedos-user] Abandonware site...

2009-04-19 Thread Travis Siegel
On Apr 19, 2009, at 1:34 AM, Michael Robinson wrote: Anything from the 90's or earlier qualifies as ancient software. In the software world, anything that is 3 years old can be considered ancient. Commercial DOS software hasn't been supported since the 90's. This statement is patently

Re: [Freedos-user] Basic sound access in DOS.

2009-05-18 Thread Travis Siegel
Linux has supported ac97 soundcards for years, why can't dos have a .sys driver that can be loaded at boot time to do the same thing? there's a *lot* of motherboards that have ac97 support these days, well over 50%, and having a .sys driver to handle these kinds of boards would add a great