Re: clone break freeradius

2013-10-11 Thread A . L . M . Buxey

you must ensure you 'sign out' of the AD before you clone as otherwise
both objects are the same...and, as you have found, doing something
with the cloen breaks the first server.  or just dont bind to the AD before

to fix, you need to ensure that both machines have their own identity (eg
/etc/hosts and $HOSTNAME all refer to a unique name per machine) and that
there is nothing in the AD referencing either system.  THEN net ads join
each boxbut this isnt a freeradius question.

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RE: clone break freeradius

2013-10-11 Thread stefan.paetow
Did you also change the MAC address for the network adapter in the VMWare 
settings? Otherwise VMWare believes (and possibly your network too) the two 
machines are the same.

After changing the MAC address, reconfigure your network settings on the clone 
and reboot. Delete the trust (computer) account for the original machine from 
Active Directory. Then retry the net join command for both machines.


 On Behalf Of trevor obba
Sent: 11 October 2013 00:38
Subject: clone break freeradius

I configured freeradius version 2.2.0 running on Ubuntu 12.04 to authenticate 
against active directory and it is working fine until I decide to clone 
(vmware) the machine.

Once the machine is clone I changed the IP address, hostname in (/etc/hosts and 
/etc/hostname) and also changed the name in /etc/samba/smb.conf

Finally I tried to join the clone machine using “net join –U administrator” 
unfortunately this break the original freeradius machine by no longer 
authenticating to active directory and the clone machine will not join the 
Domain also.
I think the clone machine is still referring the original machine which breaks 
the original machine unfortunately I do not know how to fix it.

How do I fix the original machine?
What else do I change on the clone machine so that I can successfully join it 
to domain with breaking the original machine?
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