Re: Format problem

2011-07-04 Thread Albert Carter
Did you do a full disk erase and then format it fresh? I've done this fine before with NTFS formatted drives with no problems. From: Charles Davis To: G3-5-list Sent: Monday, July 4, 2011 10:43 PM Subject: Format

Re: Selling upgraded Macs

2011-06-16 Thread Albert Carter
I would caution on this because as has been discussed several times on this list G3s and G4s have problems with youtube videos. The other thing is that since they are older often prices are more expensive to repair and upgrade these. Like on G4 system you can sometimes spend $20 for a 512MB RAM

Re: Processor upgrade?

2011-06-13 Thread Albert Carter
Hi, If its a MDD Dual 1Ghz it will run 10.5 (leopard) as my QS Dual 1Ghz does and this is a newer board than mine is. Albert From: Heather Cotter To: Sent: Monday, June 13, 2011 4:00 PM Subject:

Re: OpenDNS or Google Public DNS?

2011-05-28 Thread Albert Carter
I would caution against using Level 3's DNS as there is a lot of talk about Level 3 restricting their DNS Servers so only people with Level 3 IP Addresses can use them. From: Dan To:;

Re: Problems maxing ram on Quicksilver

2011-05-10 Thread Albert Carter
Mike, I would verify that you are using all the same speed memory and same latency. Mixing different chips could cause problems. You might also want to clean the slots and test each stick individually using AHD (Apple Hardware Diagnosis) if you don't have the CD that came with the

Re: A couple of useful hints and a tale of my day...

2011-04-26 Thread Albert Carter
I agree this is a great tale and awesome and useful information. I'm not nitpicking here but wouldn't it have been quicker and easier to just restore from backup? Albert From: Jim Scott To: Sent: Tuesday, April

Re: Huge amount of bounced mail coming back from this list...

2011-04-19 Thread Albert Carter
I've received messages that I sent and actually appeared on the list from Jan and Feb. From: Dan Palka To: Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 9:30 PM Subject: Huge amount of bounced mail coming back from this list...

Re: Huge amount of bounced mail coming back from this list...

2011-04-19 Thread Albert Carter
! On 4/19/11 6:10 PM, Albert Carter wrote: Hi, I am continuously getting Returned Mail messages that date back from Jan and Feb of this year. Is something going on that is causing this to happen? These messages were all sent and on the group. -- You received

Re: QS 733 freezes

2011-04-18 Thread Albert Carter
First of all as has been discussed several times on this list I highly doubt a QS 733 is going to be fast enough to run YouTube. I think everyone has clearly voiced YouTube is poor at best on any G4 machine. I need to test this out I have QS Dual 1 Ghz that I would like to try this on.    

Re: Best OS X?

2011-03-29 Thread Albert Carter
I'm running 10.5.8 on my 12 iBook 1.2GHz with 768MB of RAM and its quick and fine for everything from some games to web browsing. From: To: G-Group Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 7:54 AM

Re: Powermac G4 VS Original Emacs

2011-03-15 Thread Albert Carter
Harris, Anything with a fast speed processor is going to be faster. Also, the Emac is limited to 1 GB of RAM where the others can use at least 1.5 GB RAM. If your using applications that are memory intensive you will notice a difference with that. if you go to it

Re: Duplication

2011-03-14 Thread Albert Carter
Ron, I do not believe this is a problem with this particular list I think the problem is specific to Yahoo. I receive duplicate emails using Yahoo with this list, Yahoo Lists, and other lists. I also receive duplicates from friends or people emailing me directly. With me its a sparse

Re: Motherboard and Memory Questions on recovered DAFir

2011-03-14 Thread Albert Carter
Mark, First thing I notice with this information is that the memory cannot possibly be all original. Just looking at the report on the RAM that is in the 2 populated slots you have 2 totally different speeds and latency types of memory. Granted I come from a PC World mostly and just

Re: Motherboard and Memory Questions on recovered DAFir

2011-03-14 Thread Albert Carter
and pulled out the two sticks that weren't marked 133 and put in the two sticks I found. The only change is that in slots J21 and J22 now have 133 ram and J23 shows empty. I think this is an improvement. Mark Murphy On Mar 14, 2011, at 9:55 AM, Albert Carter wrote: Mark, First thing I notice

Re: The strange world of graphics card ID and ROM matching

2011-03-05 Thread Albert Carter
Sean, All my searches come up with it being a Biostar NVidia GeForce 5200, My question is why is the fan missing? Google Search based on UPC Code: Best results that has

Re: General Disk hardware health?

