Re: OK, I'll Try This Again. Locksmith Wanted (wifi).

2011-04-28 Thread TedE
It's called 1 Password. And it works!!! On Apr 27, 1:49 pm, Tina K. wrote: On 2011/04/27 10:12, Len Gerstel so eloquently wrote: And, to make this more topical, how much better of a password is: gre5^#$dkl(dfdlq!94NdKRlfl‡Ò˝vt456wy^^9G53MJUlo0!! as a password vs:

Re: Online backup ??

2010-07-09 Thread TedE
There is a program matching your inquiry, Crash Plan, can back up to as many friends as you want. Or..use their website. My backup's backup it Time Machine. Cheerio On Jul 8, 8:07 pm, Dan wrote: At 1:08 PM -0700 7/8/2010, JoeTaxpayer wrote: Can't