[Freesurfer] segmentation of the dural sinuses

2012-03-26 Thread Jonathan A Winawer
Are there any tools associated with freesurfer to aid in segmentation of the dural sinuses (e.g., superior sagittal sinus, transverse sinus, straight sinus, etc) from a T1-weighted anatomical scan? Many thanks, Jon *** Jonathan Winawer Stanford University

[Freesurfer] high resolution segmentation

2011-04-13 Thread Jonathan A Winawer
/hires; cp $d/*ribbon* $d/aseg.mgz $d/hires/ # Compare the two ribbon files. Original (1x1x1 mm) looks good: tkmedit $subj 1mm/aseg.mgz -segmentation 1mm/ribbon.mgz # HiRes looks bad: tkmedit $subj hires/aseg.mgz -segmentation hires/ribbon.mgz *** Jonathan