2011-02-04 Thread Albert Carter
Does Macintosh have a port of hdparm? Not sure but that works really well in Linux. It allows you to find out how long the drive has been running, access the direct SMART information, test it, and several other neat features. From: Jeffrey Engle To:

Re: General Disk hardware health?

2011-02-04 Thread Albert Carter
: Sent: Friday, February 4, 2011 2:13 PM Subject: Re: General Disk hardware health? On Feb 4, 2011, at 11:05 AM, Albert Carter wrote: Does Macintosh have a port of hdparm? Not sure but that works really well in Linux. It allows you to find out how long the drive has been running, access

Re: Mac Mini HDD speed

2011-01-24 Thread Albert Carter
Ok now I'm lost. I thought Kris was referring to IDE not SATA. SATA II and SATA III in a Firewire enclosure will of course run slower than plugged directly into a SATA II or SATA III Controller. From: JoeTaxpayer To: G-Group Cc: Sent:

Re: Child Mac user advice needed

2011-01-09 Thread Albert Carter
Hi, If people can respond to this on list it would be great. For Christmas I gave my middle school son a G4 iBook 1.0 Ghz with 756MB of RAM and OS X 10.5.x. I was also wondering what software is available for a child of his age on a G4 Mac. Thank You, Albert From: John Carmonne

Re: Quicksilver Freezes during software update

2010-12-02 Thread Albert Carter
All, I see things differently than this. QS + Sleep/Wake = Freeze = Bad Solution 1: Find out what is causing the problem in the first place. I remember I believe on this list (might have been another) that some USB add on cards cause this problem. Solution 2: Disable Sleep Capability.

What should I use

2010-11-13 Thread Albert Carter
All, I'm here struggling on what I should do. I currently have a PowerMac G4 QuickSilver Dual 1Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM, Standard Video Card that I have been using as a server. It currently has Mac OS X 10.4.11 Server on it. However, I'm worried that Tiger is getting dated. The costs of Leopard

Re: Thermal Compound Question

2010-11-04 Thread Albert Carter
I wouldn't necessary recommend using Pin-Sol or Water to clean a processor. Best method I've found is to run the machine long enough to heat up. Remove the heat sink remove what you can with a lint free paper towel and then clean the rest off using a 85% or better isopropyl alcohol.

QS DP 1.0 w OS X 10.4 Server

2010-08-25 Thread Albert Carter
All,     I currently have a QuickSilver DP 1.0 with OS X 10.4 Server on it. I am looking to change the harddrives on this server. In doing so I want to do a clean install of the OS. However, look as I may I cannot seem to find what I did with the license information for Tiger Server. I know I

Re: RAID 1 on USB2 Drives?

2010-07-14 Thread Albert Carter
All, I got interested so I started googling. Here's something that I found that may or may not be helpful: Albert From: Jeffrey Engle To: Sent:

Re: Best DVD burners?

2010-07-13 Thread Albert Carter
If you sometimes burning at a low speed helps older players to work better with the recorded DVDs. Also you might want to make sure your player supports the media you are using. Some only support DVD-R and now DVD+R and vice versa. Also you might want to make sure you are using high quality

Re: CPU Temp?

2010-06-19 Thread Albert Carter
That might not work. I tried it on my QuickSilver 2002 Dual 1 Ghz and it never showed the temperature. From: Brian Christmas To: Sent: Sat, June 19, 2010 11:03:15 PM Subject: Re: CPU Temp? Try 

Re: Will PowerPC be forever obsolete?

2010-06-13 Thread Albert Carter
Mark,     Since you are going to re-do the video to prove this I have one further suggestion. Do this as one complete video, do not segment it and do not turn off or pause the video camera. This will lead to further validate your proof. Albert From: Mark

Re: Will PowerPC be forever obsolete?

2010-06-12 Thread Albert Carter
Mark,     Please learn your terminology SO-DIMMS are for laptops and tray loading G3 iMac ONLY not desktop machines. Albert From: Mark Sokolovsky To: Sent: Sat, June 12, 2010 3:40:31 PM Subject: Re: Will

Re: Will PowerPC be forever obsolete?

2010-06-12 Thread Albert Carter
I don't know if I buy the 4 GB of RAM thing. His video didn't offer much proof of that either. He showed the sticks installed he didn't take them out and show us up-close detailed information and didn't show us in the hardware profiler on the Macintosh I think he made modifications after all

Re: Will PowerPC be forever obsolete?

