Re: MAC Instead of Computer Name in Router Device List?

2012-05-26 Thread turn
Can installing a version of netatalk resolve any of the shortcomings -- i.e. does it add any functionality for those on 10.5 or later in regards to speaking to something like a SE30 on Mac OS 7 or OS9? On May 25, 1:35 pm, Cameron Kaiser wrote: Along the way I discovered

Re: NVIDIA Quadro4 750 XGL firmware hack to run on G4 933Mhz Quicksilver?

2012-02-11 Thread turn
will be something I have to be concerned about. If anyone's done these sorts of hacks please let me know if there are things I need to be careful about. Thanks! On Feb 9, 6:52 am, turn wrote: I've got my hands on a Quadro4 750 XGL, an AGP 4x graphics card, and wanting to see

NVIDIA Quadro4 750 XGL firmware hack to run on G4 933Mhz Quicksilver?

2012-02-09 Thread turn
I've got my hands on a Quadro4 750 XGL, an AGP 4x graphics card, and wanting to see if I can make it work on a 2002 QS G4 933mhz machine. Anyone heard of getting the Quadro4's working? According to -- the Quadro line is very similar to the Geforce. One

Re: Rotating cam videos on Mac ppc

2011-12-31 Thread turn
MPEG Streamclip should do it. If the current version is not PPC compat. I believe the older versions are. On Dec 30, 9:52 am, Jonas Lopez wrote: Been videoing using camera from Santa, but made error on side so display

PC133 RAM in 933 G4 Quicksilver 2002 (QS2000) -- just like they said -- no ECC RAM support

2011-12-29 Thread turn
if someone can come up with a hack to let me de-solder part of the ECC stick to turn it into a non-ECC... that would be fantastic! -- You received this message because you are a member of G-Group, a group for those using G3, G4, and G5 desktop Macs - with a particular focus on Power Macs. The list

Re: BW G3 freezes

2011-09-08 Thread turn
This was my thought also. Be sure to use a very limited amount of paste if you do repaste it. Please let us know what you do find might be the problem. (The long ADB cabling issue sounds problematic also.) On Sep 8, 5:25 am, Charles Lenington wrote: On 9/7/11 7:58 PM,

Re: Installer for patched KeyLargoATA.kext for limited large drive support in pre-QS2002 G4 Power Macs

2011-04-17 Thread turn
Yes I am very interested in a driver that will let me easily see large hard drives on Quicksilver G4's! Question: I've got a QS2002 800Mhz machine with a bad IDE controller. I put in a VTS Ultra/Tek 66 and now I am able to boot and the machine doesn't erratically hang up any longer. Do you think

Re: 3rd party wireless pci card for MDD

2011-02-15 Thread turn
re: Broadcom 4318 modules which I have purchased on ePrey (sic) from a Hong Kong-based seller Can you share link to a PCI card from China that is known to have Broadcom modules? I purchased one to test -- it worked great -- then bought 12 more for a lab and they all didn't work because they had

PPC kext repository?

2011-01-02 Thread turn
There seems to be a lot of Intel kext development going on in the hackintosh community. Does anyone know of *any* open source or other public domain or publicly available kext PPC development? If drive source code is available how difficult it PPC kext development? I am mostly thinking about

867Mhz G4 Quicksilver - 10.5.8 OS semi-hangs after running System Profiler

2010-12-14 Thread turn
Anyone know why a G4 would sort-of hang up when trying to quit System Profiler? It looks like Finder has just quit since when I bring up Force Quit Applications NOTHING is listed (but I can still see the words System Profiler in the upper right). Brand new install of 10.5.8 on a freshly