[ft] Font Metrics

2006-10-16 Thread Martin Olbrich
Hi, I am a bit confused about the number and scaling of different font metrics. For my program I am searching for the maximum distance above/under the baseline of a given font in the scaling of the pixels after rendering. I have tried it with Face.bbox.yMin / yMax, but I dont know about the

Re: [ft] Testing new LCD rendering mode

2006-10-16 Thread Ismail Donmez
Hi David, 04 Eki 2006 Çar 21:04 tarihinde, Ismail Donmez şunları yazmıştı: 04 Eki 2006 Çar 20:51 tarihinde, David Turner şunları yazmıştı: [...] They're clearly different, look at the shapes of the 2 or 6, especially the horizontal stems in these glyphs. I think I understand now. I