[Freeipa-users] Announcing FreeIPA 4.6.0

2017-09-01 Thread Tomas Krizek via FreeIPA-users
The FreeIPA team would like to announce FreeIPA 4.6.0 release! It can be downloaded from https://releases.pagure.org/freeipa/. Builds for Fedora 25 and 26 will be available in the officialCOPR repository https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/freeipa/freeipa-4-6/ . == Highlights in 4.6.0 ==

[Freeipa-users] Re: Unable to create an Active Directory Trust

2017-09-01 Thread Alexander Bokovoy via FreeIPA-users
On pe, 01 syys 2017, PAESSENS Daniel (BCS/PSD) wrote: I've checked on the windows part. And nothing is mentioned overthere. Even with adsiedit I can't find any trace of it. Active Directory verifies three important types of conflicts when establishing a trust between any domains (including a

[Freeipa-users] Re: FreeIPA failover not working

2017-09-01 Thread Michael Gusek via FreeIPA-users
Hello, some new information. We can reproduce timeout problems on all environments we tested. One special think is, if we test with an centos 7 client, we have no problems. All other clients (Debian 8/9, Ubuntu 16.04, Centos 6) runs in timeout. It’s seems we have some trouble with kerberos. I run

[Freeipa-users] Re: Krb5.conf only sees first two kdc servers

2017-09-01 Thread Robbie Harwood via FreeIPA-users
pgb 205 via FreeIPA-users writes: > Here is the log that I sent in yesterday. With server1 and server2 > down, but server3 up. > > kdc=server1 > kdc=server2 > kdc=server3 > kdc_master=server1 > kdc_master=server2 > kdc_master=server3 kdc_master isn't a valid directive for krb5.conf (we call it

[Freeipa-users] Re: Freeipa Certficates issues

2017-09-01 Thread Florence Blanc-Renaud via FreeIPA-users
On 08/30/2017 04:44 PM, Julien Honore via FreeIPA-users wrote: Hi Flo, When I try to apply the command. the result is: ipa-getkeytab --principal=host/$vltws01.vit@vit.lan Usage: ipa-getkeytab [-qPr?] [-q|--quiet] [-s|--server=Server Name] [-p|--principal=Kerberos Service Principal

[Freeipa-users] Re: problem installing 3rd party(trusted cert)

2017-09-01 Thread Florence Blanc-Renaud via FreeIPA-users
On 08/30/2017 08:26 PM, Rob Morin wrote: I ran this command firstly: The G2 root CA from Geotrust website.. [root@auth-1 certs]# ipa-cacert-manage -p 7t7FR.08 -n httpcrt -t C,, install root_ca.crt Installing CA certificate, please wait CA certificate successfully installed The