2010-06-10 Thread Albert Carter
First of all G4 Power Macs do not take SO-DIMMs and neither do Dell Servers. SO-DIMMs are for Laptops and Tray Loading G3 iMacs. Secondly I doubt a PowerMac G4 would except a G5 Firmware the board wouldn't allow it the structure is completely different.

Benchmarking/Troubleshooting Software

2010-06-01 Thread Albert Carter
Hi,     I am looking for some Benchmarking or Troubleshooting software that will run under Mac OS X 10.3.9. I am looking for this because I have 3 iBook G3 500 Late 2001. They all have 256MB of RAM and 15GB Hard Drives. 2 of them boot up really nice and quick and are ready to go the 3rd takes

Re: Syncing iCal

2010-05-01 Thread Albert Carter
I believe that Google Calendar works with iCal you could sync to that and that way it would be available online for both computers. From: Gottick International To: Sent: Sat, May 1, 2010 7:03:07 AM Subject: Syncing

Re: Syncing iCal

2010-05-01 Thread Albert Carter
Not sure about that never tried. You can use iSync if you have a .mac account. If you have email account that is iCal enabled that will work. Or you can try this:

Re: No apple dvd player

2010-04-30 Thread Albert Carter
Sounds like either the power or the IDE cable came loose from the drive or in case of IDE cable could have come loose from the logic board. Or your DVD Drive has gone bad. I would recommend verifying all cables are plugged in correctly. From: Jeffrey Engle

Re: [Bulk] Re: Question about Tiger DVD Install Disc???

2010-04-29 Thread Albert Carter
This is not true. The only thing that is different about the distribution of Windows 7 from XP and Vista is that the DVDs contain both the 32-bit and the x64 version of code. There are still individual discs for Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise.

Re: g4/500 fan doesn't turn off?

2010-04-22 Thread Albert Carter
Jack,     I'm not too sure of the configuration so I have a question: Does the fan plug into the PSU or into the LogicBoard? If it plugs into the PSU than you probably have a faulty PSU. If it plugs into the LogicBoard then you probably have a faulty LogicBoard. You can test this out by

Re: Tempermental PowerMac G3

2010-04-11 Thread Albert Carter
Just off the top of my head sounds like either a problem with your optical drive, harddrive, or both. Could be a bad cable (if both devices are on the same cable) or a controller card issue. Albert Carter Reston, VA 20194 From: Kasey Smith

Re: Best OS for MDD (Possible OT)

2010-04-06 Thread Albert Carter
I hear you on this. I went from Macintosh Plus (original OS) to a Macintosh IIsi (7.6.1) to a G4 Quicksilver 933 running Mac OSX Server 10.4. Huge Gaps. Albert From: dorayme To: Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010

Re: Cube processor upgrade?

2010-04-02 Thread Albert Carter
This might be off-topic but fits with this response: John, You are only partially correct here. If you mean that AMD is CURRENTLY consistently behind Intel you would be correct, however AMD has in the past be ahead of Intel: 1) In 2006 AMD was the first to release a fully 64-bit processor 2) In

Re: Quicksilver won't boot into target disk mode

2010-03-29 Thread Albert Carter
Dan,     Not sure of the problems you are having but I can say that I have 2 Quicksilvers 1 is a 933Mhz which was originally a 733Mhz before the upgrade and the other is a 1.0Ghz DP both of them start up in TDM with no problems. Quicksilvers are definately TDM capable. As for your problems

G5 Information

2010-03-28 Thread Albert Carter
Hi,     I wanted to find out some information on a Power Mac G5 2.5 DP. I'm slightly confused on this. Someone is selling theirs. I read on EveryMac that these have the Liquid Cooling (that seems to be problematic) but the current owner says the CPUs are both air cooled. Is there something I

Re: G5 Information

2010-03-28 Thread Albert Carter
John,     Where would I look up the serial number information? Albert From: John Carmonne To: Sent: Sun, March 28, 2010 6:33:55 PM Subject: Re: G5 Information All sounds a little fishy to me. 2.5 is liquid cooled

Re: EDIT: A good and cheap video card

2010-03-28 Thread Albert Carter
Roman,     Personally I try to stay away and avoid stuff on eBay from foreing countries. I've heard horror stories about shipping problems and other issues. Albert From: To: Sent:

Re: QuickSilver G4 1.0Ghz DP help

2010-03-24 Thread Albert Carter
be a dedicated fan for processor module heat sink cooling. Down load IstatPro to check operating temperatures. On Mar 23, 2010, at 9:32 PM, Albert Carter wrote: All,     I recently got a QuickSilver G4 1.0Ghz DP for 25 bucks I was informed it was freezing up but the previous owner thought it might have

Re: data transfer so sllooowwww on G4 MDD?

