[Gajim-devel] [PATCH] publisher/subscriber in common/events.py (+ decoupling from systray.py)

2007-03-08 Thread Mikhail Gusarov
Hi, Attached is the patch which allows subscribing to events in common/events.py (using publisher/subscriber pattern). As a side-effect, this patch decouples systray.py and common/events.py (common/events.py no longer even imports common.gajim). The patch allows additional modules to be written,

Re: [Gajim-devel] [PATCH] publisher/subscriber in common/events.py (+ decoupling from systray.py)

2007-03-10 Thread Mikhail Gusarov
Twas brillig at 12:29:16 10.03.2007 UTC+01 when yann did gyre and gimble: y Thanks for the patch. It's a good solution to handle events better y in our code. I've modified your code a bit (integrate y SystrayEventsListener class in Systray one) and commited it in rev y 8008 Oops, I forgot

[Gajim-devel] chatstate argument of MessageControl.get_tab_label

2007-04-30 Thread Mikhail Gusarov
Hi. Is 'chatstate' argument of MessageControl.get_tab_label supposed to be used in future or it is just a leftover? I found no code which calls get_tab_label with explicit 'chatstate' argument. -- JID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Gajim-devel mailing list