FVWM: Mouse 1 R A Menu not working

2014-10-06 Thread Hernan G Solari
Hello I have been using fvwm for eons, since it replaced twm and mwm. I never felt the need to change the original behaviour of the mouse buttons. fvwm is running over X, I mean I use NO desktop (gnome, KDE, ...) and is launched by gdm3 I have now upgraded Debian from squeeze to

Re: FVWM: Mouse 1 R A Menu not working

2014-10-07 Thread Hernan G Solari
Thanks Charlie and Jaimos Using D instead of R as context in Mouse 1 R A .. produces the same behavior. Apparently it is the context Root what it is not being recognized If I try to set a key as Key F4 R A . it ignores the key, using other contexts it works. But