2010-03-24 Thread Albert Carter
This is interesting. This card doesn't designate it works with Macs or not. Can you put in any USB 2.0 card and it will work? If this is the case what cards besides video cards are Mac Specific. I guess controller cards would be as well. From: JoeTaxpayer

QuickSilver G4 1.0Ghz DP help

2010-03-23 Thread Albert Carter
however most of them route inconviently. Is the PSU on this computer adequate enough to run 4 hard drives if I get splitters? If not does this take a standard ATX based PSU or do I need to get a compatable higher wattage one? Thank You, Albert Carter -- You received this message

Re: EDIT: A good and cheap video card

2010-03-22 Thread Albert Carter
You don't want to put a PCI Graphics Card into a system that's capable of running AGP. I have a Quicksilver 1Ghz DP I have a standard card Geforce 2MX 32MB RAM. I also have a PCI FX5200 with 128MB RAM. I ran XBench on both with no changes to anything else and the PCI Card scores about 1/2 the


2010-03-21 Thread Albert Carter
suggestions or routes I can try? Thank You, Albert Carter Reston, VA -- You received this message because you are a member of G-Group, a group for those using G3, G4, and G5 desktop Macs - with a particular focus on Power Macs. The list FAQ is at


2010-03-21 Thread Albert Carter
. The other idea that occurs is to get one of the RAID pci cards that were made for the G5 Xserves. I think they might do what you want. They are for SATA drives. I've seen them on eBay, but can be pricey. --- On Sun, 3/21/10, Albert Carter wrote:     I am trying to setup

Good OS X PPC Stress Testers and Benchmarkers

2010-03-18 Thread Albert Carter
Hi,     I wanted to know if there were any good free stress testers for checking hardward: processor, RAM, harddrive, etc. Also I wanted to know what good free benchmark software is out there. Thank You, Albert Carter -- You received this message because you are a member of G-Group

Re: WAS sleep problem in Quicksilver NOW OT

2010-03-14 Thread Albert Carter
Mark,     More than likely the cause for this is due to the age of the browsers you are running. I had a customer having the same type of problem with IE5 they were running Tiger so I didn't know they were running IE5. I went over and they showed me the problem. I questioned why they were

Question about the best MacOSX

2010-03-12 Thread Albert Carter
I currently picked up a G3 iMac 700 SE. It has a 60GB Harddrive and 512MB RAM. It also has MacOS X 10.3.9 installed on it. I wanted to find out if 10.3 is best for this iMac or if it would better to install 10.4 on it. Also wanted to know what the pros and cons are for each. Thank You, Albert

Re: Who's using my network?

2010-03-05 Thread Albert Carter
. Albert Carter Reston, VA Computer Consultant/Technician/Training From: Clark Martin To: Sent: Sat, March 6, 2010 12:05:54 AM Subject: Re: Who's using my network? On 3/5/10 8:56 PM, Bruce Johnson wrote: On Mar 5, 2010, at 8

Cordless Keyboard/Mouse Recommendations

2010-03-04 Thread Albert Carter
All,     I am looking to get a good cordless keyboard and mouse for my QS dual 1Ghz it is running Mac OS X 10.4.11 Server. I've always loved Logitech products. However, the only Logitech Cordless kit that I can find that supports Mac OS X is the Wave. I have a corded Wave keyboard and like it,

Re: MDD problems - questions

2010-02-24 Thread Albert Carter
Based on technology it seems feesable but could fry your processor. The bus speed on the 867 is 133 MHz the bus speed on the dual 1.42 is 167 MHz. This would be approximately 20% bus speed increase assuming the 867 processor is capable of running on a 167 Mhz bus this would over clock the

Re: Dark Grey Screen???

2010-02-18 Thread Albert Carter
Richard, This could be caused by a number of things. Without knowing more about what Macintosh you have it would be hard to diagnose. Please provide more information on what Macintosh this is regarding. If it is not an iMac or Laptop please also provide information on the monitor. Thank

RAM Upgrade for Quicksilver

2010-02-12 Thread Albert Carter
All, I have a Quicksilver it was originally a 733 Mhz one but when I bought it someone had upgraded it to 933Mhz. Its running 1.25 GB RAM. I recently got a deal on the lowendmac swap list for another 512 MB RAM. I inserted it into the 1st RAM Slot and removed the 256 MB Stick that was in it. When