[Freeipa-users] FreeIPA JSON API does not work behind Load Balancer because Services4User

2016-10-20 Thread Klíma David
Hi all, I need advice or help with freeIPA implementation behind F5 bigip loadbalancer. My goal is to have all freeIPA services (including json/xml API) behind loadbalancer for freeIPA clients. >> Because RHEL support says me IPA behind loadbalancer is not supported I was >> coming out of

Re: [Freeipa-users] FreeIPA behind Apache Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer

2016-12-08 Thread Klíma David
Hi Simo, I think this is not true, because part of IPA web UI is IPA JSON API also - and there is problem with loadbalancing, as you can see there https://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-users/2016-October/msg00223.html. David -- Manage your subscription for the Freeipa-users mailing list:

[Freeipa-users] Extending FreeIPA with custom atribute (ipa-server-4.4.0)

2017-03-29 Thread Klíma David
Hi, can anybody help me with extending the FreeIPA Server? I have few custom attributes in DS schema. I would like to be able to change the new attributes added via the JSON API and thus via the CLI tool. Today I updated from version ipa-server-4.2.0 to ipa-server-4.4.0 from standart RHEL repo