Re: [FD] Alienvault OSSIM/USM Multiple Vulnerabilities

2015-05-08 Thread Peter Lapp
Shortly after I posted this I received an email from Alienvault stating that a fix is imminent and is planned to be released next week in version 5.0.2. Thanks to AV for getting back to me on this. On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 9:21 PM, Peter Lapp wrote: Details === Product:

[FD] Alienvault OSSIM/USM Multiple Vulnerabilities

2015-05-06 Thread Peter Lapp
Details === Product: Alienvault OSSIM/USM Vulnerability: Multiple Vulnerabilities (XSS, SQLi, Command Execution) Author: Peter Lapp, CVE: None assigned Vulnerable Versions: Tested on 4.14, 4.15, and 5.0. It likely affects all previous versions as well. Fixed Version: No fix