Re: Blinking

2017-10-10 Thread Jerry Kemp
I still have my G5, and it continues to run strong and without issue to this day. Sorry you had problems with yours. According to my Apple order form, I placed the order 22 August 2005, with arrival in early September. As I recall, it was specifically ordered shortly after the announcement

Re: Add normal floppy drive to Power Mac G4?

2016-07-23 Thread Jerry Kemp
As a previous poster already commented, USB floppy drives are the way to go. And to carry on, As the Apple world frequently chooses to disregard or forget its glorious past, here is the WayBack Machine archive of the USB floppy drive raid system on a Bondi Blue iMac.

Re: Linux question

2012-11-15 Thread Jerry Kemp
Apple doesn't use the BSD kernel, Apple uses the Mach kernel, both for OS X and for the iPhone OS. Apple uses the BSD userland in OS X and a reduced subset of the BSD userland on the iPhone. I understand that many iPhone jailbreakers install a full,

Re: Car computer

2011-05-18 Thread Jerry Kemp
Check out this: If this guy can get a Sun E450 working successfully in his ricer minivan, there is no reason a G4 won't work in your car. An E450 is easily 3 to 4 times the size of an Apple G4.

Re: I am forced to go Intel? Common rant, I guess.

2011-05-11 Thread Jerry Kemp
What happened to Yellow Dog Linux PPC? At least at some point in the past when Apple was still on PPC, that was the Linux to run, if you needed to run it on Apple hw. Jerry On 05/10/11 15:58, Alex Barnes wrote: PPC linux has terrible 3rd party support. Most versions of software say linux

Re: Any keyboard key cleaning suggestions? (NOT involving a dishwasher!)

2011-04-28 Thread Jerry Kemp
If you truly have yellowing computer components, and they are not just stained by spilling pop on them or something like that, you need Retr0bright Jerry On 04/28/11 14:37, iJohn wrote: STUFF DELETED Usually I would just soak the keys in water dosed with